What Do We Have Here?

Democracy is Dead?

I guess everyone’s shocked with the shit going on in the country at the moment. As if the economy is not bad enough… and with the Covid-19 pandemic, some idiots still wanna add on oil to the already huge fire. Most rakyat are already fighting losing battle against these fires and yet, the idiots we elected to “lead” us, shit on us! I am quite pissed but somehow, not as pissed as I thought I would be. I guess, we have no choice right? We need a 95 year old to lead us out of this crisis. In a country of 7 million people, we cannot find his replacement. I am in awe of him. He has been my Prime MInister for as long as I remember, ever since I started schooling in 1981. That was the year he was elected as PM. As a kid till up to year 2000, I thought he’s the only PM and will live forever. Haha. As I became an adult, I began to discern and there are lotsa things he did that I am not too happy with. But I guess generally, he did some good for the country. Well, whatever it may unfold… as long as the past regime do not return, I will be happy with it.. otherwise.. I think better marry an old farmer in New Zealand la.


I keep having weird dreams the past few months. I missed dreamless and restful nights. Not too sure if it stems from my daily worries or activities… but…I always wake up feeling utterly exhausted. I remember a herb seller in Jeju said, this could be caused by liver problem. I hope it’s not…

Anyway, speaking of dreams, I have this ex colleague who suddenly message me out of the blue and said,

How are you la? I dreamt you asked me to meet you at Mercedes car show room. When I arrived, you showed me your new Merc you bought. Then in your new car, you drove me to your new bungalow house that you are building.

Anyway, meet up soon la. It has been awhile. Let me know if you can yum cha one of these days ya 😁”

Wah…this is probably the FIRST TIME A MAN DREAMED OF ME. Scratch that… SECOND TIME A MAN DREAMED OF ME AND BOTHER TO TELL ME. Lol. Well, I may not be a woman of your dreams… but if a guy dream about me, I will take it anytime lah. Lol.

We will meeting this coming Monday. No.. not of romantic interest unfortunately. He’s way too young… Haha. I am not a cradle snatcher… haha.

Stinky Spot

I was lying in bed and cuddling with my dear Ern Ern and I smelled her hair.

Me: Wah.. so stinky one. You have one stinky spot you always missed washing!

Ern: Yi, if I ever have babies, will my babies have stinky hair too?

Me: Yes they will! Because you will miss a spot in their heads too and they will smell like you!


The negative atmosphere at work wears me down a bit. Usually I would be okay after battling it out, go home, rest, wake up, gym and repeat. But some people really irk the shit out of me.

Don’t get me wrong. The people I work with are really smart people who know what they are doing and they have the best skill sets in the industry and I am rather fortunate to learn from them. Highly grateful.

One thing I can’t stand is them talking down to people or like to pick on people’s outward appearance. I am quite lucky they didn’t say bad things to me coz I am considered one of the old friends of the group. I could only imagine if I am a total newbie or stranger in the company. Don’t know how many verbal “stab wounds” would have penetrated my back.

So I isolated myself from their conversations. You know, do the “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil” shit. I have had it man!

Also, I found one of my good friends here has become really whiny and getting very, very “complainy”. It’s getting on my nerve. I get it if you are frustrated with the company. Me too actually, from the way the management is run. But this friend has yet to experience much worse work culture and much, much disastrous management so that’s probably why she has never seen the worst before.

I am quite grateful to be given another opportunity to hon my skill sets and work with a fairly good company but the frivolous gossip gotta stop and the management needs to see the importance of hiring the right people to do the job, rather than rely on nepotism and cronyism…and also, don’t be too cheap. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys working for you.


After a fruitful trip in Fukuoka mid November, I have been out sick as a dog. It was not due to traveling I guess. I was okay for 5 days after the trip, then suddenly fever came.

I thought I would be okay after a few cans of Coke.. I am allergic to paracetamol so basically there’s no cure for me. I really despise it whenever I visited the doctors and they ALL ASK THE SAME FUCKING QUESTION, “SO YOU FEVER, YOU TAKE WHAT MEDICATION AH?” Damn tiu. So I didn’t go to see any GPs until my fever hit 39.6°C and no sign of coming down. Yes… Again the stupid question… And a lot of explaining… Went home Rm70 poorer with a bottle of cough syrup, some mouth gargle and pills for pain… Which I did not take because I was not in any pain, except feeling lethargic and I can cook an egg on my forehead.

After 2 days of being bed ridden, I went back to work because fever subsided to 37.2°C… Only to bounce back up towards the end of the day. There seem to be no end to this. Ern said, I have an onsen on my forehead.

I went to the second round of GP.. Again being asked the same bloody question. But this GP suggested me to draw blood to test for dengue. Which she did. Thankfully, it’s no dengue. Was worried sick might not be able to make it to my cousin sis’ wedding 3 days from fever days. Imagine if it’s dengue, I will be all alone in the hospital. It would be tragic.

As I laid in my bed, I prayed for recovery. It went up to 38.3°C again. Seeing how I suffered, my cousin went to buy some concoction from Chinese medicinal Hall…some antelope horn… Which smells like the freaking zoo. I downed it in a few gulps and crashed in bed. Fever went up to 39°C. God bless me.

Morning came and I checked my temperature. 37°C. Fuh… Miracles? The prayer works? Or the antelope horn works?

Dragged my ass to work that day, feeling slightly better. The next few days were a blur… I felt like it was a long dream. I kept sleeping everywhere until the wedding.. And went home, still in daze until yesterday. I am back to my normal routine. Gym, work, home, repeat.


I went to do grocery shopping yesterday after I saw the empty fridge at home. Perhaps this weekend will have to bring mom to the market for stock piling again for two weeks. Its amazing how one family can eat so much.

I chose some air flown Australian broccoli and proceeded to the weighing counter to weigh the vegetable. Since the vegetable section next to the counter, I handed the broccoli to the man from behind the counter.

He ignored me totally. Then I spoke to him to weigh the broccoli he insisted I walked to his front to hand him the broccoli. Cannot from the side or behind the counter.

Fuh.. I was furious. There was nobody and yet he refused to weigh my purchase just because I handed him from the back or side of the counter.

I had to walk a big round just to go in front of the counter to hand him the broccoli. At that time, I was already fuming. I made a remark saying, what difference does it make? Why do you have to inconvenient your customer?

He ignored me and proceeded to weigh the produce. No eye contact. Not a single word uttered.

Then I softened. Maybe he’s deaf or mute. Perhaps he’s autistic. I have been harsh on him. I feel ashamed of myself.

I went home thinking about this voiceless middle aged man. Sometimes we simply refused to adhere to certain rules for conveniences’ sake . That made us self entitled. Our time is more precious than others? I learned I must observe the situation before going all riled up over such a petty issue.

Blogging Saves My Job!

Didn’t know that blogging somehow came in handy for me at work. Though my job is not IT related, suddenly I am being shoved into maintaining the department’s knowledge based website. Was just given only the admin user name and password and off I went. Managed to write and publish an article within 10 minutes. Effortlessly. The interface used is more or less the same as WordPress. Omg.

I don’t have official coding experiences but when I first started blogging, I was exposed to coding in blogspot. A friend taught me how to view source to obtain the SQL to add on my blog. I eventually did. And somehow understood the commands. Haha. After that, WordPress made it all so much easier with drag drop widgets. Such tools are made in heaven and such a life saver!

So it’s not useless to learn a new skill. You might not know when it will come in handy in life. Explore forth and go beyond!