Kota Kinabalu City Tour

What I really love about KK is the vicinity of places of attraction. They are rather nearby to each other. I remember my trip back then in 2006, it took me only four hours to walk about town. We went to the waterfront, colorful and vibrant Filipino market, the clock tower and Gaya Street. Quite an interesting walk about town if you ask me!

KK has plenty to offer – you can go to Jesselton Point (nearby Waterfront) to catch a boat to the Sapi, Manukan, Memutik and Gaya Islands. You can shop at the new shopping malls – Suria Sabah shopping mall, One Borneo, Centrepoint, etc. You can eat your heart out at Little Italy, Fatt Kee (Ang’s Hotel), Fook Yuen’s roti kahwin, etc


Tanjung Aru Beach sunset

If you hire a car to drive on your own, you can go to Sutera Harbour and Tanjung Aru beach.

However, this time round, a visit to Tanjung Aru beach was such a let down. It was littered with garbage everywhere. People just leave their rubbish behind after a picnic – beer cans, plastic bags, BBQ left overs, mats, etc. It was such an eyesore! I am so surprised that Shangrila Hotel is just nearby and nobody seemed to be bothered with the rubbish. Saw some foreigners walking their dogs on the littered beach. I miss the beaches in Singapore, Bali, Redang, Sydney, Melbourne. I think I never seen such a dirty beach! I think even Port Dickson’s beach is cleaner than here!

I wanted to write a complaint to the Sabah Tourism board about this but I was told by my cousin that, they do organize gotong royong to clean up the beach. But, it would be filled with litter and garbage all over again very soon. I guess they have to enforce some laws concerning cleanliness and prepare enough garbage bins for visitors to throw their garbage. With my short observation there, I didn’t see many garbage bins around.

Also, we have to educate the people to pick up after themselves. Bring their own disposal bags and bring along their rubbish home! I think Singapore has done a great job by enforcing penalties on the litter bugs with community service by cleaning up public places to shame them! We should have a civic mind in order to live like civilized people. Cleanliness is .. I think a rather basic trait one should have.


Sapi Island


Walking near the jetty at Sapi Island

Sapi Island is kinda let down for me as well. I have visited both Manukan and Memutik back in 2006, and I think I would prefer Manukan better. But the sea in Manukan is filled with spiky sea urchins. You have to extra careful when you go for a swim. Memutik is more relaxing, with less visitors. But I remember there were many flies there! Hopefully things improved now.


Jetty at Sapi Island


It was a hot day!

IMG_20141115_104233The beach

Sapi Island is good if you are an adrenaline junkie! They have flying fox from island to island! I guess that would be a great fun! They also offer walking underwater and para sailing. I didn’t do all that. And I think the beach nearer to the shady trees is really dirty. I wish somebody would bother cleaning up the place! You can also learn how to dive here.


Sutera Harbour


Relaxing pool overlooking the beautiful sea

On a happier note, I love Sutera Harbour. I guess, in my next trip, I shall stay here as I love the quiet private beach and swimming pool. I am going to bask myself in the sun and wile the days away. Fingers crossed, I shall revisit KK soon!

Here are some photos I took of KK City tour. Enjoy!


Wisma Tun Fuad Stephen


View of the floating mosque from a hill


Temple on the hill

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