Random Notes

Head Down Troop

Technology seriously posed some problems to the society nowadays. People walking with their eyes glued onto their phones all the time. Yesterday, as I was walking down the staircase, some colleagues were going down in front of me with their eyes glued onto their phones. They are not worried they might trip and fall, perhaps break a bone? Worse, paralyze the rest of your life because of your social media? Your Facebook status or likes can wait. I think it’s really dangerous to be walking without looking at what lies ahead. Much worse, crossing the road. And yes.. please do not bloody hog the staircase!

Bankers Are Sexy

Saw some bankers in action to get a personal investment in office. The ladies are dressed to the nines. Even the slightly chubby one, wearing really nice see through golden lacy blouse, short black pencil skirt and a blazer. Her boss wore peplum dress in maroon which accentuates her body figure and a Chanel brooch on the left of her upper chest. She carries a Chanel bag too. Totally classy. Well, not because of the brands, she’s classy. She is just able to pull this off. The whole look thingy. Oh her voice, sweet, sweet voice. No wonder people sign up with her in less than 10 minutes. Haha. Must learn a trick or two from these well dressed ladies and their charms.


It’s been 3 years since the disappearance of the air plane MH370. We will never understand how their family members must have felt, losing their loved ones in such tragedy. I still remember I was having brunch with a friend when my whatsapp was beeping non stop with the news. Some say, the plane has landed in Nanjing. I thought it was a hoax. How could an airplane this BIG disappear?? We can even locate our iphones or handphones using the GPS if we lost them. How could technology fail us? It’s really unfathomable. The worst part, the air traffic controllers sleeping on their jobs, only to find out about the disappearance hours after it’s been missing. And there were news saying the plane flew right pass Straits of Malacca, right above our heads and nobody seems to know. My deepest condolences to the people who lost their loved ones. Their lives will never be the same again. I pray for strength and guidance for them in such difficult times.


The accounts lady was really impressed when I brought in a folder for my boss even when he didn’t mention it. He just called my name, turned his back to find something and I’ve already given him a folder, without him asking. Haha. She said to me, “Wah! You know what your boss want without him even saying anything? You are very sai lei!”

I answered, “Of course!”

This is what you will do when you report to the same boss for the past 11 years. I think I can even tell what he wants from the tone of his voice. He usually gives very clear cut instructions and he’s very organized and orderly. So it’s easy to see what he wants or requires.

I saw him fiddling with a stack of papers. So I automatically took a folder and handed it to him. Just a simple observation guys. I am totally grateful I can work in sync with such a good boss. I don’t choose my job. I choose my boss.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

13 Aug
Pic from Saltosystems.

Finally managed to catch Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.

Was already surprised with the real stunt clinging on the plane at the beginning of the movie.

I was like… wtf? The epic scene at the beginning?? It better ge greater than that throughout the movie!

No disappointment though. The whole movie kept my toes curl and my fingers in fists.

One thing though.. his floral shirt.. and long hair with the sunglasses in some scenes made him looked like Bruce Jenner at some angles.

Oh HORROR! 😱😱😱😱

13 Aug-1
Pic from Google

See the floral baju..

Sorry ah @kimberzilla . Talk about your other husband like that. Ha ha Just my two cents la.

Age is creeping up on Tom Cruise. He still looks great at his age though!

Still remember his first MI. I guess will go rewatch his first MI on Kodi tonight.

13 Aug
This morning there’s an interview. The candidate came early but spent 30 minutes to fill up the application form.Wah.. apply for CEO meh?

So I checked with the receptionist. Where is the candidate? Still in the conference room. Can you please check if he completed the form?

Apparently he did some 20 mins ago but sat there like a dungu.

Can’t blame him. Maybe the sickly HR personnel (the one with red hoodie all the time) didn’t inform him to go to level 1 after completing the form.

When he arrived at my floor, I saw him at the lobby. Told him to wait another 5 mins for another boss to arrive.

When the other boss came, HR signalled him to go to my boss’ room.
Then, one of our female colleagues walked past him. He stared at her and almost walked into the glass panel. Lol.

Am going to tease my female colleague on this for weeks!

Can You See Clearly?

My colleague called me asking for help. Apparently her boss scolded her because he couldn’t read the sms she sent him and complaining that the fonts were too small. So she asked me if I could help.

So I asked her to go to setting in the phone, then go to font setting – and set it to HUGE. So in future, all shit sms or whatsapp or text or what-not would be HUGE ass.

30 seconds later, I received an sms from her saying, “Haha. So how now? Can you see clearly?”

Adoi…. mangkok ayun..

I called her to tell her – she should set the font in her boss’ phone.. and not her own phone .. wah lao eh... Can die laughing. *Tears*