Concerts Stories

I had a blast last night at Jacky Cheung’s Classic Tour 2018. This is probably my 5th time attending a concert. I don’t really like crowded places.. But just for the sake of getting out from my comfort zone and trying something new or different, I went along with my colleague who managed to score a ticket for me too. I didn’t regret one bit.

It was magical. The stage was beautifully lit and visual was amazing. And the star himself still has his charisma and talent to entertain. He’s a seriously great entertainer.

Going to concert made me think of the previous concerts I went. I don’t really remember much about the concerts I went (except Adam Lambert’s) but event leading to it or after the concert was rather memorable.

Reggae Sunsplash 1996

I remember getting some free tickets to watch Reggae. Well being poor college students, we didn’t have much choice right? So I gathered my courage to ask a guy out. Haha. He actually said yes but with one condition. I had to find a motorbike because his bike was too old and rickety to travel all the way to Shah Alam from Setapak.

I pleaded with my housemate. Of coz, he was really nice to lend it to me. He said, for my happiness, he would do it. Haha. So kind of him.

I wore my best t shirt. I think it was a green Nike shirt and my only Levi’s jeans, folded neatly at the hem ala Zainal Abidin style. Haha.

First time on the motorbike with a guy… I really liked. I was not too sure where to put my hands. At the back? I worry I might fall off the bik. Err.. Hold onto his waist? Hold onto his shoulders? I actually asked him where should I put my arms. He said, it’s OK for me to be hold onto his waist. My heart pulse was racing hard and I hoped it didn’t hop out of my mouth.

The weather seemed OK until half way towards Shah Alam. It rained cats and dogs. We managed to stop underneath a bridge to shelter ourselves from the rain. We laughed because it was awkward looking at each other in silence.

When the rain starting to pour lighter, we decided to go on our way. He gave me the full faced helmet and also the one rain coat we had. I told him to have it because he’s in front. He needed it more than me. I could just hide my face behind him. After persuading him to have it, he relented.

I curled myself behind him and hid my face at his back because the rain drops felt like rocks cutting at your skin when you go on it even if it’s only 60kmph. He smelled of rain, musky, perhaps his cologne and I wished the ride would never end.

We arrived at the concert, half wet half excited. Wait a minute. This sentence doesn’t sound right. Haha.

Anyway, the concert was blurred… I don’t remember any singers except they were all Jamaicans.. And we held hand in the rain (it was upon instruction by the artists) lol.

The way home was better. It was cold because it was night time. I just took the advantage to hug him tighter and wished the journey was longer.

The Grasshopper 1998

We scored some tickets because we have a friend who supplies audio system to Genting. Grasshopper was the artist but I guess they were not as popular as yesteryears. Quite sad to see they tried to get the crowd excited but nobody seemed to give a crap. Haha.

The PA system guy was really into my friend so he actually gave her 10 tickets front row to her and brought all of us to Genting. The poor guy didn’t manage to woo her heart though. I think he’s quite an OK guy. Unfortunately she let him go.

Scorpion 2004

I was given two tickets by the late TV Smith. He told me to bring a friend. I brought Cindy along. A friend from my part time job as market researcher.

She laughed the moment she reached our dinner place. I was there earlier with TV and his two policemen friends and Jeff Ooi in Petaling Street.

She could not help it but she kept laughing and at loss of words. I asked what’s wrong with her. She kept giggling and whispered in my ears. What are you doing with a bunch of old men? Lol. Come to think of it, I seriously have balls to go out with strangers, policemen some more. Lol.

One of the policemen said to me, I looked familiar. Later he would go back to the balai to check my mug shots. I told him I didn’t even commit any crimes at all, not even a single traffic offence. He laughed at me being panicked and asked me to go on eating or drinking. I think I didn’t eat or drink at all that evening and Cindy still didn’t stop laughing.

You may read my experience Scorpion 2004. Rip, TV.

Super Hot

Went out in the freaking afternoon sun to buy lunch. Walao. Almost melted in a puddle of sweat. Couldn’t manage to locate the pisang goreng chocolate cheese stall. Should have asked my friend earlier. Apparently I bought the pisang goreng from the right stall. Just that I didn’t ask for chocolate and cheese so the seller didn’t put for me. 🙄🙄🙄

I guess can try buying the next time. Will go when it’s less hot. The weather I mean.

Ended buying nasi kerabu with ayam masak merah and salted egg. Best. The cook is from Kelantan. So I guess this is as authentic as you can get. This set me back rm8. The keropok is rm2.

Sent a cake to a friend for his birthday. It was intended to be sent to his office but his wife told me, he will not be in office today. Thank goodness the people in Eat Cake Today are wonderful!! Managed to change delivery address last minute. This is what customer service is all about!

Didn’t mean for his mom to look at the card… what more his young daughter. Lol. Sorry aunty. Sorry ah girl.

Aman Dusun Orchard & Farm Retreat Day 2

Day 2, 12th March 2017

We woke up automatically as I guess we are all used to waking up early for work. These old bones and bodies already accustomed to a fixed waking up and sleeping time. I woke up earlier” as I sent MQ to her car. She’s rushing back to KL for her weekend class and left the farm at 6.45 am.

