Was chatting with friends over the weekend. Similarly, they said something quite true.

“You think only millennials are entitled? Everyone regardless their age is entitled!”

He gave some examples of his friends but now downgraded to mere acquaintances. A friend lost his job so the friends around him assisted and rallied behind him to look for new job.

He assisted to help this friend by sending resume to a few organisations he knew. After the friend got a new job from his contact, there was no news. Nobody knew he got the job until he updated his Facebook profile. Not a single word of thanks to the friends who helped him. Entitled much?

A student asking for assistance to be placed on internship. He assisted by pulling some strings and making calls. The student went for interview and got in. Thank you sir! No.. Nothing… Not a single word of gratitude. Maybe she felt she’s the one who did all the work… So she doesn’t need to thank me. No… This is entitled!

Then another friend looked annoyed when she received a message on her phone.

“What’s the matter?”

“Ah. This friend in Taiping now. Asking for recommendations for what to eat.”

“Oh.. Go Yat Sun la”

“Naah.. She only msg me when she wanted something.”

“Oh.. Those kind of people huh? Are you going to reply her?”

“Not this time. Not forever.”

I thought to myself. Why, am I still being nice or still want to help these entitled people? Is it because I am too nice? Or sometimes maybe, I am entitled myself?

I just think I deserve better friends.


It’s like water world out there today! The rain started at 5.05 pm. By 5.15 pm, there’s flood everywhere. Weird thing is..even hilly areas are flooded.

Car turned into a hovercraft for several occasions sending my sis to her friend’s place for a gathering.

I was looking for an alternative route to go home but my Waze died!!! Omg… I gave up and followed the only route I know.

The other route I was supposed to take is also flooded so I guess it’s better to stick to my familiar route.

Prayed hard rain will stop so I could go onto my next appointment without flooding!

Prayer answered. Thank God.


Yesterday while lining up at Jusco Kepong for my purchase, there were these mother and son in front of me.

I was talking to my cousin sis and she told me purchase about Rm100 will receive Rm10 jusco voucher. The lady in front of me overheard our conversation and then she asked us if purchases from supermarket count?

I said I was not sure. You could check with the cashier. The cashier said no. Only for purchases at level 1 where clothes, shoes, beddings, etc. Exclude supermarket.

We had a friendly small chat while waiting for our turn.

Then the woman made her payment. After that it was my turn. Then, I was waiting for my purchase to be punched into the register when the woman asked for her stamp. Mana dia itu stamp?

The cashier said she has given to her.

27 Jul-4
For those who are unaware, this is the promotion that has been going on at Jusco. For French pot. Every Rm30 entitled you to a stamp.

So the woman raised her voice and said there was no stamp!

The cashier got a bit annoyed and said loudly, “AUNTY! YOU SUDAH CHECK DOMPET YOU?” (Aunty, did you check your purse?)

The word “AUNTY” sort of triggered something in the woman’s brain.

At this point, I was already feeling restless and wanted to get out of it asap.

As I was signing the bill given by cashier, war of vulgarity had begun. Actually it’s one sided. Only the woman kept shouting and scolded the cashier for accusing her of stealing. We were like wtf? She didn’t accuse you of stealing! She just asked you to check your purse!

It was then she threw her LV purse onto the counter and shouted. You check yourself! Where got?????

Her credit card came out flying. Her money too.

Not wanting to create further scenes, the cashier gave her extra sticker.

That didn’t shut her up. Then she refused to pick up her purse and the cashier handed her the purse back. It was then all of us saw the sticker sticking onto her Rm1 note. So the cashier said to her, see that was the sticker!

The crazy woman and son didn’t even apologized. She was so aggressive that she continued to spew profanities!

Binatang! She shouted at the cashier and left.

I was too shocked and upset to be standing in the middle of their exchange.

I was actually very angry because I didn’t stand up for the cashier. Just like a typical mind your own business mentality. I should have stood up for the poor cashier lady.

This made me really upset for the rest of the evening.

Money doesn’t buy you class. So what if you have an LV purse, LV handbag etc?

You call people “Binatang” when you yourself behave even worse than animal.

For goodness’ sake, it’s only a stamp. You still need to buy over Rm1800 just to get 60 stamps in order to get a free pot!

You have money for LV but no money for pot? Cook your stew in your LV la. Bloody hell.

Sorry. Have to rant coz yesterday was in shock to warrant a respond.

Foot in the Mouth

Long time no eat rojak. Wah lao! The price increased from Rm3.80 to Rm4 to Rm4.50 and now Rm5! Portion still the same.


Yesterday my cousin was saying, they particularly dislike a colleague in their office. The girl has no tact.

When she was invited to a colleague’s party, she was introduced to some family members. Instead of asking who this person was, she straight away jumped into conclusion and asked if the boyfriend of the host is her father. Lol

The host’s boyfriend is a little older than her but not that old!

Good thing is the host is a nice and easy going person… otherwise I guess if this happened I would probably show her the door!

This reminds of an ex colleague in my office. She came to my desk, complimenting me on my new office wear.

She should stop after that but she didn’t. She asked if my blouse was bought at the pasar malam. Lol. Hell.. I probably have pasar malam look.

I shot her a look and said I bought it from Isetan. Then she kept insisting she saw the blouse before at pasar malam…

Aih… Whatever la. No prizes for guessing it right so… shut up la. I am glad she left the company. Not sure how many more feet could fit in her mouth.

Water Filter Drama

Waiting for subcontractor for water filter installation. Say come at 3 pm. 3.40 pm still not here. This is Malaysian time. I want to go out at 5 pm to Ikea to pick up some small items. Looks like gotta change plans. Bloody hell.

Reason to get water filter.. we have been using the el cheapo filter from pasar malam. Just to filter mud and other sediments found in our “treated” water. It’s a miracle nobody died from drinking pipe water in Malaysia!

Of coz we have our internal water filter for our consumption. We used to use Anway but it was way too costly to maintain. Now we have a normal backwash filter im our kitchen.

These days washing our clothes is a chore. We get patches of mud on our white fabric. It’s so annoying we have to rewash them especially towels.

Then it doesn’t help when mom kept changing the el cheapo filter outside the house and she didn’t close the filter properly so water kept gushing out from the untightened cap. Aih… no wonder my water bill sky rocketed to like RM100++ per month! I was on murderous rampage whenever I saw the water wasted just like that.

Not her fault. She’s old already. No strength to screw back the cap tightly. And also she’s too obstinate to listen to us to let us do it. Aih… so better get a proper filter which she would have NO CLUE how to operate it. Lol.

Water filter fellas here. Best part is my friend told me to switch off the water pipe to the tank. So now the tank has no water.

The water filter guys got pissed. Have to wait for 30 minutes for water to refill. No thanks to my friend who thinks she knows it all. Pffttt… a bit tulan also. How to wash if no water in the tank leh? Also stupid for listening to friend blindly.

Work in progress. Hope it won’t affect the pressure of the water flow like the kitchen one.

bb9e6199-b05b-497f-bc22-3f6529cd4740-bear_travel_4 Managed to go to Ikea to pick up some stuff. Still haven’t decided on the curtains. Blame it on feng shui! Reading too much on fire dragons and directions.. and colors.. made me undecided. Aih… will rethink over the weekend again then decide.