Dream Hunk

Had this vivid dream this morning. I met a very handsome rickshaw rider in Melaka. Of coz, the usual group of rickshaw riders are normally old people but not this guy.

Think of the six pack hunky men selling tau fu fa, durians and lemang. Ha ha. He belongs to that category.

To illustrate, he looked uncannily like this guy down here.

Yup. The younger and much more handsome version of Bruce Lee. This is Aarif Lee by the way. A Hong Kong actor. And his dad is a Malaysian! What a fine specimen!

He also starred in Empress of China alongside Fan Bingbing. Yup.. cougar and little lamb here. Ha ha

To cut the dream’s long story short, he is a bright person, articulate and we chatted like soulmates.

After the holiday, we went back to our reality lives. I was married to a black guy (who is a doctor by the way. Mimpi nak jadi isteri doktor la tu) and expecting his baby. Lol. That escalated quickly!

Then the handsome rickshaw rider appeared at my home doorstep and professed his undying love for me!

My doctor husband stared in disbelief. I swore to God I didn’t sleep with the rickshaw rider and ascertained the baby is his (the doctor). Drama!

My husband is a real gentleman. Instead of kick up a shit storm of fury, he calmly told me to choose. Him and baby. Or the hunky rickshaw rider who appears to be my soul mate?

Who would you choose?

Indecent Proposal


Had a weird and funny dream at the same time.

I was late for the airport. It’s 11 am and my flight was at 2 pm. I was still in my grandma’s house in my pajamas and not packed. So I quickly pack and headed to take a bath.

The bathroom was flooded!! Kuala Sepetang is quite notorious when it comes to flooding.

I didn’t care and went ahead anyway. It was really yucky!

Then I forgot to call a cab. So I went to take bus with 3 luggages in tow to go at a strategic area to take a cab!

I didn’t know how I ended up in Serdang! Then worrying I might not be able to find a cab, I quickly downloaded MyTeksi app. I was pleased that even in some kampong area… there’s still coverage. Lol.

The GPS went ballistic in MyTeksi app and a minute later I received a call.

πŸš• Hi! You need a cab?
πŸš• Ok. You don’t have to pay me. You just need to TT with me.
πŸš• No. PT.
πŸ‘― What PT??
πŸš• Pak thor! I send you to airport. Then you pak thor with me.
πŸ‘― WTF?? Believe me… if you see me.. you probably won’t be interested to pak thor with me.
πŸš• Like this arr…. ok. Sorry. No ride.

Well.. who ask me to be so honest even in dreams?

My mind went on overdrive mode to look for another taxi app. For the life of me, I couldn’t recall Uber. I was thinking . …Tuber? Cuber? Cannot think straight!

I was about to give up when a cab stopped for me.

πŸš–Miss … I apologize for my friend’s behavior! He shouldn’t have given you such indecent proposal! Come! Let me take you to the airport!
πŸ‘―Ok. Thanks!

Thankfully… even in dreams… I managed to reach my destination.

A Vivid Proposal

You appeared out of the blue after years of silence. This time, you looked different. Actually, you looked like your younger self. You have a head full of hair! I asked you what happened to you being bald? How did the hair grow back on your head?

You ignored my curiosity and looked deep into my eyes. Hey! I know it’s a little late but I want to marry you. So, please be prepared.

Prepare for what? I asked.

I will arrange for a meeting with your parents with my parents, to ask for your hand in marriage.

I was speechless. I really don’t know how to react.

I know you been wanting to be married to me for the longest time. So what are you waiting for?

You can’t just ask me to marry like this! I haven’t seen you for so long!

How do you want me to prove to you? That I am sincere in marrying you?

I got tongue tied. I honestly don’t know what to say. I am sure deep down inside my heart, I still have some feelings left for you. But that is not convincing enough for me to take the plunge.

You suddenly asked to be excused and left. A short while later, you came back with two bags of baby diapers and a few cans of milk powder.

You see, I know what you need. You need somebody who can be domesticated as you. I am domesticated. Just like you.

I didn’t know why but somehow I was touched. No fancy diamond ring. No kneeling on one knee. No romantic dinner. Just a very practical way on how a marriage life would be like.. after all the whirlwind romance or what not.

I just smiled and tears welled up in my eyes.

Ok. It is set then. So I see you on the 9th.

9th what? Next month? 9th October?

It was then, the clock alarm buzzed. I blinked my eyes open. Not again. Not another dream.

Don’t Let Go

We were walking hand in hand towards the roller coaster ride. It seemed odd because we never held hands before. You asked if it feels good. I said it feels really good indeed. You said, then don’t let go. I gripped harder into your left hand with my right hand. Our fingers intertwined. The warmth sent tingling sensation from the hand to shoulder to the heart and ended in the pit of my stomach. I wish this brief moment would never end.

Of Elephants and Meteorites

It is year 2042. The world is surrounded in water mass. There’s sparse land. Humans are made to live like nomads. As and when water beginning to deepen, they would have to move their houses on the back of the elephants to shallower waters. At times, the flood got so bad that elephants have to be chained together, hoping with their sheer weight alone, could assist to avoid from being swept away.

To add to the sufferings by the people, there’s also a threat of meteorites. They are coming in contact with earth numerous times and caused so much catastrophe. If you ask me, it’s all human’s doing – for not respecting Mother Earth as they should have.

There is a mission to go to the meteorites and blast them out before they hit the earth. I am summoned to be in one of the mission. Other groups have blasted their assigned meteorites and safely arrived back to earth, with the exception of my group. At the very last minute, the bomb decided to malfunction and we have to manually activate it. I couldn’t leave my partner alone in doing that, so I volunteered to stay with him till the bomb is activated and made a run to our space ship.

We are already in the space ship and the bomb behind us detonated. We could feel the heat of the bomb right behind us, even when we were in our space ship, on the race back to earth. Since our coordination of the space ship got altered due to the impact of the blast, we braced for a rough entrance into the earth’s ozone layer. It isn’t too bad as the earth ozone layer had thinned over the years, so we landed less tumultuously into the vast sea of blue.

Then there is a sudden breeze. A really cold breeze. I feel like going to the toilet. Then, I woke up.

Must be because of the anti histamine pills I am taking before sleep, due to some allergies to food. Oh boy! I woke up even more tired than before I go to bed.