Random Notes

Taken this morning on my way to.the gym. Been lazy and slacking but I keep reminding myself, health is utmost important. Nobody gonna help you if you don’t help yourself.

Was lamenting about my bad luck on first day back to work. My season parking pass suddenly vanished. Nobody seem to take it and nobody seem to notice. I never remove it from my car so it’s really puzzling how it has gone missing. Spent rm22 for per day parking on Monday. I cursed and cursed.

Then I almost locked myself out from my own gym locker. The locker suddenly just wouldn’t open. I was in disbelief and was fretting I might have to report to work in my sweaty gym clothing. Haha. Drama. Finally the damn locker opened after many tries.

I got to office and put my bag in the drawer and then it got stuck. The bag became fat after cny. Haha. Had to manually remove one drawer to release my stuck bag. Sigh. And it’s them fourth day of the new year. Hope the bad luck goes away! Shoo!


CNY 2018

Hi everyone!

Happy Chinese new year to all. May the year of Dog brings all of us much happiness, love, peace, good health and abundant blessings.

Spent four days at home cleaning, helping to cook, washing dishes till my 10 fingers almost fall off. Haha. No kidding.

Bought a lot of vegetables, groceries and fruits for the new year makan but somehow we couldn’t finish most of the food. Mom cooked too much as usual.

Every year, she will set the same resolution to cook less the following year but somehow never seemed to keep this resolution.

I think coupled with my cousins going back hometown this year to be with their mom and my third aunt, we have less mouths to feed. Thankfully, my sister’s in laws are quite easy going and doesn’t mind taking our leftovers. Actually it’s not even called leftovers as we hardly touch the food! My mom ended giving half pot of pork knuckles vinegar to them, a whole fried fish and some roasted pork.

This year, I chose to diy our own yee sang dish. Instead of fish, I used crab stick instead. My aunt was highly phobia eating raw fish after reading about it in the newspapers and watching it on the news. Haha.

Today, chor 4, I am already at work. Didn’t get a good start as my parking card went missing. I hope to be able to find it later once I get home, otherwise have to pay rm100 as penalty. Shit. Then, I almost got locked out by a locker in the gym. Tried a few times and the damn locker finally opened. Phew… if not, I probably report to work in my sweaty gym attire. Lol.

Got to work and my handbag got stuck in the drawer. *roll eyes* Had to remove the middle drawer manually to free my bulging handbag. If bulging with money never mind.. this one only full.of shopping bags. 🙄🙄🙄

Hopefully bad luck wards off soon. Have to bathe in pomelo leaves as soon as I get home.

Body Balance

Finally managed to make it on time sharp at 7 am to attend body balance class at the gym. My maiden class after 11 years since I last did yoga. Haha.

Woke up 10 minutes earlier than usual to avoid the ridiculous jam getting to work. Nowadays I just go to gym for at least 30 minutes workout everyday.. well, I managed at least 3x a week. If you wanna be healthy, this is a way to start and also of coz, eating right…which is still a struggle for me.

I managed to do a few poses, contra, downward facing dog, child position.. having problems doing the core training, lifting legs up, etcetera. I can’t even touch my toes or hold onto my feet… well, slowly but surely, I will get there.

Good thing I didn’t fall asleep too!! Guess I will keep going to this class more.. the instructor has this really great smile and I like her attitude!

Nothing Last Forever

Was catching up reading Dayre in the gym today.. Yeah.. finally find some ways to kill time while on treadmill or cross trainer without getting overly bored! I am still not comfortable to join classes yet. Afraid I might fall asleep during yoga and hence, snoring out loud… or join body combat class, I might pant too hard and people might think I need an asthma inhaler or something.. take it slow.. one step at a time!

Oh ya.. back to dayre. It seems it’s going to go off if it couldn’t earn to upkeep their servers or whatever .. so they are trying to sell stickers on dayre to keep it going. Well, nothing in this world is free.. nothing last forever. I am glad I took the trouble to post whatever I posted on dayre into wordpress and made it sort of a mirror blog.. well, to some months I guess, not everything but… most of my posts in dayre are mundane and usually written without much thought.

Will try to update this wordpress as much as possible. I miss the old care free times of writing without restraints. Reading back on my old posts, I miss the crazy and reckless old self. Of coz, not everything about it. At least I could keep part of my memories alive.. hopefully wordpress won’t die on me!

Office Meals

I guess working in the heart of KL can be costly especially when it comes to food. So usually we will just order delivery to satiate our hunger. We are lucky to have food delivery as cheap as Rm6.50 for a pack of economic rice with 3 dishes.

Well, just here to share what is good that I tried this week, with friends meeting up for a catch up. Really appreciate them braving the jam to see me.

The above picture is called Love in Provence. Fancy name. Fancy taste too. It’s essentially a piece of honeyed and lavender chicken breast and beetroot laden risotto of wholegrain barley. Heavenly.

This is the dessert of dark chocolate with rose petals ice cream sandwich.

Fried rice with saba fish. All these three dishes are served at Third wave, Nexus.

This is food delivery of stew pork belly at only rm6.50

My current favourite of braised pork belly at Hall of Fame, Nexus.

Today, forgetting I am nursing a whopping cough and soar throat, I ordered this. Tan tan ramen. Not bad.

The nice deco in the restaurant. Tentori Izakaya, Nexus.

So… You know where to find me if you want to have a meal with me. Haha.