Porki Culture

A colleague has been eyeing to try this porky platter the moment the shop was opened some time late last month. Really happy to see another nice food joint is open to serve the nearby ferociously hungry office workers. Hungry for good food that is!

Really spoilt for choice working in Bangsar South. So many up and coming restaurants. Can’t wait for the northern Indian cuisine to open. Look posh though but I guess I don’t mind paying for really good food once a while.

I had the pork knuckles rice. Trying not to eat anything too spicy as the throat is still recovering.

We ordered 5 beers for rm50 to share amongst 4 of us.

All in all, two thumbs up for the authentic Thai food served here.

Porki Culture
UG-10, Level Upper Ground, The Sphere,
No. 1 Avenue 1, Bangsar South
No. 8, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Fruitful Sunday

Went to FRIM this morning to resume my weekend morning walks. I need this.. I have to tell myself it’s all for my own good. Sometimes, the bed is beckoning me back to its cozy embrace but I have to resist its temptations!! Health is utmost important! Have to keep reminding myself this!

This morning walk seemed to be very fruitful. Taken some gorgeous shots with the help of the glaring morning sun. You need a good lighting and still waters for these shots, I tell you…

picsart_03-11-061117583035.jpgStill waters and sunlight, best combination for reflection photos.

picsart_03-11-06369813778.jpgSaw a boy pretending to fish

picsart_03-11-061094351104.jpgSerene and calm

On our way back from FRIM, received a phone call from our cousin brother, saying that our aunt wished to go to visit Serendah. Cousin bro asked her the night before and she wasn’t too keen. But this morning, the little girl woke up earlier than usual so she decided to go to Serendah and bring her along.

It was a small tin-mining town in the 1960s and had since flourished into a small, quaint village. Not too sure what do the residents here do for a living, perhaps if there’s a chance, will pay a visit again to interview the local residents.

We had our breakfast at Kedai Makan Yee Kee, as recommended by many food bloggers. Here we had the curry mee, wantan mee, chee cheung fun and lor mee. This shop was rather popular with visitors. Guess we will try out other stalls if we were to visit again as we could see there are plenty of other shops around.

Kedai Kopi Yee Kee 義記茶室 
No. 1, Lorong Kampung Dato Harun, 
Kampung Dato Harun, Serendah, 48200

picsart_03-11-061733001625.jpgThe glorious breakfast

Then we took a stroll around the area. My aunt usually likes to visit local temples to pray for good health and prosperity. So we chanced upon this temple nearby the market.

picsart_03-11-06399058650.jpgThe mazu temple

There was a bustling activity in the temple. Many villagers in uniforms were having a picnic of sort. And on their sleeves, mentioned “Cubical Earth”. Apparently, they are from the local association here.. not too sure what they were doing though. But it’s good that the old folks are quite social here and mingling around to past time.


We were in for a treat. The local temple caretaker invited us to see the temple’s antique collection. Here we have the tin mining model in the collection. There are other stuff too, like the foot binding shoes, old sewing machines, iron, etc. The public is welcomed to donate antiques to the temple.


After the short visit, we went to feed ourselves again. This time, at Restoran Sam Hing. This is a picture of their signature noodles. Absolutely delicious and a must order if you visit. I guess in our next trip, we would again come to eat this noodles and of coz, order the fried wontons to go with it.

Sam Hing Restaurant三兴茶餐室
 Address : 42, Lorong Kampung Dato Harun, 
 Kampung Dato' Harun, 48200 Serendah, Selangor, Malaysia
 Hours : Mon - Sat 8AM - 4PM , Closed on Tuesday
 Contact : 03-60811804


We then drove about 5 minutes to reach this Seven Wells of Serendah. It’s in waze! So you won’t get lost. It’s about 800m away from the makan place.

The temple caretaker told us these seven wells were previously built by the British for tin mining business.

Found this drone video for your viewing pleasure.


After that, we drove to nearby orang asli’s village to get to this waterfall. Since it’s mostly hot these days, the water was not very deep. My cousin brother said previously, the water was filled up the time he came for his last visit.

