Fake Heat

Been coughing for more than a week and I tried all kinds of remedy to have a good night sleep.

Glad to say the remedy is working. Now am not sure if it’s the coke, the Indian borage leaves, the gui lin kou.. Am glad the cough finally subsided.

My colleague said sometimes it’s fake “heat” due to lack of sleep. I guess it’s true because I have been watching Chinese drama the Empress of China till late at night. Haha.

Sometimes when I was watching the show, I wish to be cast as one of the Palace maid who help the young emperor to dress up or just the one who helped him to his bed when he’s drunk. Lol. Aarif Lee is so gorgeous!!!

Gall Bladder Cleansing


So happened I was thinking of doing gall bladder flushing again, I saw these at the Gardens Mid Valley. Be Just Life Organics are actually selling the package for about RM239+

I like eating natural green apples.. not. How do I get through it is by blending the apples into juice.. and eat it together with all its skins and fibre.


This is definitely the gall bladder flushing ingredients. I am not too sure how this bottled lemon taste like but based on my own experience, it’s better to squeeze fresh lemons to mix with olive oil. It taste like salad dressing. Using fresh lemons actually made it tasty like salad dressing.

I will never forget the Cosway “natural” lemon juice with no artificial coloring or flavouring… I ended using the remaining of the juice to wash dishes!