Great Dragon Bonsai Centre

Guardian of the Garden

Earlier today, I visited the Great Dragon Bonsai Centre in Mantin. Mr Lim Kar Huei is the horticulturist manning the centre with years and years of experience and specialized in bonsai and herbal plants. I am not a bonsai fan but I love looking at cute little stunted plants costing hundreds of ringgit!

Why are bonsais so expensive? Each and very plant takes many years and patience to form a masterpiece. You need to have the eye and also skill to prune the plants so they would grow to be more beautiful and elegant. Well, I like gardening but I don’t think I could afford to take care of a bonsai!


I got myself some stevia rebaudiana bertoni m plant which is believed to be able to relieve diabetes. It’s for my diabetic uncle. Mrs Lim was nice enough to show me how to take care of the plant and also, how to harvest them for continuous usage.

Hard at Work

I really enjoy visiting this centre as it’s very educational and you will have a great time taking photos. Don’t wear black or dark colored clothes when you decide to visit here because dark colored clothes would attract mosquitoes.

Hello, there!

For further details on how to get there, you may contact Mr Lim Kar Huei at 013-6015217 or visit him at Lot 1180, Batu 12 1/2 , 71700 Mantin, Negeri Sembilan.

Happy Weekend!

10 thoughts on “Great Dragon Bonsai Centre

  1. its unfortunate that they haven’t acquired the art of bonsai’ng flowers, imagine tiny little tulips.. 🙂

    if you rotate the last photo 180 degrees it would look as if two people were having a

  2. I was watching a program about bonsai not long ago. The people are really patient. If I were them, I probably forgotten that I had a bonsai LOL. They take so long to grow.

    Nice photos. You have one very good mobile phone camera :o)

  3. ai shiang: LOL!! If these pictures were taken using a handphone camera, then I’ll be damned. Hahahah! I am using SLR lah. I normally use handphone camera to take photos of food only coz I am too lazy to lug around SLR and pointing at food.

  4. wha..wha…what plant is that? how do you make the remedy? pluck the leaves and boil?
    my family got history of diabetes one… so thought of trying this for my grandpa.

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