Mr Midnight

About to fall asleep but the washing machine beeped. So got up and hung up the laundry first before getting to bed. But my mind was thinking of Mr Midnight. Nothing to do with the writer of ghost stories. The little kitten is as black as the night. Found him near the pots in my aunt’s garden behind our house’s back lane, looking frail and alone.

Since it was going to rain heavily soon, I asked mom if we can keep him for a night. He won’t make it if we don’t feed it and keep it warm. My mom relented and told me not to inform my aunt. Haha. Yes, my aunt is very adverse to animals. My sister and cousin sis are afraid of animals with fur – dogs, hamsters, cats, you name it… silly people. Haha.

So the children got really excited at the prospect of a new “pet” even if it’s only for a day. Little Peggy and Ern Ern tried to feed it with milk and tuna and both were fighting each other to feed the poor kitty. I told the girls to keep it down as they were frightening the kitten.

We kept the kitty nice and warm for the rainy evening. Next morning, my mom let it out from our house to the back lane again.

But Mr Midnight returned last night, meowing at our backdoor. So, we took him in again for a night. Fed him with tuna and some milk and water. This morning, he was let out again but tonight he didn’t return. I am a bit worried. I hope he’s alright.

Blog Updates

Finally managed to clear up the double posts in this blog. Earlier in 2015, when dayre first started, I thought of maintaining both accounts. Whatever I posted in dayre, I made it a point to post the same in this blog. I did for 8 months… unbelievable. Haha. Then I found it too tedious and abandoned the idea altogether. Ever since Dayre’s impending demise, I tried to copy all posts manually but somehow only managed to copy 2 posts and I gave up. Haha. Lucky thing there’s this uploader thing on dayre shared by other dayreans. Wonderful, wonderful people!

Anyhow, I spent about two hours deleting duplicate posts from January 2015 to August 2015. Amazingly, I noticed I posted almost very regularly in Dayre. But ever since I started this new job last September, time is shortened and I am tired most of the time, probably due to the daily commute, even though it was way better than I feared. After the long December holidays, the traffic jam nightmares began. Somehow, after almost 3 weeks of madness, total gridlock and basically you can get stuck in the parking lot for unthinkable 45 minutes, glad to see that UOA is doing something about it and managed to alleviate the horrendous jams. Hopefully this will not stop friends to see me for dinner near my work place. Lol.

How have you guys been? I know it’s been too long. Now I feel like an old actress trying to revive her stale career but of coz, am not that glamourous. Haha. Was talking to an equally old blogger.. those years in blogging, am glad I stick to my own principles. I just maintain a blog as keepsakes of memories. Good or bad. It’s not to make money, not that good at it.. Haha. But this blog forged many good friendship lasted through the years. Like minded individuals sharing common space, think out loud, sharing, arguing, discerning.. am glad this blog has turned strangers into friends, shared some great adventures, life’s happiness and sorrows, 14 years and counting. Hope for energy and some stuff to write for another 10 years perhaps? Haha.

Have a productive work week ahead.

CNY 2018

Hi everyone!

Happy Chinese new year to all. May the year of Dog brings all of us much happiness, love, peace, good health and abundant blessings.

Spent four days at home cleaning, helping to cook, washing dishes till my 10 fingers almost fall off. Haha. No kidding.

Bought a lot of vegetables, groceries and fruits for the new year makan but somehow we couldn’t finish most of the food. Mom cooked too much as usual.

Every year, she will set the same resolution to cook less the following year but somehow never seemed to keep this resolution.

I think coupled with my cousins going back hometown this year to be with their mom and my third aunt, we have less mouths to feed. Thankfully, my sister’s in laws are quite easy going and doesn’t mind taking our leftovers. Actually it’s not even called leftovers as we hardly touch the food! My mom ended giving half pot of pork knuckles vinegar to them, a whole fried fish and some roasted pork.

This year, I chose to diy our own yee sang dish. Instead of fish, I used crab stick instead. My aunt was highly phobia eating raw fish after reading about it in the newspapers and watching it on the news. Haha.

