Concerts Stories

I had a blast last night at Jacky Cheung’s Classic Tour 2018. This is probably my 5th time attending a concert. I don’t really like crowded places.. But just for the sake of getting out from my comfort zone and trying something new or different, I went along with my colleague who managed to score a ticket for me too. I didn’t regret one bit.

It was magical. The stage was beautifully lit and visual was amazing. And the star himself still has his charisma and talent to entertain. He’s a seriously great entertainer.

Going to concert made me think of the previous concerts I went. I don’t really remember much about the concerts I went (except Adam Lambert’s) but event leading to it or after the concert was rather memorable.

Reggae Sunsplash 1996

I remember getting some free tickets to watch Reggae. Well being poor college students, we didn’t have much choice right? So I gathered my courage to ask a guy out. Haha. He actually said yes but with one condition. I had to find a motorbike because his bike was too old and rickety to travel all the way to Shah Alam from Setapak.

I pleaded with my housemate. Of coz, he was really nice to lend it to me. He said, for my happiness, he would do it. Haha. So kind of him.

I wore my best t shirt. I think it was a green Nike shirt and my only Levi’s jeans, folded neatly at the hem ala Zainal Abidin style. Haha.

First time on the motorbike with a guy… I really liked. I was not too sure where to put my hands. At the back? I worry I might fall off the bik. Err.. Hold onto his waist? Hold onto his shoulders? I actually asked him where should I put my arms. He said, it’s OK for me to be hold onto his waist. My heart pulse was racing hard and I hoped it didn’t hop out of my mouth.

The weather seemed OK until half way towards Shah Alam. It rained cats and dogs. We managed to stop underneath a bridge to shelter ourselves from the rain. We laughed because it was awkward looking at each other in silence.

When the rain starting to pour lighter, we decided to go on our way. He gave me the full faced helmet and also the one rain coat we had. I told him to have it because he’s in front. He needed it more than me. I could just hide my face behind him. After persuading him to have it, he relented.

I curled myself behind him and hid my face at his back because the rain drops felt like rocks cutting at your skin when you go on it even if it’s only 60kmph. He smelled of rain, musky, perhaps his cologne and I wished the ride would never end.

We arrived at the concert, half wet half excited. Wait a minute. This sentence doesn’t sound right. Haha.

Anyway, the concert was blurred… I don’t remember any singers except they were all Jamaicans.. And we held hand in the rain (it was upon instruction by the artists) lol.

The way home was better. It was cold because it was night time. I just took the advantage to hug him tighter and wished the journey was longer.

The Grasshopper 1998

We scored some tickets because we have a friend who supplies audio system to Genting. Grasshopper was the artist but I guess they were not as popular as yesteryears. Quite sad to see they tried to get the crowd excited but nobody seemed to give a crap. Haha.

The PA system guy was really into my friend so he actually gave her 10 tickets front row to her and brought all of us to Genting. The poor guy didn’t manage to woo her heart though. I think he’s quite an OK guy. Unfortunately she let him go.

Scorpion 2004

I was given two tickets by the late TV Smith. He told me to bring a friend. I brought Cindy along. A friend from my part time job as market researcher.

She laughed the moment she reached our dinner place. I was there earlier with TV and his two policemen friends and Jeff Ooi in Petaling Street.

She could not help it but she kept laughing and at loss of words. I asked what’s wrong with her. She kept giggling and whispered in my ears. What are you doing with a bunch of old men? Lol. Come to think of it, I seriously have balls to go out with strangers, policemen some more. Lol.

One of the policemen said to me, I looked familiar. Later he would go back to the balai to check my mug shots. I told him I didn’t even commit any crimes at all, not even a single traffic offence. He laughed at me being panicked and asked me to go on eating or drinking. I think I didn’t eat or drink at all that evening and Cindy still didn’t stop laughing.

You may read my experience Scorpion 2004. Rip, TV.

Fake Heat

Been coughing for more than a week and I tried all kinds of remedy to have a good night sleep.

Glad to say the remedy is working. Now am not sure if it’s the coke, the Indian borage leaves, the gui lin kou.. Am glad the cough finally subsided.

My colleague said sometimes it’s fake “heat” due to lack of sleep. I guess it’s true because I have been watching Chinese drama the Empress of China till late at night. Haha.

Sometimes when I was watching the show, I wish to be cast as one of the Palace maid who help the young emperor to dress up or just the one who helped him to his bed when he’s drunk. Lol. Aarif Lee is so gorgeous!!!

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

13 Aug
Pic from Saltosystems.

Finally managed to catch Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.

