No Country For Old Folks

I was having conversation with a friend yesterday on the passing on her grand aunt. The grand aunt died from complications due to chemotherapy for her breast cancer. She was 89.

I asked who cared for her during her last days. Thankfully she has a daughter. Like most Chinese, old folks tend to always prefer to stay with sons instead of daughters. So initially she wanted to stay with her son. Unfortunately the son married a bitch.

The son was having difficulties running his business and his wife is the sole breadwinner for his household. So he has no say when the wife refused to let his mom stays in his house to live her final days. Well, bitch, hope your kids learn from you when you are old and dying on where to put you before you join other bitches to rot in hell.

The son broke down and cried in front of his sister to beg her to take mom in. Of coz, the sister always willing to take the mother in. So the family cleared up a spare room to house the mom and she lived there with a broken heart till she dies 6 months later.

Another friend told me about his aunt, also cancer. The aunt had to confide in her sister (my friend’s mom) to get her to the hospital. She didn’t even inform her own children. Once she’s settled in the hospital, then only her sister contacted her children that their mom is in the hospital. Guess what? The daughter in law didn’t even show up to visit her own mother in law.

What is happening to the society now? What’s wrong with these people? They don’t even have a tiny bit of compassion in their hearts for the person who gave birth to their spouses? Well, whether you like it or not, you are fucking 50% of your mother in law genes in your husbands. Haha. Sorry. Can’t help but to think like that. Well, most of the times I don’t really bother about how one choose to live his or her life, but in this case… May karma comes swiftly and in full force upon you.


Today Maicsa students will be taking their final papers. Many years ago, I took Corporate Finance paper for the fifth and the last time. I was so desperate to pass this paper after so many attempts. This is probably the most difficult paper for me. Our lecturer said, Maicsa students had it the worst. What other people is doing in university for two years, we cramped it all in 4 months and then, a month later, we sat for a 3 hours exams. It’s do or die. So, I died 4 times. Haha. Barely scrap the 50% passing mark. It’s a highly notoriously difficult paper that sadly boast an average 5% passing throughout the world. Imagine, only 5% of the thousands of candidates will pass this paper at any one sitting.

The year I passed my CF, I think the passing percentage went up to 10%. It was a fairly moderate paper that sitting. I even managed to score a merit. Haha. All thanks to consistency and sheer hardwork. Not to mention the daily kneeling and praying to all the gods nearby my office. Would go and offer joss sticks and paper for the entire month before my exams. Even bought lucky crystal charms. Lol. The desperation is spilling over to the next realm.

Then, after passing exams, I offered fruits and cigarettes to the deities. What did I do with my professional degree? Sad to say, nothing fancy. Haha. See how life turns out even if you have a degree.

Well, honestly working life is not too bad. Could have gotten more out of it but am too coward to take risks..

OK.. Enough ranting. Here’s wishing all students of maicsa best of luck this week!

Showing Up

The past few weeks had been hectic. It seemed the grim reaper went on overdrive that so many people I know have their loved ones taken away from them.

After my sister’s father in law passed away, there were news of the passing of ex colleague’s mom, my tuition teacher’s mom and a travelling friend to Japan, her dad. All within two weeks.

Some were too far to pay respect so ended calling others who were there to give a little contribution. Those nearby ones, I tried to make time to attend the wake.

This friend who travelled to Japan with me back in 2015 was no more than an acquaintance. However, she was very generous to me and insisted on paying almost all snacks and drinks we had together. Her family background is well off and she actually works her ass off to what she has today.

Some people might think, just post a condolences notes on Facebook enough already la. After all, you don’t really know her/him that well.

I was tempted to just post a note on Facebook. But I thought to myself, people was a so nice to you.. Don’t you think it’s better if you can go pay respect personally given that it was a long weekend holiday and the wake is in KL.

So, I hauled my lazy ass out of my house, driving in the pouring rain on Monday night to go pay my final respect.

It proved to be a good move. I thought I would just go pay respect, give some contribution and make some small talk and leave. I ended chatting with her for an hour and also catching up with other traveling mates to Japan. She was truly touched by my gesture. We gave each other something money cannot buy. Our time.

I guess showing up in times of needs surpass all other things. We were mere acquaintance but now, a fresh relationship was forged.

The Inevitable

Today in office, I was privileged enough to be included in learning how to use automation anywhere software to write a bot to perform simple tasks. It’s quite an eye opening experience.

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a revolutionary method a company could use to run its business moving forward. With robots doing the mundane tasks which traditionally performed by humans, it frees up time for humans to do higher level tasks which needs human touch.

I just read an article that about self driven trucks to carry loads from point A to point B. Eventhough the commentator mentioned it is still at its infant stage, and probably still need manpower to do trucking for another 15 years or so, I believe robots will revolutionise every industry in the world. Heck. You can even get a robot as a companion now like in Japan!

I told my friend, I still have 17 years to go before retiring at 60. My friend said if I am lucky enough then I would probably still be able to keep my job. Haha. Guess have to move faster ahead of time. Human worker’s days are numbered. I shudder at the thought of the “Terminator” movie which seems impossible and far fetched eerily coming to life.

Good Morning

I used to get annoyed when people sent me WhatsApp message of good morning or good night every other day. I think I once block a friend because I feel it’s an unnecessary waste of bandwidth.

Then, my sister’s father in law passed away recently. While I was at his funeral, all his friends, physiotherapist, colleagues saying good things about him and one of the good things he did was just a simple message of good morning without fail to all his contacts ever since he got himself a smartphone.

Everyone was teary and sad when they no longer receive his good morning message on Monday morning because he had passed away.

This story stumped me for a moment. A harmless and sincere wish which annoys me so much could be the last message I would receive from the other person before he or she moved on to the afterlife.

I felt so ashamed for being so intolerant over a sweet and harmless gesture. It made me think why am I so heartless not to acknowledge a sincere greeting from a friend or acquaintance.. They think about you and have all the good intentions in the world by wishing you good morning and have a delightful day ahead.

My heart bleed at the thought. I will cherish every good greetings from the people I care about from this point forward.