Book Club

03 Aug
One for the #dayrebookclub ! Been reading this for awhile. Got distracted here and there. Then niece played with my bookmark so I lost the last page I read.

I don’t really like ebooks. It lack the authenticity of a hard copy book.. the smell of processed paper, the flipping of pages with your fingers, the fancy bookmarks we kept for ages.. etc.

Also I find my eyesight deteriorated since I started reading using my phone or tablet. Yes.. perhaps I should get a Kindle.

This book entailed the daily lives of a bookseller named Sultan and his family. The writer was invited to live for a few months in his household after she got acquainted to him through buying books. It was a chance of a lifetime.

It took place post Taliban era but somehow damage was done. Many places were destroyed by bombs. Bandits along the rocky mountains connecting Afghanistan to Pakistan made it precarious for people travelling everyday for supplies and other necessities.

An eye opener on the ordinary lives of the women in Afghanistan where their voices don’t matter and being treated like objects. Somehow there’s still glimmer of hope when women started to pick up what’s left from the dark ages of Taliban regime, some even dare to champion women’s rights by secretly conducting schools for girls, training women in medical field, etc.

In the land where child brides are widely accepted, the writer’s principles sometimes could be highly conflicted.

But she realized that she’s merely a guest to witness the ordinary lives of the burkha clad women.

I have yet to finish the book. I hope to finish it soon.

The writer Anne Seierstad offered a glimpse into the remarkable lives of Afghanistanis. Life goes on despite being thrown into endless regime and wars that tore the country apart. One could only pray and hope for better days to come for Afghanistan.

Grandma Bed Sheet

What we see on the packaging is not always what we get….

Nailed it…. not..

Better stick to my usual workable stripes or geometrical shapes bed sheet in future.

My cousin said this looked like what my late grandma would use as bed sheet. I miss my grandma.
Managed to finish this thin book this morning. I was awaken by a message on my phone at 3.45 am. Went to the toilet and after that couldn’t sleep.

So I picked up what was left a few hours ago.

Probably one of the saddest book I read. Saddest and riveting would be the Survival of the Killing Fields.

It’s about how one good fortune led the poorest to evil. I guess it sort of true when one amassed something out of the ordinary.

We all have big dreams. For better livelihood of our families. But this great fortune brought jealousy, greed and hatred. All sorts of negative vibes from the world.

You either triumphant over it or buckle under its immense pressure. I don’t have to tell you the end.

Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning the room after tiling is done. I think I need to throw out many books.

I gasped in horror of the nonsense I used to read. Example this one in photo. Ha ha. Sex & the City was a big thing back then. How things have changed! So.. this one is going to the recycling centre!


This is my favorite among Amy Tan’s books. I read mostly her work but this left quite a deep impression on me. A blurred line between reality and the mystical world. Deep family secrets. Love that conquers all.


All th├Ęse going to the recycling centre. Some books have been kept over 20 years. I think better throw them out before bookworms starting to gnaw on my toes. Ha ha. Kidding. No bookworm coz I took extra care in putting cloves all over the books to ward them off.


No matter how I arrange… the shelf just don’t look nice… aih… will redo this weekend. Too tired now.

The Vegetarian Cat Meets Up With the Rat

A cat met up with a big male rat in the attic and chased him into a corner. The rat, trembling, said, “Please don’t eat me, Mr Cat. I have to go back to my family. I have hungry children waiting for me. Please let me go.”

The cat said, “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you. To tell you the truth, I can’t say this too loudly, but I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat any meat. You were lucky to run into me.”

The rat said, “Oh, what a wonderful day! What a lucky rat I am to meet up with a vegetarian cat!?

But the very next second, the cat pounced on the rat, held him down with his claws, and sank his sharp teeth into the rat’s throat. With his last, painful breath, the rat asked him, “But Mr Cat, didn’t you say you’re a vegetarian and don’t eat any meat? Were you lying to me?”

The cat licked his chops and said,”True, I don’t eat meat. That was no lie. I’m going to take you home in my mouth and trade you for lettuce.”

Haruki Murakami, 1Q84. Page 462-463

Luck runs out. You cannot be lucky forever.