Fruitful Sunday

Went to FRIM this morning to resume my weekend morning walks. I need this.. I have to tell myself it’s all for my own good. Sometimes, the bed is beckoning me back to its cozy embrace but I have to resist its temptations!! Health is utmost important! Have to keep reminding myself this!

This morning walk seemed to be very fruitful. Taken some gorgeous shots with the help of the glaring morning sun. You need a good lighting and still waters for these shots, I tell you…

picsart_03-11-061117583035.jpgStill waters and sunlight, best combination for reflection photos.

picsart_03-11-06369813778.jpgSaw a boy pretending to fish

picsart_03-11-061094351104.jpgSerene and calm

On our way back from FRIM, received a phone call from our cousin brother, saying that our aunt wished to go to visit Serendah. Cousin bro asked her the night before and she wasn’t too keen. But this morning, the little girl woke up earlier than usual so she decided to go to Serendah and bring her along.

It was a small tin-mining town in the 1960s and had since flourished into a small, quaint village. Not too sure what do the residents here do for a living, perhaps if there’s a chance, will pay a visit again to interview the local residents.

We had our breakfast at Kedai Makan Yee Kee, as recommended by many food bloggers. Here we had the curry mee, wantan mee, chee cheung fun and lor mee. This shop was rather popular with visitors. Guess we will try out other stalls if we were to visit again as we could see there are plenty of other shops around.

Kedai Kopi Yee Kee 義記茶室 
No. 1, Lorong Kampung Dato Harun, 
Kampung Dato Harun, Serendah, 48200

picsart_03-11-061733001625.jpgThe glorious breakfast

Then we took a stroll around the area. My aunt usually likes to visit local temples to pray for good health and prosperity. So we chanced upon this temple nearby the market.

picsart_03-11-06399058650.jpgThe mazu temple

There was a bustling activity in the temple. Many villagers in uniforms were having a picnic of sort. And on their sleeves, mentioned “Cubical Earth”. Apparently, they are from the local association here.. not too sure what they were doing though. But it’s good that the old folks are quite social here and mingling around to past time.


We were in for a treat. The local temple caretaker invited us to see the temple’s antique collection. Here we have the tin mining model in the collection. There are other stuff too, like the foot binding shoes, old sewing machines, iron, etc. The public is welcomed to donate antiques to the temple.


After the short visit, we went to feed ourselves again. This time, at Restoran Sam Hing. This is a picture of their signature noodles. Absolutely delicious and a must order if you visit. I guess in our next trip, we would again come to eat this noodles and of coz, order the fried wontons to go with it.

Sam Hing Restaurant三兴茶餐室
 Address : 42, Lorong Kampung Dato Harun, 
 Kampung Dato' Harun, 48200 Serendah, Selangor, Malaysia
 Hours : Mon - Sat 8AM - 4PM , Closed on Tuesday
 Contact : 03-60811804


We then drove about 5 minutes to reach this Seven Wells of Serendah. It’s in waze! So you won’t get lost. It’s about 800m away from the makan place.

The temple caretaker told us these seven wells were previously built by the British for tin mining business.

Found this drone video for your viewing pleasure.


After that, we drove to nearby orang asli’s village to get to this waterfall. Since it’s mostly hot these days, the water was not very deep. My cousin brother said previously, the water was filled up the time he came for his last visit.

All in all, it was a good impromptu trip.

4 thoughts on “Fruitful Sunday

  1. There’s a popular Thai restaurant there too… Yes. Serendah falls can b deceiving… There is an element of danger in the pool especially near the drop area during rainy seasons… There have been cases drowning before… v crowded these days. Alternately you can visit Setinggi falls… More quiet n peaceful but requires 45 min hike in..

    • Yeah. The nice Thai restaurant. But I heard it’s always packed to the brim. I don’t really like to wait hours for a meal. Haha. But guess will try it one day and hope it’s not too crowded. I was told too of the drowning incident. That’s why our cousin brother made a brief stop to pray to a Dato Kong on the way to the waterfall. He said, his local friend told him to pray before going to the waterfall area.

      Hiking… for you is 45 minutes.. for me maybe 3 hours. Hahahaha

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