Concerts Stories

I had a blast last night at Jacky Cheung’s Classic Tour 2018. This is probably my 5th time attending a concert. I don’t really like crowded places.. But just for the sake of getting out from my comfort zone and trying something new or different, I went along with my colleague who managed to score a ticket for me too. I didn’t regret one bit.

It was magical. The stage was beautifully lit and visual was amazing. And the star himself still has his charisma and talent to entertain. He’s a seriously great entertainer.

Going to concert made me think of the previous concerts I went. I don’t really remember much about the concerts I went (except Adam Lambert’s) but event leading to it or after the concert was rather memorable.

Reggae Sunsplash 1996

I remember getting some free tickets to watch Reggae. Well being poor college students, we didn’t have much choice right? So I gathered my courage to ask a guy out. Haha. He actually said yes but with one condition. I had to find a motorbike because his bike was too old and rickety to travel all the way to Shah Alam from Setapak.

I pleaded with my housemate. Of coz, he was really nice to lend it to me. He said, for my happiness, he would do it. Haha. So kind of him.

I wore my best t shirt. I think it was a green Nike shirt and my only Levi’s jeans, folded neatly at the hem ala Zainal Abidin style. Haha.

First time on the motorbike with a guy… I really liked. I was not too sure where to put my hands. At the back? I worry I might fall off the bik. Err.. Hold onto his waist? Hold onto his shoulders? I actually asked him where should I put my arms. He said, it’s OK for me to be hold onto his waist. My heart pulse was racing hard and I hoped it didn’t hop out of my mouth.

The weather seemed OK until half way towards Shah Alam. It rained cats and dogs. We managed to stop underneath a bridge to shelter ourselves from the rain. We laughed because it was awkward looking at each other in silence.

When the rain starting to pour lighter, we decided to go on our way. He gave me the full faced helmet and also the one rain coat we had. I told him to have it because he’s in front. He needed it more than me. I could just hide my face behind him. After persuading him to have it, he relented.

I curled myself behind him and hid my face at his back because the rain drops felt like rocks cutting at your skin when you go on it even if it’s only 60kmph. He smelled of rain, musky, perhaps his cologne and I wished the ride would never end.

We arrived at the concert, half wet half excited. Wait a minute. This sentence doesn’t sound right. Haha.

Anyway, the concert was blurred… I don’t remember any singers except they were all Jamaicans.. And we held hand in the rain (it was upon instruction by the artists) lol.

The way home was better. It was cold because it was night time. I just took the advantage to hug him tighter and wished the journey was longer.

The Grasshopper 1998

We scored some tickets because we have a friend who supplies audio system to Genting. Grasshopper was the artist but I guess they were not as popular as yesteryears. Quite sad to see they tried to get the crowd excited but nobody seemed to give a crap. Haha.

The PA system guy was really into my friend so he actually gave her 10 tickets front row to her and brought all of us to Genting. The poor guy didn’t manage to woo her heart though. I think he’s quite an OK guy. Unfortunately she let him go.

Scorpion 2004

I was given two tickets by the late TV Smith. He told me to bring a friend. I brought Cindy along. A friend from my part time job as market researcher.

She laughed the moment she reached our dinner place. I was there earlier with TV and his two policemen friends and Jeff Ooi in Petaling Street.

She could not help it but she kept laughing and at loss of words. I asked what’s wrong with her. She kept giggling and whispered in my ears. What are you doing with a bunch of old men? Lol. Come to think of it, I seriously have balls to go out with strangers, policemen some more. Lol.

One of the policemen said to me, I looked familiar. Later he would go back to the balai to check my mug shots. I told him I didn’t even commit any crimes at all, not even a single traffic offence. He laughed at me being panicked and asked me to go on eating or drinking. I think I didn’t eat or drink at all that evening and Cindy still didn’t stop laughing.

You may read my experience Scorpion 2004. Rip, TV.

Curry Pork & Potatoes

Well, I tried to look for my mom’s recipe in this blog but could only find two. There supposed to be more than that I guess. Eddie made me realized that we need to jot down our best loved recipes before our dearest moms are no longer there to cook for us… the recipes will be gone for good.

I think cooking takes time and experience. Definitely dedication too. I wish I had the patience to learn all the ropes from my mom, whom I think is the best cook in the world. As she has grown much older, sometimes she would miss putting in an ingredient or two which might affect the taste of her food. You can’t blame her! She never write any recipes down. Everything is tucked safely somewhere in her brains. She must be really having a hard time keep all the recipes in her head coz she seems to know quite an impressive variety of dishes!

