Best Employee?

I thought I gotta record this down for today.

Received Top 10 Best Employees Award for 2014💪💪💪👍👍👍

Ha ha! No easy feat considering there are quite a few awesome contenders.

Been slogging in the same company for almost 10 years. Glad my efforts reap some recognition and appreciation.

Guess gotta work smarter now and no more slacking!


Am on Hindi movies binge. Can’t believe I missed this one! It’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Yes, also starring Farhan Akhtar, the same guy in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. This movie is about 3 best friends who traveled around Spain for one of the boys’ bachelor party. But there were things happening along the way that alter their lives’ path. Very meaningful movie. Things are not as simple as you think they maybe and not as difficult as you might assume. I love the poetry towards the end of the movie.

When clouds of pain looms in the sky
When shadow of sadness flickers by
When a tear finds its way to the eye
When fear keeps the loneliness alive
I try & console my heart
Why is it that you cry? I ask
This is only what life imparts
These deep silences within
Have been handed out to all by time
Everyone’s story has little sorrow
Everyone’s story has a little sunshine
No need for water in your eyes
Every moment can be a new life
Why do you let them pass you by
Oh heart, why is it that you cry?

A friend once told me Hindi is the most beautiful language in the world. Now I believe him. I Google and found that the poetry is written by Javed Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar’s father who is a well known film writer, poet, lyricist.. I guess talent runs in the family!

Another poetry by Mr Javed Akhtar from the movie …

If you’re carrying eagerness in your heart
You are alive
If you’re carrying the lightning of your dreams in your eyes
You are alive
Like a gust of wind, learn to live free
Learn to flow like the waves that make a sea
Let your arms be open wide
To every moment you meet
May every moment gives you a new sight to greet
If you are carrying your wonder in your eyes
You are alive

Evil Spirits

I do not particularly believe in evil spirits but, I guess the past two months’ events had sort of shed some light or darkness, if you prefer, into my perspective.

A friend was renting out her apartment to two ladies for over 2.5 years and they had been great tenants. Paying rental on time, and there was not much issues in dealing with them till this year’s Chinese new year. Her maintenance office called her to inform her that, her two tenants who just came back from CNY holidays suddenly behaved strangely. There was a huge commotion in the house and suddenly, one of the girls ran out from the house and almost got hit by a passing van! Luckily the neighbours managed to save them and keep them safe till the police came. They sent one of them to the hospital – the one that almost got hit by a van. The other girl, has bruises all over her body but she could not recollect what happened to her. A grocer who operates a grocery shop opposite her unit told my friend that, the two girls went berserk and shouting at each other. They looked possessed.

Then, yesterday, the two boys my mom baby sat previously, came crying to our house. Their dad called my mom to ask for permission to send the two to our house. He didn’t sound too good either. We thought it was the normal domestic spat again. But this time, it was even more serious. The two boys bursting into tears and told us, their mom couldn’t recognize them anymore. Apparently, the mom was found hiding under the table in the morning and their dad went to get her out. She didn’t want to come out so the father dragged her out. She was tossing and screaming away. When the two boys approached her to calm her down, she couldn’t recognize them. And asked them, “WHO ARE YOU?” It’s obvious she had been possessed.

In the rainy afternoon yesterday, with dark and gloomy skies, they hired a medium to exorcise the spirit. They found out that it was a spirit of a beheaded woman. She refused to let go of the boys’ mother. I think somehow perseverance paid off. After a few hours of praying, the evil spirit left. The mom regained herself but she couldn’t remember what happened.

This gave me sleepless night. I will definitely say a prayer for her and the boys. Dealing with evil spirits is not a joke. I guess they do exist and we should not take them lightly.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Just finished making some fatt gous or huat ge, if you prefer. Still using the same old pumpkin recipe! I wish I had gotten a bigger paper cup so that, the huat ge will look more “prosperous”. Haha.

I had a bad attempt in making nin gous on Wednesday night. Perhaps, I was just over confident? The caramelized sugar isn’t up to expectations, sort of dampen the mood to make proper nin gou. So, ended throwing 3 pairs of fish into the dustbin. I find, it’s not because of the “pantang larang” in making nin gou – like, nobody supposed to make noise, there shouldn’t be any disruption when you are making nin gou – even if somebody ring your door bell, you’re screwed… that sort of thing.. but I think it’s more towards your own mood. If you are in a good mood, your nin gous would turn up ok.. otherwise, better not make anything, if you are in a foul mood. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, so probably that’s why it affected my mood. Anyway, never say die! So, I calmed down on Thursday night, laid down on my bed for a few minutes before I went downstairs to start making nin gou. It worked! So… it’s good to keep calm at all times! And also, I discover, it’s best to use the correct proportion of flour to sugar – they must be equal. Then, you would get a good nin gou!

