CNY 2018

Hi everyone!

Happy Chinese new year to all. May the year of Dog brings all of us much happiness, love, peace, good health and abundant blessings.

Spent four days at home cleaning, helping to cook, washing dishes till my 10 fingers almost fall off. Haha. No kidding.

Bought a lot of vegetables, groceries and fruits for the new year makan but somehow we couldn’t finish most of the food. Mom cooked too much as usual.

Every year, she will set the same resolution to cook less the following year but somehow never seemed to keep this resolution.

I think coupled with my cousins going back hometown this year to be with their mom and my third aunt, we have less mouths to feed. Thankfully, my sister’s in laws are quite easy going and doesn’t mind taking our leftovers. Actually it’s not even called leftovers as we hardly touch the food! My mom ended giving half pot of pork knuckles vinegar to them, a whole fried fish and some roasted pork.

This year, I chose to diy our own yee sang dish. Instead of fish, I used crab stick instead. My aunt was highly phobia eating raw fish after reading about it in the newspapers and watching it on the news. Haha.

Today, chor 4, I am already at work. Didn’t get a good start as my parking card went missing. I hope to be able to find it later once I get home, otherwise have to pay rm100 as penalty. Shit. Then, I almost got locked out by a locker in the gym. Tried a few times and the damn locker finally opened. Phew… if not, I probably report to work in my sweaty gym attire. Lol.

Got to work and my handbag got stuck in the drawer. *roll eyes* Had to remove the middle drawer manually to free my bulging handbag. If bulging with money never mind.. this one only full.of shopping bags. 🙄🙄🙄

Hopefully bad luck wards off soon. Have to bathe in pomelo leaves as soon as I get home.

Mom’s 71st Bday

Celebrated mom’s 71st birthday at Little Xigong Kepong last night. This is our first time dining here. I guess we will return. 5 dishes consist of green dragon vege, assam sotong and prawn, specialty fish (must order!), kampung chicken and lotus root soup for 4 adults and 1 kid cost only Rm159. I think its not bad.

Then we dropped by Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. Surely made Ern Ern’s day!

Today, sis’ friends came over to celebrate with mom. So mom cooked them a storm!

One of the friends came bearing this real lookalike durian cake! One of the ladies made this today and decided to bring it over for mom.

The ulas of durians are real one ok! Ha ha. D24 lagi

The storm that mom cooked!

This yong taufoo is simply awesome!

Happy birthday mom! May you always be well and happy. We love you.

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! This is my #nasilemak breakfast this morning. Been craving for one but thought there won’t be any stalls opening due to Ramadhan. Am surprised there is one. I guess times are bad. Everybody has to work for extra income.

Been on overnight oats breakfast the past 1.5 months so a little break to reward self. Ha ha. Probably body screaming now.. why so oily? Oh I am gonna choke on the oil! Seahum again??

Ah well.. throw in a bergedil too! The last time I had one was years ago.

Picture from flickr

Read news on Staronline that Google apologized after their photo app tagged black couples as “gorillas”. It’s not funny. Ha ha ha. Sorry.

I have a feeling if I use the photo app.. Google might tag me as Jabba the Hut. Not the sexy Princess Leia!

A colleague actually couriered 3kg of black rice harvested in her Bidayuh village in Padawan during Gawai (“Harvest Festival”) in Sarawak early June. Every year without fail, she will send rice planted by her village folks for us. Such a warm gesture!

This year’s crop was modest and they couldn’t dry the rice properly due to incessant rain so the yield was not that good. Let’s pray for better weather next year.

She’s Getting Married

Picture from Playbuzz. Danielle MC.

Received a surprising news today. I asked a friend out for dinner. She’s my regular hokkien char kaki. We go for hokkien char 2x a year to meet up and chat over steaming hot black spy sauce noodles in lard. Gluttony and gossips! What is there not to like??

Yes. She’s getting married! She found her current beau through a friend. While waiting for the friend to hook them up, she decided not to wait anymore. You gotta seize the opportunity right? So a girl gotta do what she’s gotta do!

She flew to Melbourne to meet this man after a few e mails correspondences. She said, why not just go see him? If it doesn’t work out, just take it as a holiday.

This is the woman who always know what to do when life gives her lemons.

After a divorce some 12 years ago, she had to bring up her own two children with a single salary. She worked hard and played hard too.

She’s never short of compliments and encouraging words whenever you need a listening ear. Some friends took her for granted. I told her she deserves better friends. But she would tell me, I take my friends lock, stock and barrel.

I admire her tenacity and how to face life in all circumstances. Come what may. She will sail through it and triumphs in the end.

I am happy that she’s happy. May her second chance at love brings her much love and happiness that last a lifetime.

Girls Day Out


Waiting for the girls to turn up at Mandarin Oriental for our yearly gluttony feast.

Two of the girls working for some management firm so their clients are always generous enough to give them vouchers.

So every year, another two of us would be blessed to be invited to join the other two for “free” buffet. It’s not free now. With the escalating costs and stupid GST, the price tag suddenly increased from Rm120+ to Rm178 nett. If I remember correctly. Sigh.

The picture above are 3 elderly ladies speaking in loud Hokkien. Ha ha. I hope when I am this old, I still have the health and good eyesight to drive out to meet my friends in fancy places like MO.

Appetizers of variety of salads. I take some hummus as well. Here you can see roasted egg plant, tuna nicoise, octopus, duck salad…

Second plate of middle eastern goodness. I remember having two servings from this range last year. Absolutely delicious.

Western counter. Not a fan of bbq so just eat normal beef stew.

Time for dessert. There’s baklavas!