Was already surprised with the real stunt clinging on the plane at the beginning of the movie.

I was like… wtf? The epic scene at the beginning?? It better ge greater than that throughout the movie!

No disappointment though. The whole movie kept my toes curl and my fingers in fists.

One thing though.. his floral shirt.. and long hair with the sunglasses in some scenes made him looked like Bruce Jenner at some angles.

Oh HORROR! 😱😱😱😱

13 Aug-1
Pic from Google

See the floral baju..

Sorry ah @kimberzilla . Talk about your other husband like that. Ha ha Just my two cents la.

Age is creeping up on Tom Cruise. He still looks great at his age though!

Still remember his first MI. I guess will go rewatch his first MI on Kodi tonight.

13 Aug
This morning there’s an interview. The candidate came early but spent 30 minutes to fill up the application form.Wah.. apply for CEO meh?

So I checked with the receptionist. Where is the candidate? Still in the conference room. Can you please check if he completed the form?

Apparently he did some 20 mins ago but sat there like a dungu.

Can’t blame him. Maybe the sickly HR personnel (the one with red hoodie all the time) didn’t inform him to go to level 1 after completing the form.

When he arrived at my floor, I saw him at the lobby. Told him to wait another 5 mins for another boss to arrive.

When the other boss came, HR signalled him to go to my boss’ room.
Then, one of our female colleagues walked past him. He stared at her and almost walked into the glass panel. Lol.

Am going to tease my female colleague on this for weeks!

Seahum Story & Hantaran Kahwin

How could one resist this oily and spicy nasi lemak with kerang and fried egg?? Speaking of seahum.. it’s indeed sad that there is a major shortage and soon, we will not have anymore seahum to eat.. due to changes in the waters. I was told that there are presence of other species of mussels which fed on cockles which caused production to plummet. Fellow fishermen has reported this to the fisheries dept but the dept has yet to come up with a report to determine what went wrong.

Cockles are actually bred by sowing baby cockles into seabed and harvested after a few months. One handful of baby cockles costs Rm10k and above. But of coz returns are rather good. It’s a lucrative business. I guess now it will be a thing of the past.

Damn crazy queue today at nasi lemak stall that I frequent. Must be the month long wait. This year, there seem to be many sudden sprout of nasi lemak stalls around my area. On my way to office which is less than 3 km, there are at least 9 stalls! And I have only tried 3. Out of the 3, I still go back to the same stall the past 9 years.


Yesterday my colleagues went to attend a funeral of another colleague’s mom and these are what they return with.

Since the funeral was in Ipoh, these gluttons “soon pin” went on a makan trip!

They had delicious hor fun in the morning. Went to send off the coffin.. then went to eat taugeh chicken! I tell you arrhh….

Two colleagues actually bought things for me at the same time and I ended having 30 pieces of meat floss and lotus paste puffs!

There’s also a pomelo and a box of salted chicken. I heard from another colleague that this colleague who bought me things as if I lived with 30 people in my house spent his last Rm24 on two pomelos. Crazy fella!

I was telling my friends if this package included “lou por peng”, it would be mistaken as hantaran kahwin. Lol

You would have thought… oh won’t they get into so much trouble with HR when they get back?

They won’t… coz HR head was in the same cahoot as them! Lol. There were other dept heads as well. So.. if one head rolls, the other heads follow. Ha ha

Dream Hunk

Had this vivid dream this morning. I met a very handsome rickshaw rider in Melaka. Of coz, the usual group of rickshaw riders are normally old people but not this guy.

Think of the six pack hunky men selling tau fu fa, durians and lemang. Ha ha. He belongs to that category.

To illustrate, he looked uncannily like this guy down here.

Yup. The younger and much more handsome version of Bruce Lee. This is Aarif Lee by the way. A Hong Kong actor. And his dad is a Malaysian! What a fine specimen!

He also starred in Empress of China alongside Fan Bingbing. Yup.. cougar and little lamb here. Ha ha

To cut the dream’s long story short, he is a bright person, articulate and we chatted like soulmates.

After the holiday, we went back to our reality lives. I was married to a black guy (who is a doctor by the way. Mimpi nak jadi isteri doktor la tu) and expecting his baby. Lol. That escalated quickly!

Then the handsome rickshaw rider appeared at my home doorstep and professed his undying love for me!

My doctor husband stared in disbelief. I swore to God I didn’t sleep with the rickshaw rider and ascertained the baby is his (the doctor). Drama!

My husband is a real gentleman. Instead of kick up a shit storm of fury, he calmly told me to choose. Him and baby. Or the hunky rickshaw rider who appears to be my soul mate?

Who would you choose?