Went to Seremban during weekend and I was searching for pictures of food in my blog to check out what did I ordered previously, only to be greeted by photobucket’s msg on 3rd party hosting. Sigh. Really regret didn’t use my wordpress to load photos previously. I guess I have to find some time during weekend to “embed” photos back into my old posts. Tedious tedious!!

Wanted to blog more often but somehow couldn’t find time or even the mood to do so. Guess I will just make do with sporadic updates. They say, once you put things out in the internet, there’s no turning back. I guess it’s true. I miss the days I wrote my daily muse in a note book. Perhaps could do so, starting now onwards. I think as one gets older and with the technology getting more advance now, everyone look for instant gratification. Nobody would spend time to pen some thoughts or just put a note or two for keepsakes now. Most people just post photos to remind them of where they have been, what did they eat, who they were with..  I guess it’s rather meaningful too. I like it when Facebook reminds me of how little my niece was.. or how young my mom used to be a few years ago. It’s good that now, we could keep memories digitally. Hopefully, for life.

Work has been a drag as usual. But definitely better than the old job. I look forward to meeting my colleagues everyday in office, making jokes here and there and planning for lunch! Now ever since I work in KL centre, most friends made effort to keep in touch and actually took the trouble to drop by on Fridays for lunch with me. I feel so blessed to have such friends. Catching up with an old friend I haven’t seen in 10 years! I am so happy that she’s a mother to a two year old boy now. Learned that her mom is now on dialysis due to failure of both her kidneys, after a prolonged suffering from diabetes. She didn’t take care of her diet, couldn’t be bothered, hence this. A wake up reminder for me to keep on exercising and try to eat as healthy as possible.


Nothing Last Forever

Was catching up reading Dayre in the gym today.. Yeah.. finally find some ways to kill time while on treadmill or cross trainer without getting overly bored! I am still not comfortable to join classes yet. Afraid I might fall asleep during yoga and hence, snoring out loud… or join body combat class, I might pant too hard and people might think I need an asthma inhaler or something.. take it slow.. one step at a time!

Oh ya.. back to dayre. It seems it’s going to go off if it couldn’t earn to upkeep their servers or whatever .. so they are trying to sell stickers on dayre to keep it going. Well, nothing in this world is free.. nothing last forever. I am glad I took the trouble to post whatever I posted on dayre into wordpress and made it sort of a mirror blog.. well, to some months I guess, not everything but… most of my posts in dayre are mundane and usually written without much thought.

Will try to update this wordpress as much as possible. I miss the old care free times of writing without restraints. Reading back on my old posts, I miss the crazy and reckless old self. Of coz, not everything about it. At least I could keep part of my memories alive.. hopefully wordpress won’t die on me!

Grandma Bed Sheet

What we see on the packaging is not always what we get….

Nailed it…. not..

Better stick to my usual workable stripes or geometrical shapes bed sheet in future.

My cousin said this looked like what my late grandma would use as bed sheet. I miss my grandma.
Managed to finish this thin book this morning. I was awaken by a message on my phone at 3.45 am. Went to the toilet and after that couldn’t sleep.

So I picked up what was left a few hours ago.

Probably one of the saddest book I read. Saddest and riveting would be the Survival of the Killing Fields.

It’s about how one good fortune led the poorest to evil. I guess it sort of true when one amassed something out of the ordinary.

We all have big dreams. For better livelihood of our families. But this great fortune brought jealousy, greed and hatred. All sorts of negative vibes from the world.

You either triumphant over it or buckle under its immense pressure. I don’t have to tell you the end.

Renovation Woes


Ah.. can’t believe two days of renovating my room wrecked so much havoc. It took only 5 hours to clear out my room to get ready for retiling works but almost a week to move everything back in!

I dare not even show photos of my room coz it’s really a pig sty!


Maybe can show the new tiles la. Nah.. this is my room’s new tiles. I didn’t get laminated wood flooring because my house was infested with termites before so it’s not a good idea.

My aunt told me not to put in built in cabinet because she worries about termites too..so I guess I have to make do with pieces of furniture.


This was the previous ugly version of very generic white tiles. Aih… almost wanted to buy back the same tiles but decided against it.

I think am pretty happy with the current one.

Been sleeping on dusty bed sheet for a week. Glad dusting time is over. Still have some boxes to clear but another week, the room would be spick and span clean.. hopefully. Tonight I will sleep on nice clean bed sheet.

Blood Test Drama

Finally managed to haul my lazy ass to the doctor for annual blood test..actually I haven’t done my blood test annually for while…

The last one was back in 2010.

I admit my health wasn’t that good due to irresponsible eating and lack of exercise.

Heck! I am truly lucky because I didn’t suffer from high cholesterol even though I looked like one massive cholesterol laden Jabba the Hutt. No joke.

Even though I suspect I might be having some kind of diseases, the blood test ended up better than expected!

My borderline cholesterol went down.. LDL slightly high but less than it was in 2010. I was shocked. I asked doctor if this is acceptable, he said it’s ok since my HDL reading is alright.

Fatty liver actually reduced!

I guess it’s probably due to the detox I did to clean the gall bladder and liver. The gall bladder flushing.

Everything is good except blood sugar level. It was 6.6. I thought it was the onset towards diabetes but then my cousin asked me if I ate anything the night before which might cause the reading to fluctuate.

I scanned my brain for the last meal I had before the blood test… I realized I drank Milo and ate 3 cap ping pong biscuits during midnight because I was starving!!

Man! There goes my blood test’s accuracy. The food probably jack up my blood sugar.

I hope it’s true that we need to fast at least 12 hours before blood test for accuracy.

Doctor suggested that I take the OGTT (Oral glucose tolerance test) if I want accuracy. I guess I will do that if 3 months down the road, my blood work still shows signs of diabetes. This time I better remember not to drink or eat anything 12 hours before blood test!