Concerts Stories

I had a blast last night at Jacky Cheung’s Classic Tour 2018. This is probably my 5th time attending a concert. I don’t really like crowded places.. But just for the sake of getting out from my comfort zone and trying something new or different, I went along with my colleague who managed to score a ticket for me too. I didn’t regret one bit.

It was magical. The stage was beautifully lit and visual was amazing. And the star himself still has his charisma and talent to entertain. He’s a seriously great entertainer.

Going to concert made me think of the previous concerts I went. I don’t really remember much about the concerts I went (except Adam Lambert’s) but event leading to it or after the concert was rather memorable.

Reggae Sunsplash 1996

I remember getting some free tickets to watch Reggae. Well being poor college students, we didn’t have much choice right? So I gathered my courage to ask a guy out. Haha. He actually said yes but with one condition. I had to find a motorbike because his bike was too old and rickety to travel all the way to Shah Alam from Setapak.

I pleaded with my housemate. Of coz, he was really nice to lend it to me. He said, for my happiness, he would do it. Haha. So kind of him.

I wore my best t shirt. I think it was a green Nike shirt and my only Levi’s jeans, folded neatly at the hem ala Zainal Abidin style. Haha.

First time on the motorbike with a guy… I really liked. I was not too sure where to put my hands. At the back? I worry I might fall off the bik. Err.. Hold onto his waist? Hold onto his shoulders? I actually asked him where should I put my arms. He said, it’s OK for me to be hold onto his waist. My heart pulse was racing hard and I hoped it didn’t hop out of my mouth.

The weather seemed OK until half way towards Shah Alam. It rained cats and dogs. We managed to stop underneath a bridge to shelter ourselves from the rain. We laughed because it was awkward looking at each other in silence.

When the rain starting to pour lighter, we decided to go on our way. He gave me the full faced helmet and also the one rain coat we had. I told him to have it because he’s in front. He needed it more than me. I could just hide my face behind him. After persuading him to have it, he relented.

I curled myself behind him and hid my face at his back because the rain drops felt like rocks cutting at your skin when you go on it even if it’s only 60kmph. He smelled of rain, musky, perhaps his cologne and I wished the ride would never end.

We arrived at the concert, half wet half excited. Wait a minute. This sentence doesn’t sound right. Haha.

Anyway, the concert was blurred… I don’t remember any singers except they were all Jamaicans.. And we held hand in the rain (it was upon instruction by the artists) lol.

The way home was better. It was cold because it was night time. I just took the advantage to hug him tighter and wished the journey was longer.

The Grasshopper 1998

We scored some tickets because we have a friend who supplies audio system to Genting. Grasshopper was the artist but I guess they were not as popular as yesteryears. Quite sad to see they tried to get the crowd excited but nobody seemed to give a crap. Haha.

The PA system guy was really into my friend so he actually gave her 10 tickets front row to her and brought all of us to Genting. The poor guy didn’t manage to woo her heart though. I think he’s quite an OK guy. Unfortunately she let him go.

Scorpion 2004

I was given two tickets by the late TV Smith. He told me to bring a friend. I brought Cindy along. A friend from my part time job as market researcher.

She laughed the moment she reached our dinner place. I was there earlier with TV and his two policemen friends and Jeff Ooi in Petaling Street.

She could not help it but she kept laughing and at loss of words. I asked what’s wrong with her. She kept giggling and whispered in my ears. What are you doing with a bunch of old men? Lol. Come to think of it, I seriously have balls to go out with strangers, policemen some more. Lol.

One of the policemen said to me, I looked familiar. Later he would go back to the balai to check my mug shots. I told him I didn’t even commit any crimes at all, not even a single traffic offence. He laughed at me being panicked and asked me to go on eating or drinking. I think I didn’t eat or drink at all that evening and Cindy still didn’t stop laughing.

You may read my experience Scorpion 2004. Rip, TV.


The past three days after the Malaysian 14th General Election was rather surreal. I guess everybody is glued to the tv/internet for news, which unfortunately sporadic and delayed. I guess the media itself is in shock for such a shocking and gargantuan news that it couldn’t cope! Simply not enough time to digest! The newly minted PM proved to be no nonsense (eventhough he’s still very jovial and always answering questions with his wit and humour), he went straight to work, do the necessary press conferences – with the people showing concern if he has enough rest! There are so many comments/posts on FB telling him to take things slow and take care of his health. Haha. I guess we just underestimate this experienced statesman. He is actually much faster and all of us have to keep up with his pace!