JpegCooling misty morning

Ris, the owner dropped by our chalet the night before and spoke to us briefly on the history of Hulu Langat. She asked us where did we have our dinner? Are we just eating junk food only for dinner? We told her, we went to a restaurant nearby. She said, the place is now called Kampung Macau. I asked if there’s a casino? She said, there might be. Haha. Anyway, earlier, most Chinese stay at 18th km along the Hulu Langat stretch. However, many years ago, the place was burnt down in a fiery inferno. So the government decided to resettled the residents to the 14th km. Aman Dusun is situated at 16th km.

She said a few more things but now I couldn’t recall most of it. Haha. So now, we were booked for 8 am, to go to see how they milk the goats. Initially, the gang was rather reluctant to wake up this early to go to see milking and almost decided against it and preferred to sleep in. Luckily, Ris came over and changed their minds the night before.

JpegWonderful sun rays and beams

So when it was almost 8 am, everyone was looking at each other and asked, what are we waiting for? I said, “Oh, give me a few seconds. I need to take my high blood pressure medication.” Then only, the other two went,“Ohhhh! Me too! I need to take medication!” Hahahaha. Going out with people your age does come with this benefit. We reminded each other to take our prescriptions. Haha.

AD Blog 09Milking goat in progress

We walked up to the entrance to meet Ris, near the aviary area. It’s a new segment for the little farm. She said, they put the guinea fowls in the pen for a few months for conditioning. After that, they will let go the birds free and they would return back to the pen in the evening to feed.

1-P1150364-001Some of the ornaments around the area

Ris explained to us how the farm works and the goats they have which are only milking goats. Previously, she also reared meat goats but it was too much work, so she reduce the size of her herd for easier management. It was a good and educational tour.

1-P1150322-001I simply love this photo of perfect love and happiness

After that, we were treated with a spread of breakfast yummies such as nasi lemak,roti canai, cempedak goreng and of coz, their farm best offer, fresh goat’s milk. It totally has NO “goaty” smell! Too bad we didn’t ask to buy goat’s milk to bring with us home. What a waste!

I googled on why goat’s milk has this distinct smell in their milk but was educated that, if you want to keep the goat’s milk away from the usual odour, you gotta separate the females from the males. Whenever males are around, the females would release pheromones to attract the males to mate. I guess that’s why here, they only get to mate probably once every 5 months (gestation  duration for goats) and after that, the does will be kept away from the billy goats.

JpegRoti canai with dhal and curry

JpegSpread of breakfast


Perfect fresh goat’s milk

We took a final dip in the pool before checking out. It was indeed a truly relaxing trip!

Here’s the particulars of this awesome place:

Aman Dusun Orchard & Farm Retreat

Lot 1173, Batu 16
Dusun Tua
43100, Hulu Langat
(see map)

phone: 012-3950503 (Ris)
fax: 03-42513545

Chores & Gathering

Just woke up around noon time. Almost couldn’t wake up but my phone messages were beeping non stop. I dreaded it might be a work phone call from boss. Prayed that wasn’t. Prayers answered.

Cousin sis is in Sydney right now and said she has bought ham and cheese. Told me to get my ass up and be ready to bake her some ham and cheese rolls tomorrow. What a glutton!

This is how a pile of laundry to fold just for one day in a household of 7 adults and 2 children. Endless chores.

I started the day late at noon. Ate breakfast/lunch in record time. Pop my hypertension pills and fish oil and started house chores.

In almost 3 hours, I managed to sweep and mop the floor upstairs and downstairs. Sweep 1x mop 2x. Followed by mopping with floor sheet wiper to get all the falling hair.

Word of advice. If you shed a lot of hair, it’s best to have this brown colored tiles. You couldn’t see the dirt on your floor and you can just wipe the hair off weekly instead of everyday!

Put another basket of laundry of baby’s clothes into the washing machine while mopping floor. In 30 minutes, dry the clothes. Ate second time lunch and now head off to shower.

I better not watch movies till wee hours in the morning to avoid waking up at noon tomorrow!

This little piglet went home for the long weekend liao. Her mom and dad had the Raya holidays off till Sunday so decided to take her home. Good luck! Not easy to take care of this boisterous baby. Was betting with my mom the parents probably will send her back tonight. Lol.

Mom said at least will tahan one night la. Ok la. Bet is onnnzzz!

Look at the food spread today! We had a potluck party at Jeff’s. As usual, we over did it. This is for 7 people. I brought my favorite.. the minced meatballs with potatoes and carrots.

There! Closed up of the meatballs.. or rather meat patties with potatoes and carrots. It taste better if it’s pork. But our birthday girl doesn’t like pork so my mom used minced chicken breast meat.

Nobody will say no to Lau Heong’s nam yue fried chicken! So these were all snapped up!

Lau Heong dishes will not be complete without the curry stingray. Hence, Alex over ordered this.. with extra tau pok.

This is home made nasi himpit. To go with home made kuah kacang!

Delicious kuah kacang. For a moment I thought it’s a yellow guacamole. Ha ha

Raya won’t be complete without lemang and acar buah.

It was a good makan day!

Note: I won the bet. Little piglet came home at 9 pm because she cried her eye balls out. Ha ha ha.

Kuala Sepetang Pictorial

Took a morning stroll along the fishing village in Port Weld, Taiping, Perak.

Glorious morning. Fishermen returning from their morning catch.

Quiet lane along the fishing village.

A good dog’s life here. Stray dogs aplenty.

Calm waters today. Lovely reflection.

Morning sun. Hot and glaring.

Relaxing night life.. and also gambling to past times. This photo was taken last night.

Durians brunch today. You won’t believe the price for these kampung durians! Only Rm28 for 24!