Mild Stroke

On 1st May 2018, as all of us busy with our plans to spend the day off, suddenly my father couldn’t move his left leg. He said he woke up at 3 am and want to go to the toilet but he couldn’t move. He managed to reach the potty in his room to relieve himself. We didn’t know about his numb leg till around 9 am. He didn’t tell anyone of us. When we found out he had problems moving his legs, we thought of nothing but to go and get him a four-legged walker cane.

My brother in law’s father suffered an accident a few years ago which paralyzed him from neck down. Thank goodness his surgery went on smoothly and 4 years down the road, he managed to regain mobility about 70%, which is a miracle! So the father was shocked to find out that my father couldn’t move his legs. He said it might be a stroke, as he just suffered a stroke sometime last year and it started with numbness in one leg, then weakened leg and then, losing mobility.

We didn’t waste time sending him to our family doctor for confirmation. My brother in law’s dad was right. The family doctor suspected mild stroke and wrote us a referral letter and asked us to send him to the hospital immediately. We immediately send him to the hospital nearby our house, which is Selayang Hospital. Sis and bro in law gotta cancel their outing plan with their friends and spent the whole May Day at the hospital. It was a good thing that, it was a public holiday and all of us were home when this happened, otherwise, I guess the worst would have happened.

Today, I took leave as my sis couldn’t with her work commitments, so, I took the turn to take care of the elderly folk. He is being his naggy and stubborn self which made it all so annoying to take care of him. Sigh. I hope this episode would changed his minds about eating healthy and living a healthier lifestyle.

I am glad to say that, his stroke was considered mild and the doctor discharged him after one night of observation in the hospital. He is scheduled to be examined again mid of June.

Well, health is indeed important. We will never know what kind of crap we will be subject to now or later on in life, but we just have to try our best to stay healthy.

Sunday Cookout

02 Aug
Made some ham and cheese bread. Thinking of other ways of shaping the dough but somehow this shape sort of set the precedent for me. So stuck to using this method.

This time I used the method from Breadmaker Secret Recipe Group from FB. They called it sunny bread by Mandy Ng.


130g water
20g vegetable oil
1 egg
250g flour
50g sugar
20g milk powder
3g salt
3g yeast

Put wet ingredients first into the breadmaker followed by dry ingredients. In fact, just follow the above sequence.

When the ingredients were mixing, I found the dough a little too wet. So I added some more flour. About 50g. I think probably the egg I used was too big? Or perhaps I used olive oil instead vegetable oil? Not too sure. But the dough turns out alright. Phew!

02 Aug-1
Now.. cousin brother is cooking nasi lemak for the family. Gone la. How many times I eat nasi lemak this week alone.

Special kapitan chicken on the list. Yum yum. Eat first .. think later.

02 Aug-2

Early dinner today. Cousin brother cooked this from 1.30 pm to 5 pm single handedly from scratch.


Got home to these mini macarons from Laduree Paris. Cousin sis returned after spending 26 wonderful days in Europe. Thanks cuz! My favorite flavor Praline not in I settled for salted caramel instead. Pistachio and Rose.

Who ate the Marie Antoinette’s??? I wanted to try that!

Then from my house entrance, I caught a whiff of durians. YES!! After seeing so many friends posted photos of durians on FB.. I really craved for it!

4 bijik! All for me! Muahahaha! I think there were total 8. Some have been eaten by my family. I straight away wallop 3 pieces before dinner.

Since I have some euro left from my previous trip to Paris, I gave it to my cousin sis snd she bought me this weekender bag to match my recent Cath Kidston’s sling bag of the same pattern! All matchy matchy!

I better stop buying bags now… oh no.. there’s another Radley on the way to me I bought online. What’s with my shopping spree ah?

Piranhas’ Family


Went out to celebrate sis’ bday at Fatt Kee Kepong yesterday night.

As we went in separate cars, my cousins decided to stop by Desa Park City to pack a birthday cake for my sis.

I told my sis to order dishes. We should reach before the dishes are served.

When we arrived, my mom and aunts and uncle already started to stuff their faces. I asked my sis if she ordered enough since I only see 3 dishes on the table.

She said she order 6 large dishes and the captain stopped her and told her it should be enough.

My sis forgotten meh? This family is like a bunch of piranhas. Once the dish touches the lazy Susan.. it would take only a minute for the family to gobble it up. Lol

I chided her for ordering so little. I didn’t even get to eat the tofu dish!

So we reorder the vegetables.. then add on 3 more dishes to make up 10 dishes!

I told her, if there are 10 of us, we order AT LEAST 9 dishes! There were 11 of us yesterday minus Ern Ern and baby Peggy… so she should have ordered 10 dishes. Ha ha ha.

After the 9th dish, we were already stuffed. Initially we wanted to go for dim sum after dinner but the 10th dish made us changed our minds. Lol

Quite delicious food last night. Perhaps tonight they will go again because my mom enjoys the assam fish.