Of coz, there are also some news trying to damper the euphoric feeling of this change of government. I sincerely hope these people who are skeptical, they have all the right to be skeptical of coz, to at least give the new coalition a chance to prove themselves to be an effective government. There are proof that they have the capability of running a government – just take a look at Penang and Selangor. Of coz there are areas of improvement, as we know, Rome is not built in one day. At least we know for now – the person who blatantly flaunted the law would be brought to justice and face the consequences.

With all the dramas unfolding, I hope Pakatan Harapan will be able to be steadfast in its stand for corruption-free, efficiency, accountability and integrity and always remember that, it’s us, the rakyat who put them where they are now and the rakyat is the master and not the other way round.


Spent first day of 2018 to my usual hangout place for fresh air. Hopefully this year would be good and kind to us.

After cleaning my house, etc my old friends from TARC dropped by my house to visit my mother. So sweet of them! I am blessed to have such genuine gem friends. They don’t expect anything in return, sincerely concern about your well being even if we rarely see each other throughout the years, we still have high regards for each other.

Mom was hospitalized the last three days of 2017 due to extreme fatigue and gut bacterial infection.

Took blood sample and will go on follow up check next week.

The first meal of the year consists of awesome fried chicken wings.

Curry fish head. We asked for extra taufu pok but there was not many. Sigh.

Found a new eatery nearby office. Actually it’s been there for ages, just that I haven’t been there before. The braised pork belly is super awesome. It’s a little fat but I am still ok with it.

Was working late the past few days due to data migration in office and was tasked to clean things up, atop what I am already juggling in office.

Duff Dayre


Read some #duff (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) posts so I thought probably I could chip in a story or two. @msbulat @jayelleenelial @myepicuriousgirl

I think friends wise, I was quite lucky because my friends were very protective of me. When I was transferred to Selangor school during my formative years, I became friends with 4 girls from other classes. They are really good people.

If boys or anybody were nasty to me, they would scold or ignore them. I don’t remember any bullying actually.

I am ganas enough to protect myself. Lol

We were all in Interact Club. I was elected president because I was the only one who could converse in proper English to the Rotarians and teachers. See la.. how bad the English standard was back then! Now.. lagi no eye see!

Of course all my girlfriends were also in the club including my best buddy, C. C is one of top prettiest girl in school. So imagine all the bees hovering around her even before Interact Club.


I tell you ah… since I am the more aggressive one (read: DUFF) I helped her to fend off a few guys. Her mom trusted me a lot because I was a straight As student from a good family.. so she basically put me in charge of her daughter.

Sometimes it’s difficult to take sides. Her daughter being a teenager was all in raging hormones getting to know guys while I had to answer to her mom of her whereabout.

So whenever her mom disallow her to go somewhere.. she would enlist my help.

So no choice la. I terpaksa chaperone her and watched her like a hawk.

Then fuh… the boys… wah lao… some even called me every damn freaking day to ask for my help and approval so that they could get her out for a date. Ask the mother la! Ha ha ha!

So since I was always with her, the possible suitors would never leave me out as well. They would give face and ask me first for a dance. The boys even took me to join them in games.. anybody remember the happy family game?

Standing on the chair one… father, mother, daughter, son.. so if they called out Father Mother.. two persons have to stand on the chair.. then.. if daughter.. so daughter stand on the chair.. then say Happy Family! All four have to stand on the chair.

While the boys were enjoying it coz they get to hug her.. and inevitably hugged me as well… I was worried the chair might break into pieces from my sheer weight alone…


Lucky for me.. I think I only remember one bad memory being a duff. It was being a duff to my brother! Yes.. it’s not gender bias this duff thingy.

My brother was in Interact Club too so some girls were interested in him. Then when he intro me to the girls as his sister.. the girls said to my brother, “OMG! Why your sis is so ugly and fat one? Totally different from you!”

So my brother just brushed them aside and walked away. Bitches! Lol.

I think I was pissed la. But didn’t cry coz I am a tough nut.

I was totally crazy about my brother’s friends as they played in a band and had a major crush on one school dropout. 小福. See.. liked him so much that I googled for his name in Mandarin!

The group of boys are nice people though. Not sure if they said anything nasty behind my huge back but I didn’t care. They adopted me into their gang and I was nicknamed 肥妹. I didn’t mind either. They made my Interact Club years wonderful.

I think my brother had a hard time telling me not to be so psycho about his friends especially 小福. Ha ha. Sorry bro…. blame it on the raging hormones.

I’m glad my duff days are over as most of my hot friends are married.. so now I hung out with other ex duffs. Lol

Pray for Nepal

Saddened by the devastation of earthquake in Nepal. Was rather relieved that two of my friends came back 2 weeks ago from hiking the Annapurna circuit. The same time as the Malaysian hiker who got lost. Hope he could be found soon.

Checked with another friend who plans to go to Nepal sometime this year. She too has cancelled trip earlier due to uncertainty in her job.