Today, chor 4, I am already at work. Didn’t get a good start as my parking card went missing. I hope to be able to find it later once I get home, otherwise have to pay rm100 as penalty. Shit. Then, I almost got locked out by a locker in the gym. Tried a few times and the damn locker finally opened. Phew… if not, I probably report to work in my sweaty gym attire. Lol.

Got to work and my handbag got stuck in the drawer. *roll eyes* Had to remove the middle drawer manually to free my bulging handbag. If bulging with money never mind.. this one only full.of shopping bags. 🙄🙄🙄

Hopefully bad luck wards off soon. Have to bathe in pomelo leaves as soon as I get home.

Aman Dusun Orchard & Farm Retreat Day 2

Day 2, 12th March 2017

We woke up automatically as I guess we are all used to waking up early for work. These old bones and bodies already accustomed to a fixed waking up and sleeping time. I woke up earlier” as I sent MQ to her car. She’s rushing back to KL for her weekend class and left the farm at 6.45 am.

JpegCooling misty morning

Ris, the owner dropped by our chalet the night before and spoke to us briefly on the history of Hulu Langat. She asked us where did we have our dinner? Are we just eating junk food only for dinner? We told her, we went to a restaurant nearby. She said, the place is now called Kampung Macau. I asked if there’s a casino? She said, there might be. Haha. Anyway, earlier, most Chinese stay at 18th km along the Hulu Langat stretch. However, many years ago, the place was burnt down in a fiery inferno. So the government decided to resettled the residents to the 14th km. Aman Dusun is situated at 16th km.

She said a few more things but now I couldn’t recall most of it. Haha. So now, we were booked for 8 am, to go to see how they milk the goats. Initially, the gang was rather reluctant to wake up this early to go to see milking and almost decided against it and preferred to sleep in. Luckily, Ris came over and changed their minds the night before.

JpegWonderful sun rays and beams

So when it was almost 8 am, everyone was looking at each other and asked, what are we waiting for? I said, “Oh, give me a few seconds. I need to take my high blood pressure medication.” Then only, the other two went,“Ohhhh! Me too! I need to take medication!” Hahahaha. Going out with people your age does come with this benefit. We reminded each other to take our prescriptions. Haha.

AD Blog 09Milking goat in progress

We walked up to the entrance to meet Ris, near the aviary area. It’s a new segment for the little farm. She said, they put the guinea fowls in the pen for a few months for conditioning. After that, they will let go the birds free and they would return back to the pen in the evening to feed.

1-P1150364-001Some of the ornaments around the area

Ris explained to us how the farm works and the goats they have which are only milking goats. Previously, she also reared meat goats but it was too much work, so she reduce the size of her herd for easier management. It was a good and educational tour.

1-P1150322-001I simply love this photo of perfect love and happiness

After that, we were treated with a spread of breakfast yummies such as nasi lemak,roti canai, cempedak goreng and of coz, their farm best offer, fresh goat’s milk. It totally has NO “goaty” smell! Too bad we didn’t ask to buy goat’s milk to bring with us home. What a waste!

I googled on why goat’s milk has this distinct smell in their milk but was educated that, if you want to keep the goat’s milk away from the usual odour, you gotta separate the females from the males. Whenever males are around, the females would release pheromones to attract the males to mate. I guess that’s why here, they only get to mate probably once every 5 months (gestation  duration for goats) and after that, the does will be kept away from the billy goats.

JpegRoti canai with dhal and curry

JpegSpread of breakfast


Perfect fresh goat’s milk

We took a final dip in the pool before checking out. It was indeed a truly relaxing trip!

Here’s the particulars of this awesome place:

Aman Dusun Orchard & Farm Retreat

Lot 1173, Batu 16
Dusun Tua
43100, Hulu Langat
(see map)

phone: 012-3950503 (Ris)
fax: 03-42513545

Aman Dusun Orchard & Farm Retreat Day 1

1-P1150179Our stay for 2D1N – the Riverview chalet

Had the opportunity to stay at Aman Dusun Farm & Retreat over the weekend. Have been planning this the past two years, to go with the family, somehow nobody could commit. So I ended going with the usual suspects. I just want to get out of town for awhile, relax and do nothing. Ok not entirely doing nothing, we swam, we chit chatted, we ate, we walked about for a bit. Somehow, I think we need to set a rule to keep our phones away but it was unsuccessful. So the rest of the night, the gang just continue to look at their phones while myself and MQ sat by the pool, with our feet submerged in it and talked about life. That should be the way guys!

