Snow Lotus Yeast Enzymes

A colleague recommended this enzyme drink to me for betterment of health after she finds her own health improved tremendously since she started to take it as supplement.

Story has it that there was a man who was terminally ill with cancer. His doctors gave him only a few months to live. Didn’t want to give up, he made his way to Tibet to seek miracle cure. He chanced upon this at a monastery and was nursed back to health, much to everyone’s surprise.

Grateful, he asked for permission for the miracle to be brought back to Malaysia to help other people. The monk in the monastery agreed but only if he could abide to one condition – he must not ask for any monetary contribution or any rewards in kind. He could only dispense and share with others willingly and selflessly. The man agreed.

Hence, Malaysia now has this miracle cure called the Snow Lotus Yeast Enzymes!

I am not very sure on how true the story is but I could share with you a few testimonials from colleagues on the benefit of taking this snow lotus yeast enzymes.

Testimonial #1

A supplier came to office to see a colleague. His face was filled with terrible acne and pimples. He was in dismay and asked my colleague if she knew of any facial products which could help his conditions. He said his own daughter dare not go near him because of the frequent breakouts of pus on his face and all over his body. My colleague said, no, as she didn’t particularly use a special product for her skin. Two months later, the supplier came again to my office and my colleague was very surprised to see tremendous improvement on his skin. There was totally no acne or pimples and his face was radiant and glowing.

When she asked him what miracle product he has been using, he said none. He started to take this enzyme every night before he goes to bed and it cured his skin condition! His mom has been making and partaking this enzyme for the past few months but he didn’t take notice till he was desperate! His sister, who has ovarian cancer stage 2 also taking this enzyme and no longer require surgery as scheduled.

Testimonial #2

My colleague’s sis-in-law has critical stage rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years. All her fingers are already bent and crooked. She is on perpetual pain. She started to take this enzyme and suddenly her body was filled with boils! She asked if she should continue taking the enzymes. She persevered on and now, all her boils are gone. She felt the pain has subsided tremendously.

Testimonial #3

There’s one Indonesian lady who sells chap fan near our office. She used to have a very nice complexion till one day, her friend sold her a wrong product and her face was filled with acne! She was in dismay for months. Upon seeing this, my colleague shared this enzyme with her, telling her to take it and also perhaps, wash her face with it. Two weeks later, her acne cleared and she was very grateful towards my colleague and offered my colleague free chap fan! But my colleague didn’t want to and said to her, she’s only doing a charity work and do not require anything in return.

Testimonial #4

Long time ago, I had hemorrhoids. Whenever I go to the toilet, there would be rectal bleeding. However, after I’ve taken some Chinese medicine, I managed to stay off it for many years till recently, I began to suffer bouts of constipation again and the bleeding is back. So much for laughing at a friend’s ass. LOL! Karma is a bitch.

Anyway, I went to consult a doctor and the bleeding subsided. However, I was not entirely cured. I put off to seek medical help and decided to try this enzyme given to me by my colleague after hearing so many rave testimonials about it. When I first started to take it irregularly, it didn’t help much. Then, I began to commit myself to take it at least once a day, before sleep. Instead of taking 30ml in one gulp, I mixed it with water and drank. It tastes like apple cider vinegar. It was after I mixed with water, I felt some changes. That night itself, I had to rush to the toilet because of stomach pain. To my horror, the bleeding got worse! I thought I was going to bleed to death! I decided to go see another doctor the next day.

However, in the morning, I went about answering nature call and the bleeding didn’t happen! It was normal. I hesitated to see the doctor and continued to drink the enzymes with water every night. I am already third week into this enzyme thingy and the bleeding has stopped. Thank God! So I am very convinced!

The best part is, you don’t have to pay a lot of money or to a multi-level marketing sharks for this! You can make them on your own. On how to obtain this enzyme, you can check out this blog. It has a very good illustrated step by step to harvest and ferment the enzymes. On how to start to get the snow lotus yeast, well, I got it from my colleague. She got the yeast from the supplier – the one who no longer has a pimply face!  I read that the snow lotus is an endangered species. However, we obtain our enzyme yeasts by fermentation process and the yeast would multiply on its own, if given proper care. So, I believe we didn’t hurt mother nature in the process.

