Office discussing about the gay sex scandal.

A: You ada tengok itu video?
B: Ish. Tak nak la. I nak tengok muka minister je. Boleh you kasi pause itu screen muka dia.
A: Tak boleh lah kak. Kalau nampak muka dia, nampak buntut jugak.
B: Masya Allah… Ya rabbi… Takde ke muka dia je ??
A: Takde kak . Kalau tiada buntut, nampak dick.
B: Astagfuhlor…
C: So kak, you pilih la. Nak tengok roti ke tengok pisang.

Humour aside, this is gutter politics. Please do not circulate or indulge in giving more time to this character assassination tactic from the lowly scums. We are better than this.

2 thoughts on “Scandal..

    • Well, I did watch the thing out of curiosity and was rather sure the person in it, is definitely not the guy who was accused of being in the video. Haha.

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