Good Morning

I used to get annoyed when people sent me WhatsApp message of good morning or good night every other day. I think I once block a friend because I feel it’s an unnecessary waste of bandwidth.

Then, my sister’s father in law passed away recently. While I was at his funeral, all his friends, physiotherapist, colleagues saying good things about him and one of the good things he did was just a simple message of good morning without fail to all his contacts ever since he got himself a smartphone.

Everyone was teary and sad when they no longer receive his good morning message on Monday morning because he had passed away.

This story stumped me for a moment. A harmless and sincere wish which annoys me so much could be the last message I would receive from the other person before he or she moved on to the afterlife.

I felt so ashamed for being so intolerant over a sweet and harmless gesture. It made me think why am I so heartless not to acknowledge a sincere greeting from a friend or acquaintance.. They think about you and have all the good intentions in the world by wishing you good morning and have a delightful day ahead.

My heart bleed at the thought. I will cherish every good greetings from the people I care about from this point forward.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh, so sorry to hear abt the passing of ur sis’ FIL. … Tis nice to know sometimes simple gestures in life means a lot to someone else…

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