Money Luck

This morning as I was lining up to buy breakfast, I found Rm1 on the floor of the cafe.

I noticed the Rm1 note the moment I walked into the busy cafe. There was a beeline of customers waiting for their food or to pay for their food. No one noticed or even bat an eye lid on the folded Rm1 note.

I thought of tapping the guy standing next to it to notify him, in case if he is the one who dropped the note but was somehow jostled to the back of the queue.

I waited patiently to walk to the Rm1 note. The lady in front of me stepped on it. I rolled my eyes. So blind?? Or is Rm1 so worthless these days?

I remember last night’s conversation I had with a friend. She’s a hardworking businesswoman and a millionaire. Money luck seems to flock her all the time. I asked what’s her secret. She said, do not “yim hei”, or “belittle” money’s worth. Well, we never say no to money! She meant, for example, if people give you money, even if the currency is torn, you have to accept it with gratitude. Subsequently, money luck will flock to you.

So, I applied her theory today. I scooped the money from the floor, after the lady stepped on it but I passed it to the cafe owner instead. And the fella didn’t even thank me. Ya ya.. Great! Thanks!

Hopefully money luck comes flooding me soon. Ohm…

Mr Midnight

About to fall asleep but the washing machine beeped. So got up and hung up the laundry first before getting to bed. But my mind was thinking of Mr Midnight. Nothing to do with the writer of ghost stories. The little kitten is as black as the night. Found him near the pots in my aunt’s garden behind our house’s back lane, looking frail and alone.

Since it was going to rain heavily soon, I asked mom if we can keep him for a night. He won’t make it if we don’t feed it and keep it warm. My mom relented and told me not to inform my aunt. Haha. Yes, my aunt is very adverse to animals. My sister and cousin sis are afraid of animals with fur – dogs, hamsters, cats, you name it… silly people. Haha.

So the children got really excited at the prospect of a new “pet” even if it’s only for a day. Little Peggy and Ern Ern tried to feed it with milk and tuna and both were fighting each other to feed the poor kitty. I told the girls to keep it down as they were frightening the kitten.

We kept the kitty nice and warm for the rainy evening. Next morning, my mom let it out from our house to the back lane again.

But Mr Midnight returned last night, meowing at our backdoor. So, we took him in again for a night. Fed him with tuna and some milk and water. This morning, he was let out again but tonight he didn’t return. I am a bit worried. I hope he’s alright.

Blog Updates

Finally managed to clear up the double posts in this blog. Earlier in 2015, when dayre first started, I thought of maintaining both accounts. Whatever I posted in dayre, I made it a point to post the same in this blog. I did for 8 months… unbelievable. Haha. Then I found it too tedious and abandoned the idea altogether. Ever since Dayre’s impending demise, I tried to copy all posts manually but somehow only managed to copy 2 posts and I gave up. Haha. Lucky thing there’s this uploader thing on dayre shared by other dayreans. Wonderful, wonderful people!

Anyhow, I spent about two hours deleting duplicate posts from January 2015 to August 2015. Amazingly, I noticed I posted almost very regularly in Dayre. But ever since I started this new job last September, time is shortened and I am tired most of the time, probably due to the daily commute, even though it was way better than I feared. After the long December holidays, the traffic jam nightmares began. Somehow, after almost 3 weeks of madness, total gridlock and basically you can get stuck in the parking lot for unthinkable 45 minutes, glad to see that UOA is doing something about it and managed to alleviate the horrendous jams. Hopefully this will not stop friends to see me for dinner near my work place. Lol.

How have you guys been? I know it’s been too long. Now I feel like an old actress trying to revive her stale career but of coz, am not that glamourous. Haha. Was talking to an equally old blogger.. those years in blogging, am glad I stick to my own principles. I just maintain a blog as keepsakes of memories. Good or bad. It’s not to make money, not that good at it.. Haha. But this blog forged many good friendship lasted through the years. Like minded individuals sharing common space, think out loud, sharing, arguing, discerning.. am glad this blog has turned strangers into friends, shared some great adventures, life’s happiness and sorrows, 14 years and counting. Hope for energy and some stuff to write for another 10 years perhaps? Haha.

Have a productive work week ahead.

Great Weekend

Trying to upload photos and keying some words but somehow couldn’t seem to go about it. WordPress’ platform is unlike dayre, which is much more user friendly! Oh well.. so I resorted to booting up my laptop to type these!

Thought of sharing some pics I took over the weekend in FRIM. I’ve been a regular on weekends at Kepong Botanical Garden and this place never ceased to amaze me. Every other weekend (well, I try to go every weekend but if only weather permits or feeling not too lazy!), I observed changes, dying trees being replaced, the digging of soil by the wild boars along the side of the walkway nearer to the forest, the two tortoises turning up on the fallen branch for a sun tan (I wonder if they are the same pair?), the benches along the lake which changed positions.. etc. It’s a nice and calm place to be in every weekend!

They seemed to build more platforms like these for yoga, picnic etc. Lovely!

Wonderful sun rays for generous supply of Vitamin D!

Had the privilege to spend Saturday noon with some old friends. Really surprise some friends whom I have lost touch with, but nevertheless still care very much about took the trouble to meet up for lunch, followed by coffee and cakes to catch up with old times.


Haha! Kia si lang! Meeting with MQ always ended up with at least 20 packets of meehoon from her factory in Sitiawan!

Ah.. I waited almost 20 freaking years for this burger!! I still remember back in those days.. I think back in 1998/99, where McDonald’s launched the Sesame Street collectibles, I dutifully went to buy Mc Veggie and eat it as my lunch when I was working in a bank in Jalan P. Ramlee. I remember they used to call this Taj Mahal burger or something.

Taste wise – I guess after 20 years, you probably will forget how it taste like… but I remember the fresh dhal taste from this burger and it is still tasty! Guess I am going again and again till this burger is taken off the menu again.. and probably has to wait another 20 years to eat it again!

Care Givers

Writing this on my phone as I am waiting with my aunt for her knee surgery appointment. Saw many young and old patients suffering from knee, hand, eye conditions. Some old folks came alone. Some with their care givers, their children. I wonder if I am old and in need to go to the hospital, who would send me? It’s unfair to load everything on Ern Ern as she’s the only child of my sister. So she has her old parents to take care of later.

Am glad we are now the literate generation. Was telling my sister, at least we know how to uber or grabcar. We should be self reliant.

My aunts or mom’s generation, well, they have us as chauffeurs, care givers, payors (most important), etc. I am pretty fortunate that my sister and my cousins would take turns to care for our unmarried aunt.

Not to say unmarried people do not have people to care for them. We have friends and family too. For this aunt, we treat her like our own mom. Some parents have children but they do not 100% translated into being care givers in the end. Am quite amused whenever my friends married for the sake of giving birth to children to care for them during old age. This is of course, a fairly ideal situation. But there’s no guarantee. I won’t be there to burst any bubbles of delusions and just wish them all the best.