Money Luck

This morning as I was lining up to buy breakfast, I found Rm1 on the floor of the cafe.

I noticed the Rm1 note the moment I walked into the busy cafe. There was a beeline of customers waiting for their food or to pay for their food. No one noticed or even bat an eye lid on the folded Rm1 note.

I thought of tapping the guy standing next to it to notify him, in case if he is the one who dropped the note but was somehow jostled to the back of the queue.

I waited patiently to walk to the Rm1 note. The lady in front of me stepped on it. I rolled my eyes. So blind?? Or is Rm1 so worthless these days?

I remember last night’s conversation I had with a friend. She’s a hardworking businesswoman and a millionaire. Money luck seems to flock her all the time. I asked what’s her secret. She said, do not “yim hei”, or “belittle” money’s worth. Well, we never say no to money! She meant, for example, if people give you money, even if the currency is torn, you have to accept it with gratitude. Subsequently, money luck will flock to you.

So, I applied her theory today. I scooped the money from the floor, after the lady stepped on it but I passed it to the cafe owner instead. And the fella didn’t even thank me. Ya ya.. Great! Thanks!

Hopefully money luck comes flooding me soon. Ohm…

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