Hurrgghh…. Ptuuuuui!!!!

Day 5
27th October 2011, Thursday

Laborer’s meal

Having learned our lesson from yesterday, we decided to go easy and to avoid the morning crowd, so we woke up a little later and have breakfast at restaurants nearby our hotel at Hepingli Middle Street. The place turned out to be quiet in the morning, with very rare shops offering sitting in dining. Most are mainly catering for breakfast-on-the-go. So, we walked a good 30 minutes before we could find ourselves a sit-in café. We went into a shop selling the starchy thingy again with paos. Our aim was just to fill our bellies to prepare ourselves for another day of walking, walking and walking.

Colors of Autumn

Today we decided to visit Summer Palace (Yu He Yuan), Empress Dowager Cixi’s summer home. The Empress surely knew how to enjoy life. She decided to collect the entire China’s best sceneries and accommodate into her summer palace. If you ask me, it’s too tacky lah. We need to pay 70 yuan to look at the entire place. We thought we might not even be able to finish walking around for the day, so we decided to go for half ticket, 30 yuan ticket.

We got down the subway at Beigongmen, exit D – turn left and left again, go straight for 5 minutes to reach the rear of the palace. It’s proven to be a good choice because there were less steps going up here than the front gate!

There’s nothing much here in Summer Palace. I find the place too tacky. We started at the Suzhou province. Here, we need to top up 10 yuan just to go around the river to visit the place. As I’ve visited Suzhou before, I don’t think it’s necessary. So we didn’t go. Then our way in, we need to climb to a few places which I didn’t go as well because I was just too lazy. My feet were killing me since I’ve been walking non stop for 5 days! So I told the girls to go ahead and I would wait for them at the park below.

While waiting for the girls at the park, I sat down at a bench near the lotus pond. Nice weather, couple with cold wind made it ideal to take a short nap. As I was about to slowly drift into a blissful sleep, suddenly I heard, Hurrgghh…. Ptuuuuui!!!!

Good God! Everybody seems to be spitting into the lotus pond behind me! I was so disgusted! Might as well have a spit pool rather than a lotus pond! Geez!

After that, I caught up with the girls after their climb to other gardens. They were somehow unhappy because since they didn’t buy the full ticket, they realized that their tickets were not good enough to enter the places. So kesian! Susah susah climb! They could pay at there and then itself but they refused! I guess my laziness ruled in favor of me, this round!

So we had a short lunch and then, coffee break at the park while the girls contemplated on the next destination since this Summer Palace bored the shit out of us.

We took the bus and ended going to Tsing Hua University in Beijing. It seems this is the crème de la crème university in China. But now, if you have money, you can enter! Haha. The girls wanted to visit this place, however, we were stopped at the entrance. It seems, it’s no longer opened to public visits anymore.

Or perhaps, there were too many people visiting this place, so they came up with another business idea. They have touts standing outside the university acting as tour guides. We need to pay them 100 yuan to get into the university. Who knows? They might just split their earnings with the guards, that is why they stopped public from going into the university. We were somehow turned off by the touts, so the girls took picture of the place and we left.


Since it’s already almost 5 pm, we thought of going to Wangfujing after our brief visit the day before. It proved to be a really good choice since it’s about dinner time and one of the girls wanted to try out the famous mutton steamboat in a restaurant called Dong Lai Shun in Wangfujing.

Exotic food

I like the walking street at Wangfujing and wished we spent more time here. Here, you get all the BBQ of all kinds of insects and sea produce. I think nobody ate the scorpions or grasshoppers. They were merely for show I guess. The little scorpions on the stick were still wriggling! So disgusting! Things here are not very cheap though. You could haggle 50% minimum to buy the things you want. The traders are friendly lot though. If you just look and don’t buy, they seemed fine with it. I guess they are used to dealing with international tourists.

Pot of rudeness

Since we were famished from the small lunch earlier on, we decided to have our dinner early at Dong Lai Shun. Once we were seated, we asked the waitress if there’s a set menu. Somehow the waitress just gestured us to look at the menu ourselves. After we had looked through the extensive menu and made some orders, towards the end, we realized there’s actually a set menu on the last page! That was what we have been looking for and the stupid waitress didn’t even tell us. So, we had to cancel everything and told her to get us the set for 3. The waitress didn’t look happy and was showing us her black face!

