Random Notes

#1. Things begin to slow down for a bit in office. Not sure if it’s a good thing or not. While it’s good to have a breather once awhile, I kinda like the rush sometimes. Make the days pass effortlessly.

#2. Been hit by sleepy bug. I feel sleepy all the time even with enough sleep the night before. Guess need to do medical check up on what’s going on. Perhaps blood sugar acting up.

#3. Was a little annoyed when I received a text from my ex, ex boss again after months of silence just to ask if a company is OK, so and so. She usually does that when she’s looking for new job prospects. Like my face is a info counter if the company is okay or not. Read the annual report la. I can’t help you either coz I don’t work in that particular company before so how the hell would I know. I chose to ignore her text. Out of sight. Out of mind. Out of life.

#4. Met a childhood friend, more like competitor on Saturday in a show. Actually I wanted to just watch the show but since it’s for charity, I am more willing and happy to be part of it. Haven’t seen her in 31 years. She was this really brilliant girl, but a little aggressive when she was younger and challenged me when I took the no. 1 spot away from her in standard 4. Haha. Now we can both laugh at our silliness. She’s still grieving her parents who passed away last year. Hope she hang in there.

Random Notes

Ern Ern

She has grown to be a really plucky and animated little girl. Not so little anymore. She’s going to be 8 years old this Saturday. Of coz, some days are good, some days are bad. But there are more good days than bad days. Bad days are those days she had to go to hospital to get her health matters sorted out. She’s still wetting her bed at age 8. It is due to her having a single kidney. Doctors are trying their best to solve her issue. I almost burst into tears when I told her about a multivitamin which is good for the body. She innocently asked me if the pill could make her stop wetting her bed. I was at loss of words, , my heart string was tugged and eyes turned watery. But I put a brave front and told her, she will get well soon.


Been planning to blog about stuff but somehow, couldn’t find time. I would either be busy at work or at home, too busy watching the hottest series from China now, the Story of Yanzi Palace. Can’t believe I am chasing after such a ridiculous drama. But then, I find it really interesting as to how the concubines trying to outwit and outdo.. to the extend of killing each other just to have attention from the emperor. Thank God China is a republic now!

TV Smith

Heard of the passing of this internet icon in Malaysia. Rest in peace, dude. We used to hang out for a bit back in those days. I guess I will always remember his satirical wit. I will also remember the one time I made him laugh out loud. He asked me, what alcohol do I like? I said I like vodka and gin. He asked, why only white spirits? I quipped, because I am a racist. He laughed his head off and said, that’s a good one.


Was trying to go on keto diet and my friends wished me luck. True enough. It’s most difficult to keep up and be consistent. I have to get up early in the morning, sacrifice 20 minutes of sleep to prepare for my breakfasts and lunches in office. Fried some eggs, boiled eggs, stir fried mushrooms, boil some vegetables, cooked some ham, sausages. Well… now the sight of sausages makes me wanna throw up. Haha. I miss my bread and rice. I guess I have to try harder and be consistent!

Lazy Ass

Every morning when the alarm rings, I don’t wanna get out from my bed. Especially these few days of rainy mornings and cooling weather! Thank God for the long holiday weekends! This morning, my heart and brain were fighting each other whether to go or not to go for body balance class. My brain told me I need more sleep. My heart said, I should go! It’s for my health! I ended up going and didn’t regret it one bit. Probably will regret if I don’t go. Hopefully, tomorrow I will haulĀ  my lazy ass to Zumba class.


Random Notes

Body Balance

This morning, dragged myself to body balance class. Actually I love this class! Just that have to wake up 10 minutes earlier to make sure I am not late.

I think my flexibility improved slightly. At least can bend further now. Was telling the instructor if I could improve an inch every week, it’s more than enough for me.

Heard my right thigh cracked just now. Hopefully it’s for good. Felt slightly pain just now but it’s OK now.


There was thousands of people waiting for the lift just now. Yeah.. Probably not thousands but 30? The elevator showed G but didn’t open. Two lifts were not operating properly. Funny that this is a fairly new building and yet, the elevator already show signs of malfunctioning. It better don’t get people stuck in it.


Can’t believe it’s Thursday already. Was dreading Monday just 3 days ago and now we are approaching weekend.

Hope you have a fruitful and productive day today.

Random Notes


Finally I found a way to kill time as I was walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes. The time passed too slowly when you have nothing for your mind to fixate on while you are on a stationary machine. I tried thinking of things or look around but it still passes slowly (time on treadmill. They should name it dreadmill instead).

Today, I reread my old blog posts randomly while on the treadmill. Quite hilarious some of them. Equally hilarious were the comments. The comments made my day!!

Feeling Old

It’s Friday today and we are almost at the end of February already. Kinda scary how time seems to zip past you.

Today a colleague shared that her mom used to teach another younger colleague when he was in Standard One in Kuantan school in 1995. Then, a quick mental calculation made I realized the colleague is 12 years my junior!! I was already finishing college in 1995! Omg. He is really young. Haha.

Dayre Updates

I might import posts from Dayre to WordPress to keep whatever I have written in the past. So people, if you subscribe to this blog (yes, the two if you) I would like to apologize first for the notification you might get later when I do.

Random Notes

Taken this morning on my way to.the gym. Been lazy and slacking but I keep reminding myself, health is utmost important. Nobody gonna help you if you don’t help yourself.

Was lamenting about my bad luck on first day back to work. My season parking pass suddenly vanished. Nobody seem to take it and nobody seem to notice. I never remove it from my car so it’s really puzzling how it has gone missing. Spent rm22 for per day parking on Monday. I cursed and cursed.

Then I almost locked myself out from my own gym locker. The locker suddenly just wouldn’t open. I was in disbelief and was fretting I might have to report to work in my sweaty gym clothing. Haha. Drama. Finally the damn locker opened after many tries.

I got to office and put my bag in the drawer and then it got stuck. The bag became fat after cny. Haha. Had to manually remove one drawer to release my stuck bag. Sigh. And it’s them fourth day of the new year. Hope the bad luck goes away! Shoo!