Things were not that smooth in office either. For some reason, my boss mistaken the questions I asked were from me. Actually, most staff wanted to know the affirmative answer to an issue but somehow, the management couldn’t give them black and white answer. So, I was merely conveying a message from the staff but got scolded instead. This is not good! This is probably the first time, I’ve seen my boss this mad – at me. In so many years of working here, he never once chided me for anything. So lesson learned. If colleagues wanted to know anything in future, they can all ask him themselves. Am not going to get myself entangled in this senseless mess! It sort of made me fucking pissed the whole day today but then, I got home.. and I calm myself down. It’s good to keep yourself out of shit which do not stink you!

Hopefully, this is the end of my series of bad luck this week.. and also end of the Dragon year. It wasn’t that smooth sailing year but I guess it’s good that, I am still healthy (I think!) and despite all the arguments, the family is still here for me. I hope to improve on my communication skills though. Also, it breaks my heart a very good friend of mine lost two of the most important persons in her life – her mom and her elder brother. My heart goes out to her in this time of loss. I could only imagine the magnitude of grief. I wish and hope she would stay strong and carry on this precious life. Am sure both her mom and brother are reunited in heaven, and looking down lovingly at her and would guide her through the thick and thin of life.

Well, Chinese new year is just about 24 hours away, so here’s dropping you guys a line to wish you, “Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the year of Snake brings you much to laugh about, more to eat and devour, more people and animals to love, more passion in achieving your life’s goals and most importantly, solid good health to enjoy all those things!” Thank you, dear readers for staying this long, to read my blog after all these years!

Mangsa Pendidikan

I guess many of us have watched that “Listen woman” fiasco on youtube. Well, seriously, I didn’t even get past watching till the animals part simply because I couldn’t stand her voice and her arrogant face! The audacity of flexing muscles just because you are an “adult” and very “educated”? Shame on you! Someone please get me a bag! I want to vomit!

Her arrogance reminded me of my school days. Being a rather avid reader since I was young, I gather my language skills developed tremendously, not to boast, but, I was above average in the Malay Language. I could write eloquently, thanks to mom for giving me extra pocket money to buy magazines like Dewan Siswa and Dewan Masyarakat. Of coz, I still had a life because I read Gila-Gila too. I love “Tiga Dara Pingitan”! That’s my favorite cartoon series! Haha!

When I was in Form 3, I took extra tuition class on this subject just to make sure I score well. When I was in the tuition class, I always did the homework that the tuition teacher gave us, on top of our school work given by teachers in school. I like writing essays and I found I could write in free flow format. Imagine, that time, without using computers, I didn’t even need a draft. I could just write on and on, in the exams to make it a final piece! The teacher in my tuition class was rather impressed with my essays and he would read them to the class, as an example of good writing and told me to keep it up.

Then, I got into Form 4. As usual, during the first few weeks in class, I already aimed to give my teachers a good impression. I wrote with all my heart for the first test in that language for teachers to gauge our standard. I received some 89% for that essay itself, the highest in class. Then, I was called to the front of the class when the teacher finally realized, I am a Chinese. She looked at me in disbelief.

: Ini karangan you tulis kah?

Me: Kalau bukan saya, siapa yang tulis?

She: I masih musykil lah.

Me: Kenapa?

She: Macam mana you boleh tulis karangan begitu baik?

Me: Sebab saya pandai. (HAHAHAHHAHAHHA in my heart)

She didn’t find it amusing.

She: You tiru kah?

Me: Kalau saya tiru, cikgu pergi cari lah contoh karangan ini. Tengok kalau cikgu boleh jumpa.

At this point, she’s pissed off already. And I was even more pissed off because I was accused of cheating!

She: Bawak exercise book! I nak tengok tulisan you!

Me: Ok.

Brought books to her to see.

She: I masih musykil.

Then I got pissed and brought my SRP result to prove I have what it takes.

Me: Cikgu, saya dapat A1 untuk SRP BM lah.

After this, the whole class roared with laughter. The teacher’s face was all red because she embarrassed herself. I suddenly became the heroin in the class for standing up for truth.

The teacher didn’t stop there. She slashed my points to only 50% by claiming not enough content. I was devastated. But from that day onwards, nobody in the class paid attention to her whenever she asked us questions – everyone of us, stood united against her. She would just come to class to teach but nobody would respond to her. We will be doing other work while in her class, Maths, Biology, Physics, etc and nobody paid her any attention. Sometimes, she would make all of us stand up the whole period and only allowed us to sit down if we answered her questions/responding to her questions but nobody answered her. When she called our names one by one, we gave her the standard answer to her question, “Entah lah”. So all of us remaining standing till the 40 minutes were up! So damn cool! I wish all of us have the strong will of 16 year olds who stood united with their friends to face tyranny and injustice.

I went on to score A2 for my Malay in my SPM. The BM teacher was “proud” of me because I was her student, she went about telling other teachers, I was a product of her class. But I totally ignored acknowledging her when I went back to school to collect my SPM results while thanking other teachers in front of her.