Mild Stroke

On 1st May 2018, as all of us busy with our plans to spend the day off, suddenly my father couldn’t move his left leg. He said he woke up at 3 am and want to go to the toilet but he couldn’t move. He managed to reach the potty in his room to relieve himself. We didn’t know about his numb leg till around 9 am. He didn’t tell anyone of us. When we found out he had problems moving his legs, we thought of nothing but to go and get him a four-legged walker cane.

My brother in law’s father suffered an accident a few years ago which paralyzed him from neck down. Thank goodness his surgery went on smoothly and 4 years down the road, he managed to regain mobility about 70%, which is a miracle! So the father was shocked to find out that my father couldn’t move his legs. He said it might be a stroke, as he just suffered a stroke sometime last year and it started with numbness in one leg, then weakened leg and then, losing mobility.

We didn’t waste time sending him to our family doctor for confirmation. My brother in law’s dad was right. The family doctor suspected mild stroke and wrote us a referral letter and asked us to send him to the hospital immediately. We immediately send him to the hospital nearby our house, which is Selayang Hospital. Sis and bro in law gotta cancel their outing plan with their friends and spent the whole May Day at the hospital. It was a good thing that, it was a public holiday and all of us were home when this happened, otherwise, I guess the worst would have happened.

Today, I took leave as my sis couldn’t with her work commitments, so, I took the turn to take care of the elderly folk. He is being his naggy and stubborn self which made it all so annoying to take care of him. Sigh. I hope this episode would changed his minds about eating healthy and living a healthier lifestyle.

I am glad to say that, his stroke was considered mild and the doctor discharged him after one night of observation in the hospital. He is scheduled to be examined again mid of June.

Well, health is indeed important. We will never know what kind of crap we will be subject to now or later on in life, but we just have to try our best to stay healthy.


It’s like water world out there today! The rain started at 5.05 pm. By 5.15 pm, there’s flood everywhere. Weird thing is..even hilly areas are flooded.

Car turned into a hovercraft for several occasions sending my sis to her friend’s place for a gathering.

I was looking for an alternative route to go home but my Waze died!!! Omg… I gave up and followed the only route I know.

The other route I was supposed to take is also flooded so I guess it’s better to stick to my familiar route.

Prayed hard rain will stop so I could go onto my next appointment without flooding!

Prayer answered. Thank God.

Monday Blues

A new girl in office really thinks my boss exist just to sign her documents.

She called me after placing it 5 minutes on my table.

🃏EH! EH! Sign already?
🔥I think you got the wrong number. There’s no Eh here.
🃏You are Mr Boss’ assistant?
🔥Yes. Who are you?
🃏 I am XXX. After he signed the letter, tell me.
🔥That goes without saying.

Honestly if you need a favour, I think it’s good to know the person’s name.


Came home to see the backdoor of neighbor’s open wide. Mom said it has been opened for hours.

Yesterday they were having a party. Then today the backdoor opened wide so my mom was thinking maybe they were spring cleaning the house.

But it’s been more than 2 hours and she didn’t see anybody walking about in the house or out.

When we got back for lunch, my bro in law went to investigate. He called out to our neighbor but nobody came to greet him.

Just as he was about to leave, he noticed the flower grill near the window were pried opened. So definitely confirmed it has been ransacked.

We called out to the next door neighbor to inform him to call this neighbor and the police.

Random Notes

Today at work…

👯Boss, yesterday Mr X called you regarding.. blah blah blah
👨Ok. I will call him later.
👯So and so said….. blah blah blah. .
👨Ok. Fix it this Saturday.
👨… Why are you sweating so much ah?
👯Err.. I always sweat a lot.
👨Your whole forehead is wet!
👯 Quickly ran out the room to wipe sweat.

Moral of the story is … better settle down.. blast the air conditioner for a good 5 minutes before going in to see boss.

Cousin sis shared a funny story while she was on duty today.

😈Miss.. whiskey please.
💁Ok Sir. Would you like with water? Neat? Or on the rock?
😈 What do you mean on the rock?? Of coz ON THE TABLE la!!

My cousin sis laughed till her fellow flight attendant had to jab her in her ribs to shut her up. Lol



5d12c141-87fe-41c2-9031-d1ba3d19dd51-sophie_monsterWhen I was in Boracay, I was down with flu. Lucky thing I get passed the immigration because I had no fever. Phew.. actually I have been having sporadic coughs here and there before the trip.

After 1 day of basking in the sun.. swimming in the sea.. soaked in sea water without taking bath and had lunch.. went into air conditioned room.. elephant also will fall sick la. Ha ha

Since my friends cannot stand looking at me sneezing and snorting, they asked me to go to a pharmacy to buy myself flu medicine. I cannot simply take any medication because of my allergy towards paracetamol. Yes.. I will die if you give me a panadol.

Probably won’t die. Don’t be so dramatic. Most likely get the skin below and above my eyes swell up like Ultraman’s eyes. Yup.. like two salted eggs on my eyes instead of slices of cucumber.

So instead of listening to my gut feelings not to buy any flu medicine in foreign land… I went against my gut instinct and bought ibuprofen. There’s no mentioning of paracetamol in it… and for the life of me, I still don’t understand why I never asked for polaramine. The only medicine I take for flu.

I was in a hurry to go back to the room after buying the medicine. I just want to pop the pill and sleep my runny nose off!

The pharmacy didn’t tell me how many capsules to take so I decided to take one and wait for a few hours.. I was contemplating to take additional capsule before bed but thank God I decided against it.

2 hours later into sleep I feel my eyes began to itch a little. I opened my eyes and they were watery. Oh huh! It’s happening!

I ran into the washroom and saw the lower parts of my both eyes began to puff up slowly.

I was kicking myself for not listening to my gut instincts! I could see the swell was not that dramatic so I guess I could control it.

The last time this happened was probably 17 years ago. Both my eyes puffed up like salted eggs within an hour and they were red.

This time no redness but just swelling below the eyes.

My conscience told me to guzzle up gallons of water to flush it out. Thank God we bought 4L water bottle that evening. Otherwise.. imagine have to keep bolliling water!

So I kept drinking and drinking every 10 minutes and went to the loo every 30 minutes.

By the time I was about to sleep it was already 4 am. I had a fitful sleep due to going in out toilet again.. then was glad that the swell had gone down gradually.

I whatsapp my sis of my predicament a night after what happened so she told me to send her a selfie. Even after a day the swell didn’t go down completely. I looked like as if I cried the whole night.

So my sis showed my cousins my photo of eyes swelling and pranked them.

“You see.. she kena pukul in Boracay. Both eyes also bengkak di!”

My cousins actually believed my sister!!!

“Aiyah..she’s so kuai lan! Must be her nasty mouth la! That’s why she got beaten! Is she ok??”

Cilakak sis! Like that also can prank my cousins! Ha ha! Oh.. am I really that nasty?? Ha ha.