15 Years & Counting

Was looking at my old blog posts and reminiscing the good old times. It was fun blogging back then when you are anonymous. Sort of like, you don’t even have to censor yourself or check your grammar repeatedly. After writing for a few more years, you gonna get haters. They threw all kinds of shades at you – grammar not on-pointe, you complained too much, other blogs are better.. (don’t read lah paan!!) etc etc. Haha. I don’t know how but I managed to survive. But I went off grid for awhile because I didn’t want too much attention.

Then I decided, screw it. I am going to blog only for myself. I am kinda glad that, I kept some of my stuff here. Thoughts, incidents, happenings, etc and it’s amazing to see how much I have grown. My own writing style somewhat mature and I could see myself beginning to let go.

I can’t believe I am been here the past 15 years. Even if there were only sporadic posts. But I glad, I managed to write about anything that’s important or not.. well, it’s just a record.

It’s been hell of a ride. I guess I will continue to jot down happenings before my memory fails me for good. I wish I was as hilarious as before but somehow my funny bones sort of left me. I believe I am funny in real life. I hope.

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