Bookworm Talk


Online shopping can be really dangerous on the wallet. These are the books I bought from mph online.

It’s almost impossible to get Murakami’s books from bookxcess or BBW sale as they always sell like hotcakes!

I’ve finished reading his latest book – Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage within two weeks after I bought it immediately after its official launch in Malaysia!


This is how you open this #murakami book! Initially don’t know how to place the flap of the book… dungu me! Fold them at the back of the book! And start reading!

You see there are 5 Little Prince books here. I love it so much till I am buying to give to friends who would appreciate it!

I shopped online this time because of first time buyer discount! 20% off first purchase and free delivery! Kiasu! Ha ha. Then I found out they have birthday 25% discount. Damn! I am a February baby! Should have taken this advantage!


Is today a lucky day or what? Been trying to get this Roald Dahl set for Ern Ern at BBW but always out of stock. A quick check at Bookxcess online is Rm219.90 instead of the original price rm543.70!


See how expensive the original price is!

However at Popular, the original price was listed as Rm349 only. Hmmmm….

Anyhoo.. I decided to pick it up since the price at Popular was only Rm159.90. I would save Rm60!!

At the paying counter however there was a ruckus because it seems the discounted price is only for Members’ Sale Day! Since they failed to update the price, they had to sell the set to me at Rm159.90! What a steal!

The cashier begrudgingly punched the price into the cash register. Oh well. Not my fault if your price keeping is tardy!


Proof of price on the set.

I think it’s a steal because 15 books for Rm159.90.. minus the crowd and missing volumn.


Ern Ern’s messy library.. not too bad for a 4+ year old girl. I probably started to read this much only during primary school!


Jorgito & Malu’s meeting with Champion, the dog

It is a light hearted movie for children and adults alike.

I find Viva Cuba lived up to its title. It’s amazing that with such a simple story line, it was capable to bring viewers to the plentiful beautiful landscapes of Cuba; which we would probably never see before. When we think of Cuba, we thought of the Che Guevara, cigars, salsa and Havana club.

You can read all about the movie here. Kleio did a pretty good introduction. I am not going to do a review about the story.

One thing I couldn’t help noticing is, the way the director filmed the movie. The cinematography is way so cool. You get to see the movie in almost a dream-like state.

I especially love the scene where both main characters (Malu & Jorgito) lie beneath the starry skies, in a ramshackle boat. It was almost picture perfect.

When Malu and Jorgito were discussing plans to run away, the sunset casting its orange ray over Havana’s skyline, it gave you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

When Malu complained of thirst and bursting in screaming anger, the director managed to shoot that scene from the view of a bison’s skull, to let us picture the dire state that they were in. It added some humour into the situation when a butterfly landed on the bison skull.

When both of them were discussing their plans under a coconut tree, it was as if there were only two persons existing in the world.

The scenes I have discussed here were very normal scenes and there were no special effects whatsoever. It’s just the angle of the movie was being shot. They take into consideration minute details, such as pictures of Cuban flag when both mothers were agonizing over their runaway children or when the children crossed the road, there was a huge graffiti of Che Guevara on the background, how they support their own Cuban President, Fidel Castro by hanging on their door knob – This is Fidel’s house as opposed to the staunch catholic neighbour’s house – The Lord’s House etc.

I love it. I love it so much. Thank you, Kleio for sharing this.

Ibero American Film Festival runs from 8 to 15 October 2006 at Wisma Kebudayaan Soka Gakkai Malaysia.


I was on my fourth (or was it fifth?) yoga on Wednesday, and was quite happy that I am making some progress (no, I still cannot reach the floor while bending down, even if I improved by one inch every week). It is quite a milestone for me, considering that I never tried yoga before.

A fellow colleague commented that I did okay and asked if I ever did yoga before.

Me: No, this is my first time.

She: You are doing great!

Me: I think you need to wear glasses while doing yoga. You have been seeing things.

Being a newbie – while the rest of the group is already a year into yoga, I better get used to the jargons used throughout the whole yoga session – Cobra, Downward facing dog, cat, locusts (they sure like animals a lot), etc.

