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Off Beat Lepak

15 Aug
Went to #offbeatlepak with Ikan Patin. It is just a gathering of friends and strangers alike in offbeat places like a vintage kopitiam – to hang out or lepak.

15 Aug-1
Prep while waiting for the lepakers.

15 Aug-2
It was very nice of the lady owner of this quaint kopitiam to let us just lepak there. The first #offbeatlepak was a few months back. Today’s a second one.

15 Aug-3
Nasi lemak is served for breakfast with a few choices of dishes. This is cooked by an Indonesian lady from Batam. Delicious sambal!

Around noon, nasi lemak stall would be replaced by Indian rice serving both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

The Kopitiam serves drinks and roti bakar or roti stim.

15 Aug-4
While waiting for others to arrive… snap photos of the old shop.

15 Aug-5
And the show begins..

15 Aug-6
Aunties enjoying the company of the youngsters. Old and young mingling. And some middle-aged people too. Lol

15 Aug-7
One last photo of the day.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

13 Aug
Pic from Saltosystems.

Finally managed to catch Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.

Was already surprised with the real stunt clinging on the plane at the beginning of the movie.

I was like… wtf? The epic scene at the beginning?? It better ge greater than that throughout the movie!

No disappointment though. The whole movie kept my toes curl and my fingers in fists.

One thing though.. his floral shirt.. and long hair with the sunglasses in some scenes made him looked like Bruce Jenner at some angles.

Oh HORROR! 😱😱😱😱

13 Aug-1
Pic from Google

See the floral baju..

Sorry ah @kimberzilla . Talk about your other husband like that. Ha ha Just my two cents la.

Age is creeping up on Tom Cruise. He still looks great at his age though!

Still remember his first MI. I guess will go rewatch his first MI on Kodi tonight.

13 Aug
This morning there’s an interview. The candidate came early but spent 30 minutes to fill up the application form.Wah.. apply for CEO meh?

So I checked with the receptionist. Where is the candidate? Still in the conference room. Can you please check if he completed the form?

Apparently he did some 20 mins ago but sat there like a dungu.

Can’t blame him. Maybe the sickly HR personnel (the one with red hoodie all the time) didn’t inform him to go to level 1 after completing the form.

When he arrived at my floor, I saw him at the lobby. Told him to wait another 5 mins for another boss to arrive.

When the other boss came, HR signalled him to go to my boss’ room.
Then, one of our female colleagues walked past him. He stared at her and almost walked into the glass panel. Lol.

Am going to tease my female colleague on this for weeks!

Diary of a Fatty

12 Aug
If daily lunch is like this … how to diet ah? Cooked by mom #auntysim #dayrefatties

Am one of the rare few people who are blessed with mom’s home cooking on daily basis. She even cooked my favorite dish today.

12 Aug-1
Minced pork with onions, potatoes, tomatoes and carrots. It taste different if you use minced chicken. Definitely pork taste way much better.

Basic Dress Etiquette

10 Aug
So tired since the company’s anniversary on Saturday. It was surprisingly quite enjoyable. I am not very good with crowds so I try to avoid crowds as much as I can.

Started the day early at 6 am. Need time to apply make up. I have not touched make up for ages!

I was glad I bought a dress even though it was so last minute. Was roped in to do reception and ushering at eleventh hour so.. dress, make up…is a must.

As we got to the event, there were already so many people. Hustling and bustling of activities and fun. Honestly the event organizer did a splendid job.

Registration was as per alphabetical order. Each person was given a ticket with removable stubs for lucky draw and door gift redemption.

Self conscious for wearing a long jubah or traditional robe, I was pleasantly surprised with compliments paid by so many colleagues and business associates. They never seen me in a skirt before. Lol

At least the purchase of the jubah is justified! The best part is they thought I must have spent a fortune on the jubah. Some asked if it’s from Jovian Mandagie’s collection. I said no. It only costs me Rm64. And they were all in shock. Lol.

I should not be telling them where I got my jubah.. otherwise I worry I might wear the same clothes with half of the fatties from office in our next company’s event!! Lol

11 Aug
Then funny thing happened. I was actually shocked that there were people didn’t even bother to wear make up to such grandiose event 😑.

Am not a big fan of make up but I think it’s a basic courtesy and manners to make yourself presentable when there’s a need.

Saw one HR girl wearing a long black dress without make up… and her usual red hoodie at work. If you are cold.. probably get a shawl la. If you hate make up, at least put some lipstick on.

Best part is.. the group comm manager herself didn’t even put on lipstick. She looked like she just got out from the hospital in a haste and just don on a baju kurung. Lol

Then there’s one butch in office.. instead of wearing jackets.. she wore cowboy boots, hats and all the cowboy get up. Hello? It’s glitz and glam theme.. not Wild, Wild West!

I came to realize how important it is to treat company’s event with respect even if you loathe attending one.

I guess I will make more effort for such events in future. I looked back to my rebellious younger days of wearing jeans to weddings and kinda regretted it.

Breadfruits Cafe

09 Aug
Nom nom breakfast with ex colleague. Another colleague drove us to Taman Desa.

09 Aug-1
Order a flat white on top of coffee of the day.

09 Aug-2
Ordered by cousin sis. Roasted banana with French toast bacon with passion fruit and wild honey.

09 Aug-3
Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and rocket salad.

09 Aug-4
Gourmet antipasto breakfast set. #dayrefatties