Office discussing about the gay sex scandal.

A: You ada tengok itu video?
B: Ish. Tak nak la. I nak tengok muka minister je. Boleh you kasi pause itu screen muka dia.
A: Tak boleh lah kak. Kalau nampak muka dia, nampak buntut jugak.
B: Masya Allah… Ya rabbi… Takde ke muka dia je ??
A: Takde kak . Kalau tiada buntut, nampak dick.
B: Astagfuhlor…
C: So kak, you pilih la. Nak tengok roti ke tengok pisang.

Humour aside, this is gutter politics. Please do not circulate or indulge in giving more time to this character assassination tactic from the lowly scums. We are better than this.

Fight On!


Was alerted by a friend that our ex schoolmate was arrested last night for the protest at Dataran Merdeka. Since I don’t know how to read Mandarin, I would have guessed it should be about Anwar’s incarceration or GST.

I read news on English they have exceeded the time limit allowed for protest. So when they want to dismantle their protest materials scuffles ensued. Police claimed their personnel was kicked in the face.

Honestly this country is heading to the dumps. While other developing nations are building up and going global, we are in the reverse gear and going super fast.

It’s time for all to band together to stand up against corruption, racism, injustice and abuse.

I don’t know but I still have glimmer of hopes in our true Malaysians spirits. Let’s hope my instinct is not wrong.

Datuk Kong


Photo from bombastic borneo website.

A colleague sent me a payment requisition for approval. I asked what’s the payment about? It’s installation of Datuk Kong’s altar at our project site. I laughed as the Project Manager is a staunch Catholic. I asked why he would believe in such things given his faith.

The admin said it’s not done by the PM. It’s by the client themselves.

Actually I think most project sites have this altar whether or not you are superstitious.

I remember stories told from a guide when we went for hiking at Taman Negara of Datuk Kong. It seems most jungle places or undeveloped places are guarded by this spirit.

Most Chinese houses have this deity perched at their entrance to guard their property. I guess the numbers have reduced.

I remember a friend told me she just shifted to a house and was plagued with a white figure walking about the house. The white figure didn’t disturb them but frequent sight of it made people queasy.

Then she found out that the altar of Datuk Kong in front of her house was dilapidated and abandoned for sometime by previous owner. So she made it right by sprucing up the altar and started offering it joss sticks and fruits. Then the white figure no more loitering in her house.

As for my personal experience, I prayed to Datuk Kong everyday before my “final” exams. I have been sitting for the same paper for 4x and yet couldn’t sail through it to get my very much deserved degree.

Needless to say, I passed with a merit on my final paper and was damn pleased about it. So I offered Datuk Kong his favorites – hand rolled tobacco leaves cigarettes, sirih & pinang and a packet of kopi O!

A colleague’s daughter fell gravely ill after she fell down in front of the Datuk Kong’s altar near their house. She was hospitalized for weeks. Her fever came and went. Doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her.

At wit’s end, he finally gave an elderly uncle near his home some money to buy some fruits to be offered to the Datuk Kong that his daughter accidentally knocked and fell as a gesture of apology. He is from different faith but he respects others. Miraculously the daughter is all well again.

I guess we simply couldn’t underestimate the power of spiritual guidance.


Was asking a friend on the development in her family matters. Apparently her recently married brother is always up to no good. He had a few affairs with divorced women with children. Yes.. “s” as in many and he is also an ass if you asked me.

In many cases, it was his grandma who picked up his shit after him. His family claimed that he was possessed by evil spirits. Or the ladies put a spell on him. I think it’s a case of forbidden fruit. Because forbidden fruit is always sweeter.

Not going to write about his affairs. I find the story of the grandma is more fascinating! I always believe that in order to be a medium; one is chosen and it’s not something that you can just do it like a job. Somehow, somewhere you just have the affinity to talk to gods, djins, spirits or ghosts.

This grandma is a famous dukun back in her hometown. Fortunately, she uses her powers to heal or help people. She received requests to do killings too but she would not do it because it’s a sin.

She’s only 50+ years old but her face looks 75, due to nature of her job. She reluctantly practise her crafts as it would aged her each time. She used to be plump but now she’s stick insect thin. I jokingly told my friend to ask her to take me in as her prodigy so I could slim down! Ha ha.

