Letting Go

I had dream last night of a few good friends.

I dreamed of going to a dumpling restaurant. Was supposed to go in but suddenly saw B with her mother and two other friends. Then came along another friend S. I thought S is going to join B for lunch.

To my surprise, S didn’t go inside the restaurant and walked direct towards me instead. I asked S, you are not joining B for lunch? S said as a matter of factly, “Oh I was not invited. Never mind. Let’s eat together.”

We walked towards another restaurant selling western food and ordered our brunch of American breakfast. Suddenly, M came. M is the husband of B.

I asked M, “Eh your wife is at the other restaurant eating dumplings. Aren’t you joining her?”

M shook his head and said, “Oh never mind la. I haven’t seen you for so long.”

So we chatted like old times and I asked about his house renovation. He said, it’s getting nowhere because it’s too expensive.

After that, I asked my sister to help tapao 20 soup dumplings and 10 fried dumplings from the shop where B is to avoid bumping into her. In my heart I feel my presence was not welcomed. So better to avoid unnecessary awkwardness.

After, we all went to my house to enjoy the dumplings. Before I open my mouth to bite into the juicy dumpling, my alarm rang.

I shared with another friend and she said, maybe I miss the good old times with this friend, hence the dream.

Human are all creatures of habit. Of coz we will always hope things remain status quo for as long as they can. But this is life and change is always a constant.

Whatever it is, I earnestly hope life is always good for them, for all friends, whether or not they are still in touch and may good fortune, peace and love follow them wherever they go.