Random Notes

#1. Things begin to slow down for a bit in office. Not sure if it’s a good thing or not. While it’s good to have a breather once awhile, I kinda like the rush sometimes. Make the days pass effortlessly.

#2. Been hit by sleepy bug. I feel sleepy all the time even with enough sleep the night before. Guess need to do medical check up on what’s going on. Perhaps blood sugar acting up.

#3. Was a little annoyed when I received a text from my ex, ex boss again after months of silence just to ask if a company is OK, so and so. She usually does that when she’s looking for new job prospects. Like my face is a info counter if the company is okay or not. Read the annual report la. I can’t help you either coz I don’t work in that particular company before so how the hell would I know. I chose to ignore her text. Out of sight. Out of mind. Out of life.

#4. Met a childhood friend, more like competitor on Saturday in a show. Actually I wanted to just watch the show but since it’s for charity, I am more willing and happy to be part of it. Haven’t seen her in 31 years. She was this really brilliant girl, but a little aggressive when she was younger and challenged me when I took the no. 1 spot away from her in standard 4. Haha. Now we can both laugh at our silliness. She’s still grieving her parents who passed away last year. Hope she hang in there.

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