She would help in extreme cases. She would take flight to places she needed to be, carrying her machete and special oils in her hand carry bag. Eeriely she was never stopped during security check.

She is quite famous for helping people that people flow in from far seeking her help. Now she couldn’t do much anymore because the craft sucks her life steeply each time she tried to break black magic spells from other dukuns. Even if a person offered her thousands of ringgit, she wouldn’t do it. She felt tired after so many years.

I asked her if she is training a prodigy as this would secure the future should there are helpless people asking for help. I think it’s a great business model!

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I believe mediums or dukuns are chosen by spirits or gods. Reminds me of the two boys my mom used to babysit. Their grandma is a medium. So their mom suddenly developed an affinity to be possessed by gods too. Actually the grandma told the daughter that she has the natural power to become a medium but she refused.

So the gods been hunting her down till they drove her crazy. She ended embracing them. Now at initial stage, she’s yet to master controlling it.

Whenever the gods go near her or possessed her, she would be in trance like stage. At times she would collapsed all over the house till she knocked into something till her body was bruised. So the family removed all hard furniture from the house. Sometimes in a trance, she demanded for liquor. She would drink the whole bottle but never drunk after she regain consciousness.

I wonder if there’s a scientific explanation over these two cases?

Out of Control

I was just tagged on FB by my cousin brother in an unpleasant news. Our cousin sister, an insurance agent was driving and stopped at a traffic light near Selayang and her window got smashed.

Out of panic, she tried to jump out from her car. She didn’t set her gear to P or N but, it was on D. So the car moved further front with her dangling outside the driver’s seat because she forgotten she was wearing a seat belt. Lucky for her, the car in front inched forward and she managed to get back up in time to stop her car before it bang the car in front of her!

If you ask me, it’s really ridiculous. Her own panic reaction almost cost her life. Imagine if she was dangling and a motorbike happened to pass by on the other side? I got really angry whenever people don’t listen to me and put their handbags on the passenger’s seat. She’s one of them!

The thing now is, why should I be angry at where she put her bags? Now, instead of blaming the cops for NOT doing their job to protect the public, we put a blame on victims of crimes. Why you put your bag on the passenger’s seat? Serve you right! Who ask you to flash your wealth? Serve you right? Who ask you to wear so sexy? Serve you right!

It’s getting rather absurd that we couldn’t even walk out from the house, wearing what we want and even in our car, we must all hide our bags under our car seat or there were even moronic suggestions NOT to carry “branded” bags out because the criminals are out there to get you.

If the authorities are doing the job without us telling them how to, it would save us a lot of trouble. If they had put in place the resources to combat crime, doing preventive measures, stop snooping around politicians, I think all such crimes would be long minimized and deterred.

Instead of almost every week, we heard of horror stories of crimes.. now it’s happening around the clock.. almost every few hours. Worse still, the consistencies of the crimes happening to people WE KNOW are alarming. We used to hear from this friend’s friend’s friend.. but now it’s directly happening to people we all know. And for me, I had been a victim myself right behind my house!

Till today – already 2 freaking years, my robbery case was not solved, despite giving them some leads. I told them, the criminals transferred credit from my prepaid phone to their prepaid phones..even printed them the time of the incident, so why is it SO DIFFICULT to even write to the bloody telecommunication company to retrieve the phone numbers and investigate?? FUCKING imbeciles!!

I’ve become highly phobic of going out at night. I tried to minimize my socializing. I rather stay home or only going out when being accompanied by my friends or family. When I go out now, I always place my IC/driving license, credit cards in my pocket together with my phone. Sometimes, I unload everything into the dashboard of my car – my purse, camera, tablet, etc. Sometimes I forgot to take them down with me, so I had to walk back to the carpark to get them! It has somehow become my habit to ensure everything is well hidden in my car before I leave my house.

It is really pathetic to be living like this, in constant fear. I have NO confidence in the authorities who have FIDUCIARY duty to take care of the safety and peace of the public. We somehow have to protect ourselves now because the authorities continue to FAIL us.