Here’s the story on how the day went

Day 1, 11th March 2017

We met at Lau Heong Restaurant to have lunch since most of us haven’t been to Lau Heong in ages. I just went there early March after sending my aunt to see a doctor on a Wednesday. Nevertheless, nobody will say NO to Lau Heong. Crispy nam yue fried chicken, claypot curry stingray, siong tong lala, banana leaf prawns and sotong and a plate of vegetables to appease the health conscience in our minds. Haha.

We made a slow drive to Aman Dusun since I was informed by the owner that, it’s better to go after 3 pm because they have bookings back to back and she worried there’s not enough space for us to hang out if we were there. I guess she’s being modest about her orchard coz it’s quite HUGE!!

Anyway, the journey there via some highway roads, and then, waze led us through a housing area, littered with construction spots and then back to the main road and subsequently a long and winding road. Then we passed by the Lookout Point and the oldies in us started reminiscing the good old days where we get to hang out here with our boyfriends or girlfriends or just crushes. Haha. Can’t remember why this lookout point was closed though but my friend told me, there was a robbery case? Or I asked if it is because of business rivalry? Oh well.

AD Blog 02The Living Area

The owner gave us a very comprehensive map and instructions on how to reach Aman Dusun. We gotta follow the map solely because, there’s another way which was given by waze and the route is really muddy and when it rains, kiss bye bye to your car. We almost got stuck in the mud on our way out for dinner just because we want to try an alternative way but we u turn after we saw a puddle of water in the mud road and it’s definitely proven to be a WISE decision!!! Otherwise, we get stuck there – DIE LOR! All of us have to get down from the car for it to be lighter, so it could maneuver over the mud and thank God, we are not stuck! So guys.. please don’t try to be a hero!

You type your waze to Institut Kemahiran Tinggi Belia Negara Dusun Tua and it will lead you to a steel bridge. Wait for other vehicles to pass before going through the bridge as it could only handle one way at a time. Then keep left and drive through the one lane tar road and watch out for the sharp bends. Then, you will reach a gravel road for about 200m going uphill and keep to your left and you will see the entrance to Aman Dusun, slightly hidden away from sight.

AD Blog 01The wonderful pool

The moment we reached our Riverview chalet, we were greeted by the caretaker. I didn’t get her name but the usual caretaker already left for the day. Then we were pretty much left alone to our devices. Haha. So, what did we do? All of us are pretty much impressed with the good maintenance of the place and how quaint it looks. The girls went down to the river without mosquitoes repellent and then they regretted it. LOL. The moment I reached the chalet, I took out the mosquito repellent and started applying all over my exposed body parts. LOL.

1-P1150183The river in front of our chalet

1-P1150181The beautiful heliconia

AD Blog 08The goat’s pen

1-P1150227High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo


JK on the other hand couldn’t wait to take a dip in the pool so he straight away jumped into it. It was a little too hot for us because of the scorching afternoon sun so we decided to join him later when the sun goes down. We just took a walk around the surrounding compound and ended up in the goats’ pen. The goats seemed excited to see us and they were jumping up and down in their pen. I think to them probably human = bring food! We were told later that the painting of famous hey-days actors/actresses on the Blue House’s wall were done by the owner’s very talented Indonesian worker. The Blue House is situated just a minute walk away from our chalet.

AD Blog 06The beautiful Blue House

After that, we went back to the Riverview chalet and getting ready to try out the pool. The skies suddenly turned dark and we deeply regretted it when we realized we didn’t pack food. Initially we wanted to do steamboat but the thought of washing and preparing food for steamboat and doing dishes after food put me off. Haha. Next time, we will just pack a bucket of KFC before we go in!