What Do We Have Here?

Democracy is Dead?

I guess everyone’s shocked with the shit going on in the country at the moment. As if the economy is not bad enough… and with the Covid-19 pandemic, some idiots still wanna add on oil to the already huge fire. Most rakyat are already fighting losing battle against these fires and yet, the idiots we elected to “lead” us, shit on us! I am quite pissed but somehow, not as pissed as I thought I would be. I guess, we have no choice right? We need a 95 year old to lead us out of this crisis. In a country of 7 million people, we cannot find his replacement. I am in awe of him. He has been my Prime MInister for as long as I remember, ever since I started schooling in 1981. That was the year he was elected as PM. As a kid till up to year 2000, I thought he’s the only PM and will live forever. Haha. As I became an adult, I began to discern and there are lotsa things he did that I am not too happy with. But I guess generally, he did some good for the country. Well, whatever it may unfold… as long as the past regime do not return, I will be happy with it.. otherwise.. I think better marry an old farmer in New Zealand la.


I keep having weird dreams the past few months. I missed dreamless and restful nights. Not too sure if it stems from my daily worries or activities… but…I always wake up feeling utterly exhausted. I remember a herb seller in Jeju said, this could be caused by liver problem. I hope it’s not…

Anyway, speaking of dreams, I have this ex colleague who suddenly message me out of the blue and said,

How are you la? I dreamt you asked me to meet you at Mercedes car show room. When I arrived, you showed me your new Merc you bought. Then in your new car, you drove me to your new bungalow house that you are building.

Anyway, meet up soon la. It has been awhile. Let me know if you can yum cha one of these days ya 😁”

Wah…this is probably the FIRST TIME A MAN DREAMED OF ME. Scratch that… SECOND TIME A MAN DREAMED OF ME AND BOTHER TO TELL ME. Lol. Well, I may not be a woman of your dreams… but if a guy dream about me, I will take it anytime lah. Lol.

We will meeting this coming Monday. No.. not of romantic interest unfortunately. He’s way too young… Haha. I am not a cradle snatcher… haha.

Stinky Spot

I was lying in bed and cuddling with my dear Ern Ern and I smelled her hair.

Me: Wah.. so stinky one. You have one stinky spot you always missed washing!

Ern: Yi, if I ever have babies, will my babies have stinky hair too?

Me: Yes they will! Because you will miss a spot in their heads too and they will smell like you!

Great Day Out


Ernie getting henna done at Amcorp Mall. She insisted since it’s school holiday now.


All done in less than 5 minutes. Quite impressive!


Taking the kids out for a swim at friend’s condo. What a lovely children’s pool.

Fever Drama

The weather is really crazy. The days are mostly too sunny and hot. Heat is relentless. I couldn’t even keep my eyes open when driving. Many people got sick. I got sick too. The two children in my house are sick as well.

The little baby is having runny nose. It all started from her. Then Ern Ern got under the weather followed by her mom and then me.

Hopefully everyone will get well soon.

I got home yesterday and saw Ern Ern lying on the sofa. Her temperature was really high and she refused to take medicine. My mom was at wits end. I tried to cajole her into taking her medicine but failed.

“Why is this family so horrible?”
“I don’t like this horrid family!”
“You made me lose sense of self!

Can you imagine these were the words that came out from a 4+ year old girl’s mouth when I forced fed her fever medicine.

Super drama queen.

I better check what books she has been reading to come up with such sentences.

I am a drama queen too. So I said to her…

“If you don’t take your medication, your fever got higher.. you will die! You know??? DIE! D-I-E!”

Random Notes

Chilaxing at Work

Ah .. sleepy right after lunch. Don’t we all after a heavy lunch in the hot, sveltering afternoon sun. To add more nuahness in me, ALL bosses are away for weekend conference! You can literally hear a paper clip drop. It’s so damn quiet now in office, aside from sounds from the air conditioner that much needed cleaning.. and the keypad tapping on my phone updating dayre.

Wish every Friday is this quiet so I could have a relaxing weekend off! Sometimes I get calls on weekends to book this & that.

Ern Ern’s Drive Home

Today am on duty to fetch my niece Ern Ern home.

Ern: Today Kavadesh and Iskandar fighting to be my friend. I said to them, “I friend two of you! Two! Two! But they keep on fighting!”

Me: Aiyo! Then how about Nicholas? Did he fight too?

Ern: No. He just sit there and think of me.

Really dumbfounded!

She went home and repeat same story. But this time she told her grandma, “They fight because they love me!”

A bit of an exaggerator this little rascal!

Ballet & Tortoise

While driving Ern Ern to ballet class, trying to reverse car out from the house …

Me: Damn it! Can drive faster or not!? Idiot! Ooppps…

Ern: Why you call people idiot?

Me: Sorry.. sorry.. but the fella too slow liao!

Ern: Tortoise is slow too… tortoise also idiot?

Me: …..*speechless

It’s really challenging not to swear while driving the little rascal. I will try to behave better next time.