A Visit to Bentong-Raub, Pahang

20th June 2014, Friday

I think I have never been to Raub. I’ve been to Bentong twice, to the Chamang waterfalls. Once for durians and another time, just for the heck of it. That was ages ago. So when my sister’s friend from Raub offered us to take us on a hometown visit, we delightfully agreed.

It was a good thing we went a week after the school holidays so Raub was not that packed. Situated just under 1.5 hours away from Kuala Lumpur, it is sure a short distance to travel to eat and explore what the local people has to offer.

First, we dropped by the Colmar Tropicale by Berjaya. It wasn’t really a good place to visit. There’s nothing much there really. It’s a bit tacky. Somehow, I guess the children enjoy it. Since there were a few colorful horses and nice ambiance.


Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi

Don’t bother going up the Japanese Garden. We were told the koi pond was in the process of cleaning but we don’t see anybody cleaning the pond. Maybe the fishes died due to the very hot weather. Honestly, even at 3,500 feet above sea level, we were all sweating bricks. The bus shuttle only took us to the staircase and we had to hike all the way up. My sis said, previously, the bus shuttle sent you right to the top and you don’t have to climb stairs. How are elderly or handicapped people going to climb up the stairs? It was totally not user friendly.


Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi

After the short visit to Colmar Tropicale, we made our way to Valley Resorts on our way to Bentong to have lunch. It was situated really into the jungle. I guess the place has been cleared for oil palm. We were lucky again as we were the only patrons there, eventhough we reached there about 2 pm. Do try the nyonya tilapia. It’s delicious. Unfortunately, by 2 pm, we were too hungry so no photos were taken. Haha.



Valley Resorts

DSC_0517Ern Ern & friends

You can even stay at Valley Resort if you are up to it. It’s a quiet place. A good place to meditate and relax. Other than that, there was nothing much. The children enjoy the little hut floating on the pond where you use as a raft to go up and down a pond.. a bit tacky by the kids enjoyed it! The children also enjoyed watching the fish at the fish pond, the many types of birds in the cage as well as monkeys. The cage is rather big for the birds but for the monkeys, it’s rather pitiful. I think it’s best if they could let the monkeys roam free.


Food Spread

After a scrumptious lunch, we drove to Raub to check into our home stay to rest for a bit. Before that, we stopped by at Tong Nam Bee, Off Jalan Tun Razak, Raub for coffee and toast bread, with home made kaya! It was simply delicious. We were too full from our lunch, so we didn’t order much. Just some bread to satisfy our taste buds and coffee with ice. It was scorching hot so it doesn’t make sense to drink hot coffee!!


Toast bread with freshly made kaya and butter! Yummmsss!!!


Tong Nam Bee shop

Our host booked us a terrace house with four rooms. It was quite comfortable and clean. And it was a big gated house compound so, it’s a good place if you want to have BBQ. Children enjoy it as they are able to play bubbles and run around the house compound.

Around 6 pm, our host took us to visit Laman Pesona. It is situated in Kg Cheroh. It consists of many villas on top of the hill. Our host didn’t book us a villa here as they said the villa can be really hot, since the villas are facing west. I guess maybe next time, if we ever visit again, we will stay here as we would want to try out all the activities offered by the in-house tour. They have ATV, jungle trekking and also other more adventurous activities. I guess have to wait for the children to grow up first.

We ended the night with a great dinner at nearby restaurant and as if the dinner was not enough, our host went to tapao Raub’s famous char kueh teow for us to eat.

The children played another round of bubbles at night before we call it a night. What a full day of fun!
For other photos, please refer to my instagram hashtag #gingerlyyoursraub.

2 thoughts on “A Visit to Bentong-Raub, Pahang

    • Yes. It’s indeed nice. We didn’t want to eat earlier coz we were too full from dinner. So our hosts told us, we must eat. If not, we regret. Luckily he ta pao-ed for us. So we ate it for supper at 11 pm. It was really delicious!

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