Safer Malaysia

It is almost unreal when a friend of mine was hacked and robbed in his house over the weekend. I have yet to blog about it because I want him to be comfortable to share it first. The thing is, after the two robbers went into his house, hurt him and robbed him – they went on another robbing spree within the neighbourhood, just 30 minutes apart from each other.. and they kept robbing and robbing till they lost their parangs. I believe they were high on drugs!

This incident has kept us within the neighbourhood on our toes. We have been having sleepless nights because the robbers were bold enough to commit crimes in the morning! Why?? Because the police simply don’t give a shit! Apart from feeling sorry for you (some of them don’t even feel anything), they couldn’t do anything! They just take your report for formality, snap photos of the crime incident only after I INSISTED that they do so and left us, the unarmed and ordinary civilians to fend for ourselves.

So, what can we do?

I guess that’s what Safer Malaysia is all about. At least there are two brave individuals willing to take up the responsibilities when others failed, especially the delusional authorities who tell you, “Rising crime rate is just a perception”. These people, like each and everyone of us are fed up with the inaction of the authorities and police. We are fucking pissed off because nothing is being done!

We must come in one voice to tell the authorities – “LOOK! BUCK UP! CRIMES ARE HAPPENING AND WE ARE LIVING IN CONSTANT FEAR.”  In order to achieve a developed nation, there is no point if nobody wants to live in it! Stop the rhetoric bullshit and show some results!

So, come to the candlelight vigil this coming Wednesday to show your support that, we want a safer Malaysia! Safer for everybody to live normally and not in constant fear of crimes!

9 thoughts on “Safer Malaysia

  1. Thanks Gina for supporting the cause! Its something all of us should demand from our authorities & security administrators. See you on 1 August!

    Safer Malaysia

    P/S: Could we share this on our website, fb page & twitter?

    • Hi Safer Malaysia. Better not lah. This blog supposed to be “anonymous” still. Haha! This is good to reach out to my current readers.. say, 22 of them.

      • Your wish shall be respected. 🙂 hope to get your strong support for the vigil. Thanks again for the share

  2. It’s happening everywhere. When I was in Europe, our tour director warned us about thieves who would brazenly snatch our purses and bags….. and he warned us over and over again.

    back home here, out house now is always locked , even of we’re outside just gardening.

    Times are hard everywhere.

    • Hi there. I guess everywhere is the same.. but then, here, the spates of crimes are really worrisome. Almost everyday, within the same housing area, crimes are taking place! Sometimes, 2-3 x a day within the same area! This is totally unacceptable! We no longer feel safe.. even going out to buy some eggs from grocery stores, we have to think twice. It’s that bad!

  3. No, really? That bad? Is it the economy? bad economy= surge in crimes

    I thought Malaysia was doing well… in fact, Asia is doing well, unlike the US and Europe.

    • Mostly due to inaction of the police. They simply don’t care! The criminals are getting brazen by the day. Yes.. for outsiders, Malaysia is doing well.. but with alarming escalating national debts.. I am no expert.. but with the govt spending money as if there’s no tomorrow, I am of coz worried.

    • Aih… I think the Sand land offers you better security compared to here. But of coz you miss home.. so it’s like.. a catch 22 situation. Work there, miss family. Come back here, worry about criminals.. aih…

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