What in the World…

I was googling for some old perfume and stumbled upon this.


What happened to one of my favourite perfume? Wonder if I buy this, mom would mistakenly use it to wash the windows. No other better design is it??

Not too sure if it’s still the same perfume… The bottle used to be really nice.

I used this ages ago and still like the smell.

My favourite perfume list are as follows, in case I forget about them and decided to spend money on new perfume and ended hating them (happens all the time!) and no no list

1. Chanel Chance

2. Clinique Happy

3. Givenchy Fast Forward (discontinued)

4. Moschino Couture! (I thought discontinued until I saw the window washer)

5. Ralph Lauren Romance (not Tender or Midnight ugh!)

6. Estee Lauder Pleasure

7. Chanel Crystalle

8. Estee Lauder Dazzling Silver (discontinued)

9. Davidoff Coolwater

10. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

11. Elizabeth Arden Sunflower

12. Estee Lauder Intuition

13. Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto

Big no no

1. Issey Miyaki

2. Estee Lauder Pure White Linen

3. DKNY Apple

4. Lolita Lempicka

5. Estee Lauder Beautiful

6. Estee Lauder Sensous Nude

What do you think?

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