Hot Hot Day

It’s such a hot Sunday. The entire week has been like walking in the desert. I perspire endlessly and it’s highly embarrassing when I went to see my boss with my forehead trickling in sweat even though I just refreshed myself in the washroom minutes ago.

Then the haze. So far I haven’t seen any news reporting on forest fires. Hopefully it would not be as bad as years before, the forest fires in Indonesia was crazy hazard. Not too sure how many people must have died or suffered living there.

I am now sitting in a shack under the sveltering evening heat, watching my car getting washed. It’s been covered in soot eventhough I washed it just a week ago. The ridiculous drizzling of rain is highly annoying and left dust spots on the car. The curse of owning a new car. Little dirt seem like too big. Haha. Hopefully this obsession over clean car would be over in a few months time.


As I was ferrying my family to our dinner on Saturday night, my mom asking if my graphic design friend is doing well. He is now a renowned art director and we see him continue rising in his career as well as his family life.

Mom asked if he needs to hire a photographer or perhaps an artist. I was puzzled and I asked if she has any candidates to recommend.

She said, “You.” Not too sure how my mom get this crazy idea.

She said, “You have talent. Should not let it go to waste.”

I laughed at her suggestion and said “Ma, there are plenty of photographers out there who are 100x more talented than your daughter.”

Ma said, “You never try. How would you know.”

I highly doubt it. Photography is merely a hobby to me and I don’t even know the proper lighting, I don’t know how to direct models to pose, etc.

I guess most mom’s out there always think their kids are the best. Haha.


Sitting at the dinner table after a scrumptious birthday dinner, talking about old times. So many hilarious stories of the past. My late uncle’s old car which both doors could just drop off anytime while moving on the road, stealing ice creams, catching tadpoles in the clear watered drain, etc.

Then we spoke of taking the mini buses. How we sometimes need to stand at the door clinging on to dear life while the bus is moving.

My thought suddenly floated to one incident happened some 20 years ago. I believe the old man gave the mini bus ticket conductor a Rm10 note and waiting for the change. But he was not given. So he asked for his change and angry words ensued until the old man’s destination.

He asked for his change again and the conductor shouted at him and literally kicked him out from the bus. Yes. He was kicked out from the bus and fell onto the pavement.

We were horrified by it but none of us said anything simply because we couldn’t. Wished there was a camera phone back then to record and report the incident.

I hope the old man was not grievously hurt. And as for the unkind bus conductor, I hope karma would catch up with him for his misdeeds. For other passengers including me in the bus who witnessed what happened and did not take any action, start taking actions when injustice happen and never again let the aggressor goes scot-free unpunished.

Random Notes

New Car

I got my new car on weekend. Finally!! Was contemplating to buy one since I started working in KL. Actually been thinking to get a new car for years.

Finally decided on the newest version of Myvi. Honda Jazz and Toyota Sienta were also considered but I think Myvi good enough. Well judging from my old Kenari which has served me faithfully the past 15 years, you will know I am not someone who will splurge on cars. I feel as long as it could take me from point A to B, it’s good enough. I have better use of money elsewhere. Haha. It’s like that la when you are a salaried worker. Am not complaining though. I am grateful at least I have a comfortable ride to and fro work.

As for my old car, I did not trade in. It is now in my sister’s hand. At least we have extra cars to use in case of emergency.

Hand, Foot and Mouth disease

It’s highly alarming that this disease has taken a life and affected many other people and not children alone. Rather worrisome if you have school going kids. Have to be alert at all costs. It’s sad that at this advance medical breakthrough we still have diseases that could not be eradicated for good. Hopefully the medical scientist will find a cure soon.


I can feel health deterioration once I get older. I have been having bouts of cough, flu, sore throat rather regularly since I started working in KL. But after I started to bring my own water from home instead of drinking from office water filter, the whooping coughs stopped. I think water is rather important on regulating one’s health. I just heard from my colleague that they change the water filter cartridge a little later but perhaps it’s due to overuse. There are about 90 people on my floor alone!! Employers should invest on their employees’ health.

Live Rightly

I learned something over the weekend. In order to see if you have lived your life rightly, you will know when you fall sick and land in the hospital. Your friends, no matter how long you have been out of touch will come to visit you.

A friend recently suffered stroke and ended up in the hospital. This was his second time this year alone, which is kind of worrying as he is supposed to get married this November. All we could do is to pray for his speedy recovery.

He is a true friend indeed and in need. He told us about how surprised he was when his friends from university came to visit him even after more than 15 years they have left uni and one of the guys actually broke down and cried when he saw him. He didn’t know he has such big impact on people.

All friends, from all walks of life, races and creeds visited him. He is like a mini celebrity in the hospital now. He told my sis he had no idea that he has touched so many people in his life.

He is a pastor in church, assisting the youths. When he was in university, he gave tuition for free to those who are weak in English and eventually helped the weaker students to graduate and find decent jobs. His good deeds were done many years ago but like they say, “hutang budi dibawa mati” meaning, you will bring debt of good deeds till the end.

So I told my sister, you will know if you have been an asshole when you fall sick. Nobody is going to visit you. Haha.