NOT suitable for pregnant ladies.

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44 thoughts on “Snow Lotus Yeast Enzymes

    • Hi Asstha,

      If you r interested pls email me. I would be glad to share with u bcoz I have plenty.

  1. this sounds really interesting!! thanks for sharing! glad to hear that you’re ok now…no more bleeding 🙂
    my mum makes enzymes but from fruits…

    like asstha i gotta ask – where to get the yeast? can buy from chinese medicine shop?

  2. asstha, lingzie: I am getting it from my colleague direct. The problem is, lingzie – you are in Penang! How to even pass to you! Haha! Anyway, asstha, linzie, I’ve checked with the blogger whom I linked to whether we could get the “raw” yeast from the medicinal shop. Then, I will let you know.

    • Haha! Yeah.. I see if I manage to harvest or not, then I will let you know. Coz no guarantee I will be able to harvest the yeast. *Keeping fingers crossed*

  3. Hi Gina,

    Thanks for sharing!
    Can you pls let me know where can i get the yeast? Many thanks.

    • Mei Mei, I think perhaps you can check out this link. There are some people who commented in the post offered to give away their cultivated yeast. I hoe this info would assist you. As for me, I’ve just gotten the yeast from my colleague. Am now starting to cultivate them. But then, there were a lot of people in my list already – most with more urgent needs like cancer. I am sorry, I couldn’t help you.

      • Hi Gina,
        Thanks for ur reply and the link provided. I thought of harvesting it myself but got a bit confused/blur looking at the steps illustrated in wlst’s blog.

        “Step 1 – Pour out the fermented yeast (enzyme) into a clear plastic container by filtering the yeast and the enzyme”

        Could you please explain to me how do we get the yeast in the 1st place before continuing to prepare the fermentation (step 2 – 3)? Sorry i have to disturb as i m unable to leave comment in wlst blog.

        Appreciate ur help. Thanks

  4. Mei mei: I’ve written you an e-mail. You can get the snow lotus from people who is cultivating it as the yeast will multiply when you ferment it. There’s a person in the comment box which mention he has yeasts to be given away. Perhaps can try writing to him. Hope this helps.

  5. Hi, anyone wanted the snow lotus yeast, I can provide as I am cultivating almost everyweek therefore I had some to spare.

  6. Gina, can get dried snow lotus yeast from medical hall, b’cos I want to share with a friend overseas.

    • Hi Celia. Unfortunately, I tried to find out from the internet and I couldn’t find any answers. The yeast has to be kept in cool temperature – so I guess, there wouldn’t be any dried ones but I shall try to ask around.

    • I’ve read somewhere that you gotta stop for 10 days after consuming for 20 days. Not too sure. The key word here is moderation. I think I’ve been taking for 2 months – sometimes over the weekend, I might forget. So far so good. 😀

  7. For ladies you should stop consuming during your menstruation….that can be about ten days for some

  8. my colleague mother who has diabetic, who needs injects insulin 3 times a day with rating point:13, after taken the enzymme, her rate drop to point:5, so she is very convinced.

    • Thanks Elise for your sharing.

      My colleague’s daughter has pimples all over her back. So, she has been taking baths and rinse with diluted snow lotus enzymes from the rinsed water we conserve- used to rinse the snow lotus yeast during harvesting in a plastic bottle, her back is now recovering! No more new pimples, just left some scars and healing. Just to share.

    • Yes, Natalie. It has alcohol. I think because of the fermentation process of converting sugar into alcohol using yeast – it’s called brewing.