Last week, we did the “Sun Salutation postures. I kinda like it, even if it can be quite energy consuming and require a lot of flexibility and stretches. Looks complicated.. well, it is.

This week’s much more challenging. We did the Chaturanga. It might look easy but it’s definitely not!

Yoga is all about balancing the mind, body and soul. No wonder so many celebrities like Madonna and Christy Turlington swear by it. I am not sure of the benefits of it for myself thus far – but it sure makes me sleep like a baby after a session!



Salsa dancers strutting their stuffs on the dance floor
I was invited for Simmone’s birthday bash at the Salsa Havana, Federal Hotel last night. I am not a dancer, so obviously, my only probable role there was to snap pictures or merely as an awed spectator. And, awed I was.

The people here are friendly. They said hi to you even if you don’t know any of them. A much friendlier club but, just as pretentious as other clubs – where people wear sunglasses in the dark rooms, or teeny party hoppers, or people trying to look cool to fit in. Everyone here shared the same passion though: Salsa.

When Kat and I reached the club, a special performance from students; graduated from Patricia’s class was almost over. Nevertheless, we did get to catch the final glimpse of the last performance, albeit needing to tip toed over towering crowd.

Compared to the Latino Club that I visited in Singapore last year, here, there were more spectators compared to dancers. Kuala Lumpur has a long way to catch up. The crowd is a mixture of the young and old. Not surprisingly, the salsa dance had caught up with the younger crowds. Most of Patricia’s students were very young and gorgeous too!

Looking over at the bar, Kat and I felt that this is also one of the pick up joints in Kuala Lumpur. I bet your luck gets better here – as long as you know how to salsa. You don’t have to use lame pick up lines (You look familiar? I have seen you before? Can I buy you a drink? You came alone?). You could just do the pick up by dancing with anybody you fancy as it is not nice to turn down an invitation.

Body contact is a must; and I wonder do guys get an erection by rubbing their groins onto the body of the women dancers? It is an erotic and sensual dance.

I just couldn’t figure out how those dancers could do the cross-body-lead-turn without getting knotted; and how those skirts flow! Everything seemed being choreographed effortlessly. Some seasoned dancers moved about with much fluidity and grace; while some obviously quite new, just stick to the basic movements. Nonetheless, they looked gorgeous.

Celebrating birthday here could be very memorable. The birthday girl would be dancing for about 5 minutes with numerous partners – I guess it depends on your popularity. As for my friend here, Simmone, there were endless people in the line queuing up to dance with her. She looked gorgeous and stunning.

I guess salsa is a good form of exercise as you could see everyone sweating profusely on the dance floor. I noticed most people seemed to be very health conscious. Most tables were filled with only mineral water – or were it because a bottle of beer costs about RM21? It is getting too exorbitant to go clubbing these days. Guess we can only go to Salsa Havana on Ladies Night (Thursdays).

Little Salsa Dancer in the Making



I asked Sekinchan Boy where to get stamp albums. He looked shock for a minute and then laughed mockingly in my face.

I know. Many may not even remember that such hobby still exists.

Since I was idling away last weekend, it would be best if I do some spring-cleaning of my old stuffs. I have been delaying my purchase of a new stamp album for the stamps that I kept in envelopes throughout my years of writing letters. During THOSE days before the internet, I used to receive an impressive 200 – 300 letters per annum.

I kept most of them, but somehow over the years, moth and bookworms had eaten into them and I reluctantly threw them away.

When I was back in primary school, we used to bring our collection albums – be it stamps, coins, first day covers, dried flowers and leaves, etc for show offs in school. Children will always be children.

I think nobody in school beat my record as yet – as I have stamps aging over 40 years in this album, belonging to my dead uncle, who collected them when he was a young boy.

Dead Uncle’s Album

Inside DU’s Album

Today, I think they are about 60 years old. Hhmph.. wonder if they would worth a fortune.

I particularly like overseas stamps especially during Christmas. They are indeed nice and colorful.

Don’t you love everything Christmas?

Merry Christmas

England postage design did not change much over the years. They still hail the queen with the stamps.

Hail the Queen!

Please tell me that, there is someone out there still collect stamps. Am I entertaining myself with an obsolete hobby?