The garlic and peanut sauce are nice though

It’s a miracle that people would bother to come here to eat. The kebab is nice though, I find them nicer than the ones we had on the second night we were here. The steamboat is so so only. The dip sauce is good though – it’s peanut sauce. Other than that, there’s nothing really special about this place, except if you like to experience utterly rude service, please feel free to come here. We didn’t even bother to leave any tips either for that stuck up bitch.

By the time we finished dinner, there were many people waiting outside for their turn. We shook our heads in disbelief that there are actually people who would line up for bad service. I made a mental note – in future, not to frequent any restaurants or joints with beeline queues because they tend to be stuck up and no matter how delicious their food maybe, I don’t think I want to pay for bad service!

When my friends asked me for feedback on that restaurant, I only have one answer – “Hurrgghh…. Ptuuuuui!!!!”

We ended spending the remaining hour in Wangfujing bookstore. Here, you can get all kinds of books translated into Mandarin and half the price. I guess the only regret I have in this life is, not learning proper Mandarin. I wish my dad had sent me to a Chinese school since little. Sigh.

7 thoughts on “Hurrgghh…. Ptuuuuui!!!!

  1. Yup…. China and HK has gained somewhat of a notorious reputation for rude service especially in ‘peng leng ceng’ a.k.a cheap and good eateries … As for learning Chinese… I’m sure you’re better off than a true banana (xiang jiao ren) like me … Viva la banana ~ rhymes woo hoo … hee hee hee 😉

    • Haha! Not too sure about Hong Kong coz I went there 3x on my own and also, I have a friend in HK, so he brought us around everytime I visited him. I learned a little Mandarin when I was in primary school and I hated it! The only motivation was there’s a cute guy in class and my mom always put me sitting next to him coz he’s oh-so-gorgeous. LOL!

  2. not sure about the other stuff, but my ang-moh gm showed me a photo from his trip to china (his wife’s hometown), where his wife’s niece was eating the scorpion skewers with a very “sedap” look.

    and it’s also my regret for not learning chinese when i was young. haiz…

    anyway, u think it’s better to do beijing with a tour or on ur own? my parents went to beijing before, and my dad said it’s better to go with tour, because it’s really a hassle taking public transport and finding ur way around the city.

    • I guess it depends on what you want. As for Great Wall – I think it’s better to take tour – but you must INSIST on going to Mutianyi – further from town, better choice, less people, more picturesque. And INSIST on NO SHOPPING. I guess you have to pay a little more.

      And for other places in the city – it’s easy to travel via subway. I will send you a list – or perhaps later on, I will do up a list on where you could stop – which subway, so you can visit all the places of interest.

      And beware of donkey meat… it seems they are highly popular.

      I heard fried grasshoppers are delicious.

  3. i just came bck from china myself a week ago..went to a couple of places including beijing, so i can relate to all your posts! I love the temple of heaven, esp the exercises and activities in the park surrounding it..the day i went, people were playing badminton, singing patriotic songs in a large group, playing games, exercising, and even a fashion parade for retired people! so interesting…and also i agree, bad service is everywhere in china, so horrendous plus the spitting! i hear and see the spitting from early in the morning until night..but besides them, china is such a beautiful country, with a deep history, and wonderful nature and cities to visit..the people are especially kind and warm too:-)

    • Wow! We could have bumped into each other if we planned the trip. Haha!

      Yes.. we also saw people playing badminton, doing cha-cha, singing patriotic songs – with angmohs joining in the fun, ping pong, etc. I simply love Temple of Heaven!

      It seems, spitting is good for health – it’s part of their culture to get rid of the bodily waste via mouth, which is highly acceptable in China. Well, they can always spit on tissue paper.. or spit while they are in the bathroom, right?

      China has deep and interesting history, unfortunately, I don’t read Chinese – which is my deepest regret in this life. Also, some places are over commercialized now till the extent of being overly tacky.

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