  9. I know I may get back fired by posting this. The least I can do here is to save those surrounded you which already got the side effect. Sky mountain snow lotus has side effect. It suitable to grow above 0 deg C., it will grow in our stomach over time. It is different from Ice mountain snow lotus that will died once above 0 deg C. The person will have bloated and hard stomach with lots of wind. The remedy is take 1 sachet bamboo salt (must be Hai-O direct selling) +100ml water every morning empty stomach. I swear that I’m not Hai-O marketeer, purely out of compassion I’m relaying this. So far already 5 cases I come across. Worst part was people do not believe it because there are far too many testimonials. Please pass this remedy to those who already got this side effect. After consuming bamboo salt, the person might have diarrhea to pass it out. Amitofoh. Sadhu to all.

  10. Druing remedy period, avoid yam, yeast, reduce sweet stuff as much as possible. Anything with possibility of frementation like milk, avoid it as well.

  11. Thanks, Cecelia for your feedback. I am sure if anyone has the symptoms, they will know what to do. So far, there has been more positive results than negative ones.

    The supplier who gave my colleague and I the snow lotus yeast has been taking it daily for the past 13 months and it has helped her entire family tremendously. In fact, she also gave 15 ml + water to her granddaughter who is 2.5 years old and they were doing just fine.

    A friend’s mom claimed that, she has been having bloated stomach and wind before consuming the enzyme and, contrary to what you have written, after consuming the enzyme, her digestive system improved!

    Also perhaps, the fermentation process was at fault. Some shop sold their brown sugar in bulk and they placed the sack of sugar on the floor. My colleague said that, sometimes, when she noticed that, if the brown sugar sack was placed on the floor, and saw scratches on the sack – she would not buy from the shop. If the sack is placed on the floor, there is highly likely that it would be contaminated with rat feces and cockroaches! Since, we only use brown sugar and water to make the enzyme, and do not boil them, it’s best to take extreme good care of the cleanliness of the raw materials.

    So I guess it all depends on individual. Some people are just not suited to take the enzyme. Afterall, it’s not a cure-all enzyme. If it does, then doctors and pharmacies will run out of business! Haha! That’s all I could say.

    However, if any one of you has the symptoms as prescribed, I guess there is no harm to try the bamboo salt remedy.

  12. There is no guessing games in medication, this is direct impact on people’s lieve. My advice is do the checking in “wang di ne chin” or ” long peng’ chow mu”, chinese medication is writened in our ancient book 4500 years ago. We ain’t expert. I had 3 hand writtened remedies included cancer and modern deseases learnt from past 10 years, I pass non to others except those confirmed neutral remedy. Neutral remedy means if it can’t cure, it won’t kill you like alfalfa. An expert means when side effect, the person knows the remedy.

    One advice picked from ancient master: don’t think minor bad thing is fine to do it, but minor good things can ignore. This the final post from me, writer faced severe consequences, anything wrote wrongly, the cause would only ends when circulations stopped. I asked for pardon if my post disturb anyone’s feeling or any wrong word used. Amitofoh.

  13. Hi Cecilia

    it seems that you have some interesting knowledge to share with us reader. But somehow i cant seems to comprehend. Would you be able to convey the message in Chinese perhaps?



  14. Out of interest I chance upon a blog “First Journey” and a person called “Kong” wrote exactly like Cecilia in exactly the same words as Cecilia about the side effects of the enyzme saying they are not “Hai-O” markerteer, but the affected person must consume bamboo salt and must be Hai-O direct sales…so I am wondering what gimmick this is!!!!!!! Who are you Cecilia??????Kong Or Cecilia…

    • To put things to rest, Cecelia and Kong is the same person. Her fullname is Cecelia Kong. Kong is her surname. She wrote me an e-mail, so I know.

  15. Is the snow lotus yeast enyzme the same as ‘TIBICOS’ (tibetan mushrooms)??… I found some videos on the preparation of ‘tibicos’on “youtube” and it does look similar to the snow lotus yeast enyzme. I saw people from as far as Mexico preparing Tibicos enyzme – the method is similar but they used “molasses” and close-up also show the ‘tibi’ moving up and down being very active…also saw people in China doing the same…some other parts of the world people called this ‘water kefir’…anyone interested to know more just key”TIBICOS”and wikipeadia has a page on TIBICOS as well……

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