15 Years & Counting

Was looking at my old blog posts and reminiscing the good old times. It was fun blogging back then when you are anonymous. Sort of like, you don’t even have to censor yourself or check your grammar repeatedly. After writing for a few more years, you gonna get haters. They threw all kinds of shades at you – grammar not on-pointe, you complained too much, other blogs are better.. (don’t read lah paan!!) etc etc. Haha. I don’t know how but I managed to survive. But I went off grid for awhile because I didn’t want too much attention.

Then I decided, screw it. I am going to blog only for myself. I am kinda glad that, I kept some of my stuff here. Thoughts, incidents, happenings, etc and it’s amazing to see how much I have grown. My own writing style somewhat mature and I could see myself beginning to let go.

I can’t believe I am been here the past 15 years. Even if there were only sporadic posts. But I glad, I managed to write about anything that’s important or not.. well, it’s just a record.

It’s been hell of a ride. I guess I will continue to jot down happenings before my memory fails me for good. I wish I was as hilarious as before but somehow my funny bones sort of left me. I believe I am funny in real life. I hope.

No Country For Old Folks

I was having conversation with a friend yesterday on the passing on her grand aunt. The grand aunt died from complications due to chemotherapy for her breast cancer. She was 89.

I asked who cared for her during her last days. Thankfully she has a daughter. Like most Chinese, old folks tend to always prefer to stay with sons instead of daughters. So initially she wanted to stay with her son. Unfortunately the son married a bitch.

The son was having difficulties running his business and his wife is the sole breadwinner for his household. So he has no say when the wife refused to let his mom stays in his house to live her final days. Well, bitch, hope your kids learn from you when you are old and dying on where to put you before you join other bitches to rot in hell.

The son broke down and cried in front of his sister to beg her to take mom in. Of coz, the sister always willing to take the mother in. So the family cleared up a spare room to house the mom and she lived there with a broken heart till she dies 6 months later.

Another friend told me about his aunt, also cancer. The aunt had to confide in her sister (my friend’s mom) to get her to the hospital. She didn’t even inform her own children. Once she’s settled in the hospital, then only her sister contacted her children that their mom is in the hospital. Guess what? The daughter in law didn’t even show up to visit her own mother in law.

What is happening to the society now? What’s wrong with these people? They don’t even have a tiny bit of compassion in their hearts for the person who gave birth to their spouses? Well, whether you like it or not, you are fucking 50% of your mother in law genes in your husbands. Haha. Sorry. Can’t help but to think like that. Well, most of the times I don’t really bother about how one choose to live his or her life, but in this case… May karma comes swiftly and in full force upon you.

Random Notes

#1. Things begin to slow down for a bit in office. Not sure if it’s a good thing or not. While it’s good to have a breather once awhile, I kinda like the rush sometimes. Make the days pass effortlessly.

#2. Been hit by sleepy bug. I feel sleepy all the time even with enough sleep the night before. Guess need to do medical check up on what’s going on. Perhaps blood sugar acting up.

#3. Was a little annoyed when I received a text from my ex, ex boss again after months of silence just to ask if a company is OK, so and so. She usually does that when she’s looking for new job prospects. Like my face is a info counter if the company is okay or not. Read the annual report la. I can’t help you either coz I don’t work in that particular company before so how the hell would I know. I chose to ignore her text. Out of sight. Out of mind. Out of life.

#4. Met a childhood friend, more like competitor on Saturday in a show. Actually I wanted to just watch the show but since it’s for charity, I am more willing and happy to be part of it. Haven’t seen her in 31 years. She was this really brilliant girl, but a little aggressive when she was younger and challenged me when I took the no. 1 spot away from her in standard 4. Haha. Now we can both laugh at our silliness. She’s still grieving her parents who passed away last year. Hope she hang in there.


Was chatting with friends over the weekend. Similarly, they said something quite true.

“You think only millennials are entitled? Everyone regardless their age is entitled!”

He gave some examples of his friends but now downgraded to mere acquaintances. A friend lost his job so the friends around him assisted and rallied behind him to look for new job.

He assisted to help this friend by sending resume to a few organisations he knew. After the friend got a new job from his contact, there was no news. Nobody knew he got the job until he updated his Facebook profile. Not a single word of thanks to the friends who helped him. Entitled much?

A student asking for assistance to be placed on internship. He assisted by pulling some strings and making calls. The student went for interview and got in. Thank you sir! No.. Nothing… Not a single word of gratitude. Maybe she felt she’s the one who did all the work… So she doesn’t need to thank me. No… This is entitled!

Then another friend looked annoyed when she received a message on her phone.

“What’s the matter?”

“Ah. This friend in Taiping now. Asking for recommendations for what to eat.”

“Oh.. Go Yat Sun la”

“Naah.. She only msg me when she wanted something.”

“Oh.. Those kind of people huh? Are you going to reply her?”

“Not this time. Not forever.”

I thought to myself. Why, am I still being nice or still want to help these entitled people? Is it because I am too nice? Or sometimes maybe, I am entitled myself?

I just think I deserve better friends.

Money Luck

This morning as I was lining up to buy breakfast, I found Rm1 on the floor of the cafe.

I noticed the Rm1 note the moment I walked into the busy cafe. There was a beeline of customers waiting for their food or to pay for their food. No one noticed or even bat an eye lid on the folded Rm1 note.

I thought of tapping the guy standing next to it to notify him, in case if he is the one who dropped the note but was somehow jostled to the back of the queue.

I waited patiently to walk to the Rm1 note. The lady in front of me stepped on it. I rolled my eyes. So blind?? Or is Rm1 so worthless these days?

I remember last night’s conversation I had with a friend. She’s a hardworking businesswoman and a millionaire. Money luck seems to flock her all the time. I asked what’s her secret. She said, do not “yim hei”, or “belittle” money’s worth. Well, we never say no to money! She meant, for example, if people give you money, even if the currency is torn, you have to accept it with gratitude. Subsequently, money luck will flock to you.

So, I applied her theory today. I scooped the money from the floor, after the lady stepped on it but I passed it to the cafe owner instead. And the fella didn’t even thank me. Ya ya.. Great! Thanks!

Hopefully money luck comes flooding me soon. Ohm…