Just now, I just had the best curry pork and potato in the world. I think nothing could beat this! Mom would cook it again and again for my niece to bring to school. She would lovingly keep in the fridge and reheated tomorrow to bring to school. And her classmates would all gather around her to see what she brings to school everyday and this curry potato seems to be their favorite too. They would eat the potatoes without invitation! That’s how delicious the pork + potato curry is…

The agak-agak recipe…

Curry Pork + Potatoes


1 pack of A1 curry chicken paste
1 coconut (grated)- Pressed into two bowls of coconut milk. Set aside.
Pork ribs/Meat/Chicken
Cut potatoes


Cook the meat together with the curry paste. Stir fried it till the meat looks dry.
Add in the most diluted coconut milk (Mom said coconut “end”)
Simmer till meat is tender.
Add in cut potatoes
Simmer till potatoes and meat are tender
Add in the concentrated coconut milk (Mom said coconut “front”)

It’s a miracle, ain’t it? Just 4 ingredients with lotsa love.. it made magic curry pork + potato dish.

Random Notes

Ern Ern

She has grown to be a really plucky and animated little girl. Not so little anymore. She’s going to be 8 years old this Saturday. Of coz, some days are good, some days are bad. But there are more good days than bad days. Bad days are those days she had to go to hospital to get her health matters sorted out. She’s still wetting her bed at age 8. It is due to her having a single kidney. Doctors are trying their best to solve her issue. I almost burst into tears when I told her about a multivitamin which is good for the body. She innocently asked me if the pill could make her stop wetting her bed. I was at loss of words, , my heart string was tugged and eyes turned watery. But I put a brave front and told her, she will get well soon.


Been planning to blog about stuff but somehow, couldn’t find time. I would either be busy at work or at home, too busy watching the hottest series from China now, the Story of Yanzi Palace. Can’t believe I am chasing after such a ridiculous drama. But then, I find it really interesting as to how the concubines trying to outwit and outdo.. to the extend of killing each other just to have attention from the emperor. Thank God China is a republic now!

TV Smith

Heard of the passing of this internet icon in Malaysia. Rest in peace, dude. We used to hang out for a bit back in those days. I guess I will always remember his satirical wit. I will also remember the one time I made him laugh out loud. He asked me, what alcohol do I like? I said I like vodka and gin. He asked, why only white spirits? I quipped, because I am a racist. He laughed his head off and said, that’s a good one.


Was trying to go on keto diet and my friends wished me luck. True enough. It’s most difficult to keep up and be consistent. I have to get up early in the morning, sacrifice 20 minutes of sleep to prepare for my breakfasts and lunches in office. Fried some eggs, boiled eggs, stir fried mushrooms, boil some vegetables, cooked some ham, sausages. Well… now the sight of sausages makes me wanna throw up. Haha. I miss my bread and rice. I guess I have to try harder and be consistent!

Lazy Ass

Every morning when the alarm rings, I don’t wanna get out from my bed. Especially these few days of rainy mornings and cooling weather! Thank God for the long holiday weekends! This morning, my heart and brain were fighting each other whether to go or not to go for body balance class. My brain told me I need more sleep. My heart said, I should go! It’s for my health! I ended up going and didn’t regret it one bit. Probably will regret if I don’t go. Hopefully, tomorrow I will haulĀ  my lazy ass to Zumba class.


Hot Hot Day

It’s such a hot Sunday. The entire week has been like walking in the desert. I perspire endlessly and it’s highly embarrassing when I went to see my boss with my forehead trickling in sweat even though I just refreshed myself in the washroom minutes ago.

Then the haze. So far I haven’t seen any news reporting on forest fires. Hopefully it would not be as bad as years before, the forest fires in Indonesia was crazy hazard. Not too sure how many people must have died or suffered living there.

I am now sitting in a shack under the sveltering evening heat, watching my car getting washed. It’s been covered in soot eventhough I washed it just a week ago. The ridiculous drizzling of rain is highly annoying and left dust spots on the car. The curse of owning a new car. Little dirt seem like too big. Haha. Hopefully this obsession over clean car would be over in a few months time.


As I was ferrying my family to our dinner on Saturday night, my mom asking if my graphic design friend is doing well. He is now a renowned art director and we see him continue rising in his career as well as his family life.

Mom asked if he needs to hire a photographer or perhaps an artist. I was puzzled and I asked if she has any candidates to recommend.

She said, “You.” Not too sure how my mom get this crazy idea.

She said, “You have talent. Should not let it go to waste.”

I laughed at her suggestion and said “Ma, there are plenty of photographers out there who are 100x more talented than your daughter.”

Ma said, “You never try. How would you know.”

I highly doubt it. Photography is merely a hobby to me and I don’t even know the proper lighting, I don’t know how to direct models to pose, etc.

I guess most mom’s out there always think their kids are the best. Haha.