All in all, it was a good impromptu trip.

Hell Hot Day

Tak jadi go to FRIM this morning coz it rained. So went back to sleep till almost 11 am only I woke up for brunch. Long time no enjoy such long sleep. Need to do this more.

Today mainly running errands and chores at home. Sent all plastic and glass bottles to the recycling centre behind my house, including my dad’s old rest chair. Finally he is ok to give it away. His butt almost touched the floor sitting on it for so many years. Nowadays he likes buying things via phone. It’s annoying to see he keeps buying useless things like low quality towels which could not absorb water, pillow for his back, which I think is hogwash, stationary bike which he never used at all. Obstinate like carp and defiance when you tell him not to waste money for no reason.

Ah.. he even bought creams which he claimed could reduce his eye bags and wrinkles. He is 74 mind you.. wrinkles and eye bags are not going away… guess have to go have a word with the idiotic pharmacy sakes girls selling him these nonsense. Don’t wanna talk about him. Make my blood boil.

The above was my lunch today. When my mom cooked the belacan pork, the entire house stink to high heavens. Not sure where did she get the belacan but it’s really smelly. Luckily the dish turned out ok.

The weather is so hot today that I did some backlog laundry of bedsheet, blankets, pillow cases and some winter jackets. Gathering dust now since I seldom go to cold countries. Guess have to plan something this year.

Super Hot

Went out in the freaking afternoon sun to buy lunch. Walao. Almost melted in a puddle of sweat. Couldn’t manage to locate the pisang goreng chocolate cheese stall. Should have asked my friend earlier. Apparently I bought the pisang goreng from the right stall. Just that I didn’t ask for chocolate and cheese so the seller didn’t put for me. 🙄🙄🙄

I guess can try buying the next time. Will go when it’s less hot. The weather I mean.

Ended buying nasi kerabu with ayam masak merah and salted egg. Best. The cook is from Kelantan. So I guess this is as authentic as you can get. This set me back rm8. The keropok is rm2.

Sent a cake to a friend for his birthday. It was intended to be sent to his office but his wife told me, he will not be in office today. Thank goodness the people in Eat Cake Today are wonderful!! Managed to change delivery address last minute. This is what customer service is all about!

Didn’t mean for his mom to look at the card… what more his young daughter. Lol. Sorry aunty. Sorry ah girl.

Great Weekend

Trying to upload photos and keying some words but somehow couldn’t seem to go about it. WordPress’ platform is unlike dayre, which is much more user friendly! Oh well.. so I resorted to booting up my laptop to type these!

Thought of sharing some pics I took over the weekend in FRIM. I’ve been a regular on weekends at Kepong Botanical Garden and this place never ceased to amaze me. Every other weekend (well, I try to go every weekend but if only weather permits or feeling not too lazy!), I observed changes, dying trees being replaced, the digging of soil by the wild boars along the side of the walkway nearer to the forest, the two tortoises turning up on the fallen branch for a sun tan (I wonder if they are the same pair?), the benches along the lake which changed positions.. etc. It’s a nice and calm place to be in every weekend!

They seemed to build more platforms like these for yoga, picnic etc. Lovely!

Wonderful sun rays for generous supply of Vitamin D!

Had the privilege to spend Saturday noon with some old friends. Really surprise some friends whom I have lost touch with, but nevertheless still care very much about took the trouble to meet up for lunch, followed by coffee and cakes to catch up with old times.


Haha! Kia si lang! Meeting with MQ always ended up with at least 20 packets of meehoon from her factory in Sitiawan!

Ah.. I waited almost 20 freaking years for this burger!! I still remember back in those days.. I think back in 1998/99, where McDonald’s launched the Sesame Street collectibles, I dutifully went to buy Mc Veggie and eat it as my lunch when I was working in a bank in Jalan P. Ramlee. I remember they used to call this Taj Mahal burger or something.

Taste wise – I guess after 20 years, you probably will forget how it taste like… but I remember the fresh dhal taste from this burger and it is still tasty! Guess I am going again and again till this burger is taken off the menu again.. and probably has to wait another 20 years to eat it again!