Kundasang, Kinabalu & Tagal Sungai Moroli

Itinerary for Kundasang route

Start the day early to Kundasang to catch a glimpse of the peak of Mount Kinabalu. If you got there late – like we did, the clouds would be covering the peak of the mountain.


Tamparuli Suspension Bridge

On our way to Kundasang, we stopped by the first Tamparuli suspension bridge. It was not in a very good state. We saw some tourists trying to cross it and each of them waited patiently for one person crossing to avoid any untoward incident happening to the bridge. A friend told me, the suspension bridge actually looked must better now compared to the last time she saw the bridge.


Rumah Terbalik

Next stop is the Rumah Terbalik. I am not really a park fan so I waited for others to have a go at it. It costs RM10 per person as entrance fees.


View of Mount Kinabalu from Nabalu town pitstop

We stopped by at Nabalu town to have some pineapples. This round, the pineapples were rather sour. It used to be sweet – according to our host. We went to snap some photos of the mountain from here. Beware when walking on the fields though. It was filled with dog poop!


Breathtaking Kundasang town!


Kundasang Desa Dairy Farm

Followed by a short visit to Kundasang Desa Dairy Farm. This place has expanded in just 8 years! I remember it was just us in the farm when we visited in 2006. Now, there are plenty of cars visiting the farm. Perhaps it was a weekend. If we go during weekdays, the crowd would be smaller. I saw on the entrance that, you can even take your wedding photos here and only subject to a rental of RM100. Not sure if it’s Rm100 per person or was it the whole entourage? I think we paid RM4 per person to enter the farm. I don’t remember paying back in 2006?

IMG_20141116_162633It’s expanding!

I love the natural milk gelato here.. even though it gave me slight stomach discomfort. Maybe I suddenly developed lactose intolerance at such an old age? Haha. They have milk cartons on sale – natural or chocolate. Chocolate was sold out that day. If you wish to see the milking cow process, we were told that, the process would start at 3 pm daily. My friend said, they moved the time already. Previously, it was around noon time, the milking process began.


Myriads of fruits at Kundasang market

Kundasang fruits, vegetables and flowers market. This is on the way after Kinabalu Park, I think. We didn’t go to Kinabalu park as it was already late and the clouds have covered most parts of the mountains so there’s no point to pay to see the mountain when you can’t!


Tagal Sungai Moroli

Tagal Sungai Moroli is right after Sabah Tea Plantation. It’s just 2 small lanes away after Sabah Tea Plantation in Ranau. When we arrived, it was drizzling slightly. Entrance fee was Rm5 per person. You were only given a small pack of fish feed each, cost 20 sen per packet. Why can’t they just bundle that into the RM5 fees is beyond me! With a small packet of fish feed, no outside fish food is allowed, use it sparingly while feeding the fishes. You may go down into the river and the fishes would swarmed your feet! They would nibble at your skin. I think the locals didn’t train them lah to “massage” patrons. I think it’s the fishes’ natural instinct to look for food, hence the “nibbling” at your feet. I dare not go into the river and watched the rest of the people having a go!

You are only allowed 15 minutes to immersed your legs into the river. I think during the time we were there, since it was raining, there weren’t many people. So we get to be there as long as we want. The river is really clear and clean. You can even take a swim if you like! While my aunt was feeding the fishes, I suddenly saw ikan keli! It was caught on my phone video camera! Wah lao! I wonder if it would sting?

Keep your phones and cameras in your bags. I saw a notice, asking you to cough up RM3 per group for bringing cameras into the river. I think nobody actually paid for it. The lady manning the counter just don’t bother as well. You have everybody brandishing their cameras and phones and tablets while at the river! It was quite an experience!

For more info, click here!

Important note: On this route, you will also pass by Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Spring. We didn’t go because we started the day late and, you should get out from the place before 4 pm as thick fog would cover the roads and it would be too dangerous to drive on the hilly slope.

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