The deafening quietness
Soaking violently
On this heartless soul
Like dampness
On dried crunch leaves

Hatred, much less love
Wrath, much less compassion
Small little world
Turning chaotic

Where is…
Heart of forgiveness
Hands for blessings
Warm smiles

Hope fades
Unhappiness looms
Heart turning into
Cold stones

Depressed souls
Gentle wretched
Are lost beings
Beyond reach

Where is the light
The darkest of night
The flicker of hope
Reaching for the rope

The rope around my neck
The first day break
Flashes of memories
One last breath

Darkness, utterly darkness
Smog thickens
Red inferno
Swallow me whole

A poem inspired by a friend’s story. Her good friend committed suicide recently by hanging herself in the bedroom. There is always a solution for every problem. Seek help. Do not linger. There is more to this life as life is larger than life itself. Live it to the fullest.

For the living, keep an eye on those beside you. You will never know when they are going to leave you.

Forgiveness is a hard word to swallow. But when there is some in your heart, it would make this life way easier.

I am trying my best.


In love
There is no right or wrong
Black or white
Good or bad

In love
There is only give and take
Only forgive and forget
Without regrets

In love
We only live in the present
The past left behind
The future’s blind

In love
Time stands still
To discover each other
Like prized treasure

In love
It drives you to the brink
Of hope or despair
Of recklessness or care

In love
Is to let him know
Without him
There will be no you

In love
Is to see him happy
To see his smile
That runs a mile

In love
Is to love him unconditionally
Letting go when it is due
And live life anew

I wrote this sometime last year to comfort a friend, lost in love. I hope this would be comforting for those in need of it too.

Special note:-

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An evening sun through drizzles
For a rainbow to appear

A fresh morning dew
On a wilted leaf

A vast blue oasis
In an arid desert

A soothing puff
When sand gets in the eyes

A kiss from soft breeze
While walking down the street

A warm cozy blanket
In cold dark nights

Gentle soft fingers
On pounding temple

A pot of nutritious soup
To ease a grumbling belly

A reach out helping hand
Falling off the bicycle

A cuddly hug
When comfort is needed most

A knowing smile
To share your utmost joy

A guardian angel
To protect and to guide

Abundance of love
From around and above

For you, these humble prayers
Infinite and endless

Today, tomorrow
Forever and more


Crossroads of Life

Here comes a time in life
When nothing seems to jive
I am so battered
I have grown so weary
Of walking this life of mockery

It has been too long
I hung my heart on a tiny string of hope
Praying you would give me another chance
To let me show how much I adore you
How much you mean to me

Today I know
Today I realize
The feelings subside
You have taken everything there is
To make this life worthwhile

I have given up
And I want you to know this
Oh, I am sure, you would be pleased
That I no longer think of you
The way I used to do

I wish you the best of the best
From the bottom of my heart
May you continue this journey
With someone who love you as much as I do
Or maybe, even more


Good Bye


Faded photograph, covered now with lines and creases
Tickets torn in half, memories in bits and pieces
Traces of love, long ago that didn’t work out right
Things we used to share, souvenirs of days together
The ring she used to wear, pages from an old love letter


Traces of love, long ago that didn’t work out right
Traces of love, with me tonight.
I close my eyes and say a prayer
That in his heart, he’ll find a trace of love still there, somewhere
Traces of hope in the night that he’ll come back and
dry these traces of tears from my eyes.