Curry Pork & Potatoes

Well, I tried to look for my mom’s recipe in this blog but could only find two. There supposed to be more than that I guess. Eddie made me realized that we need to jot down our best loved recipes before our dearest moms are no longer there to cook for us… the recipes will be gone for good.

I think cooking takes time and experience. Definitely dedication too. I wish I had the patience to learn all the ropes from my mom, whom I think is the best cook in the world. As she has grown much older, sometimes she would miss putting in an ingredient or two which might affect the taste of her food. You can’t blame her! She never write any recipes down. Everything is tucked safely somewhere in her brains. She must be really having a hard time keep all the recipes in her head coz she seems to know quite an impressive variety of dishes!

Just now, I just had the best curry pork and potato in the world. I think nothing could beat this! Mom would cook it again and again for my niece to bring to school. She would lovingly keep in the fridge and reheated tomorrow to bring to school. And her classmates would all gather around her to see what she brings to school everyday and this curry potato seems to be their favorite too. They would eat the potatoes without invitation! That’s how delicious the pork + potato curry is…

The agak-agak recipe…

Curry Pork + Potatoes


1 pack of A1 curry chicken paste
1 coconut (grated)- Pressed into two bowls of coconut milk. Set aside.
Pork ribs/Meat/Chicken
Cut potatoes


Cook the meat together with the curry paste. Stir fried it till the meat looks dry.
Add in the most diluted coconut milk (Mom said coconut “end”)
Simmer till meat is tender.
Add in cut potatoes
Simmer till potatoes and meat are tender
Add in the concentrated coconut milk (Mom said coconut “front”)

It’s a miracle, ain’t it? Just 4 ingredients with lotsa love.. it made magic curry pork + potato dish.

What do you think?

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