Was chatting with friends over the weekend. Similarly, they said something quite true.

“You think only millennials are entitled? Everyone regardless their age is entitled!”

He gave some examples of his friends but now downgraded to mere acquaintances. A friend lost his job so the friends around him assisted and rallied behind him to look for new job.

He assisted to help this friend by sending resume to a few organisations he knew. After the friend got a new job from his contact, there was no news. Nobody knew he got the job until he updated his Facebook profile. Not a single word of thanks to the friends who helped him. Entitled much?

A student asking for assistance to be placed on internship. He assisted by pulling some strings and making calls. The student went for interview and got in. Thank you sir! No.. Nothing… Not a single word of gratitude. Maybe she felt she’s the one who did all the work… So she doesn’t need to thank me. No… This is entitled!

Then another friend looked annoyed when she received a message on her phone.

“What’s the matter?”

“Ah. This friend in Taiping now. Asking for recommendations for what to eat.”

“Oh.. Go Yat Sun la”

“Naah.. She only msg me when she wanted something.”

“Oh.. Those kind of people huh? Are you going to reply her?”

“Not this time. Not forever.”

I thought to myself. Why, am I still being nice or still want to help these entitled people? Is it because I am too nice? Or sometimes maybe, I am entitled myself?

I just think I deserve better friends.

Money Luck

This morning as I was lining up to buy breakfast, I found Rm1 on the floor of the cafe.

I noticed the Rm1 note the moment I walked into the busy cafe. There was a beeline of customers waiting for their food or to pay for their food. No one noticed or even bat an eye lid on the folded Rm1 note.

I thought of tapping the guy standing next to it to notify him, in case if he is the one who dropped the note but was somehow jostled to the back of the queue.

I waited patiently to walk to the Rm1 note. The lady in front of me stepped on it. I rolled my eyes. So blind?? Or is Rm1 so worthless these days?

I remember last night’s conversation I had with a friend. She’s a hardworking businesswoman and a millionaire. Money luck seems to flock her all the time. I asked what’s her secret. She said, do not “yim hei”, or “belittle” money’s worth. Well, we never say no to money! She meant, for example, if people give you money, even if the currency is torn, you have to accept it with gratitude. Subsequently, money luck will flock to you.

So, I applied her theory today. I scooped the money from the floor, after the lady stepped on it but I passed it to the cafe owner instead. And the fella didn’t even thank me. Ya ya.. Great! Thanks!

Hopefully money luck comes flooding me soon. Ohm…


Office discussing about the gay sex scandal.

A: You ada tengok itu video?
B: Ish. Tak nak la. I nak tengok muka minister je. Boleh you kasi pause itu screen muka dia.
A: Tak boleh lah kak. Kalau nampak muka dia, nampak buntut jugak.
B: Masya Allah… Ya rabbi… Takde ke muka dia je ??
A: Takde kak . Kalau tiada buntut, nampak dick.
B: Astagfuhlor…
C: So kak, you pilih la. Nak tengok roti ke tengok pisang.

Humour aside, this is gutter politics. Please do not circulate or indulge in giving more time to this character assassination tactic from the lowly scums. We are better than this.


Today Maicsa students will be taking their final papers. Many years ago, I took Corporate Finance paper for the fifth and the last time. I was so desperate to pass this paper after so many attempts. This is probably the most difficult paper for me. Our lecturer said, Maicsa students had it the worst. What other people is doing in university for two years, we cramped it all in 4 months and then, a month later, we sat for a 3 hours exams. It’s do or die. So, I died 4 times. Haha. Barely scrap the 50% passing mark. It’s a highly notoriously difficult paper that sadly boast an average 5% passing throughout the world. Imagine, only 5% of the thousands of candidates will pass this paper at any one sitting.

The year I passed my CF, I think the passing percentage went up to 10%. It was a fairly moderate paper that sitting. I even managed to score a merit. Haha. All thanks to consistency and sheer hardwork. Not to mention the daily kneeling and praying to all the gods nearby my office. Would go and offer joss sticks and paper for the entire month before my exams. Even bought lucky crystal charms. Lol. The desperation is spilling over to the next realm.

Then, after passing exams, I offered fruits and cigarettes to the deities. What did I do with my professional degree? Sad to say, nothing fancy. Haha. See how life turns out even if you have a degree.

Well, honestly working life is not too bad. Could have gotten more out of it but am too coward to take risks..

OK.. Enough ranting. Here’s wishing all students of maicsa best of luck this week!