Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

13 Aug
Pic from Saltosystems.

Finally managed to catch Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.

Was already surprised with the real stunt clinging on the plane at the beginning of the movie.

I was like… wtf? The epic scene at the beginning?? It better ge greater than that throughout the movie!

No disappointment though. The whole movie kept my toes curl and my fingers in fists.

One thing though.. his floral shirt.. and long hair with the sunglasses in some scenes made him looked like Bruce Jenner at some angles.

Oh HORROR! 😱😱😱😱

13 Aug-1
Pic from Google

See the floral baju..

Sorry ah @kimberzilla . Talk about your other husband like that. Ha ha Just my two cents la.

Age is creeping up on Tom Cruise. He still looks great at his age though!

Still remember his first MI. I guess will go rewatch his first MI on Kodi tonight.

13 Aug
This morning there’s an interview. The candidate came early but spent 30 minutes to fill up the application form.Wah.. apply for CEO meh?

So I checked with the receptionist. Where is the candidate? Still in the conference room. Can you please check if he completed the form?

Apparently he did some 20 mins ago but sat there like a dungu.

Can’t blame him. Maybe the sickly HR personnel (the one with red hoodie all the time) didn’t inform him to go to level 1 after completing the form.

When he arrived at my floor, I saw him at the lobby. Told him to wait another 5 mins for another boss to arrive.

When the other boss came, HR signalled him to go to my boss’ room.
Then, one of our female colleagues walked past him. He stared at her and almost walked into the glass panel. Lol.

Am going to tease my female colleague on this for weeks!

Taiping Golf Resort

Just came back from Taiping. Yes.. playing host again. This time my ex colleagues had two vouchers to stay at Taiping Golf Resort so we made the trip.

When we reached the hotel, which is way far from taiping, about 15 to 20 minutes to town centre (which is damn far by Taiping’s standard), we saw the building with the paint peeling off, one of the girls said – let’s scram from here!!! Haha. It indeed looks really creepy.

We checked in, but was not given the condotel nearer to the entrance. We were given the building after the golf course, which is secluded and it was really creepy. There was no reception at the counter in the building. When we arrived, it was dark and raining. Imagine there’s only a light at the reception. Honestly, it looked like some ghost movie scene.. of a dilapidated hotel, with nobody at the reception and only lit with faint orange light.

We scrambled to look for a switch so we could see which rooms we are in but couldn’t find it. So I guess 101 and 108 is not on ground floor but on first floor. The moment the elevator open, it was pitch black.. then, lights suddenly flickered on. There’s a mirror in the elevator so imagine you actually saw somebody in an empty elevator! Which is your own reflection! We were jostled out of our wits!

The room which has a balcony is actually not bad. But my room facing the parking lot looks a bit creepy. Coupled with the very susah to open door knob – it seems that, if you couldn’t open the door on your first try in a hotel, you better go get another room! I knocked and said politely we will only come stay for a night, so please pardon us. And the door could be opened. I wanted to keep the lights on but then, we planned to move to another room, so we switched it off. Which I regretted.

Only to go to the reception and was told, it was fully booked. I doubt it. I didn’t see a single soul – apart from the 4 of us and one couple who left after we arrived for the night… which my friend said, did you see somebody? I didn’t see anybody also! Well, I tried not to question her after she made the remark, since we will be staying there for the night.. better to shut up and say unnecessary thing!

Also I saw a huge spider when we left the room earlier but I didn’t tell my friend.

My friend was taking a shower in her room when the lights suddenly switched off in the bathroom after 5 minutes. She thought the room mate was playing pranks on her but actually, it was just short fused. So she continued taking her shower in the dark, with the light from her handphone.

The security latch in my room was broken so it gave me sleepless night. My sleep was intermittent throughout the night and I kept the lights on in the bathroom and also the passage way to the door.

So.. kinda disappointed.. no ghost and the hotel is so dilapidated. Haha! Actually, the place is nice if they take the trouble to upkeep it. Afterall, now many people are looking for places like this to rest and relax. They should really consider making it into a nice resort. Revamp the place. I am sure many people will pay good money to stay in places like this. Further, it’s really cooling and the air is really fresh. Ah well.

Sorry to disappoint. No ghost story here.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag


I was googling for movies to watch and stumbled upon this Hindi movie. The last Hindi movie I watched was Three Idiots in 2011 I think. Simple story line but weaved with drama, song, suspense and emotions that tugged the heart strings. I love Hindi movies! I think I cried in most of them, especially “Hathi Mere Sathi” or Elephant My Friend. Who would forget how the elephants being abandoned but then came back to save the baby from snake? Sometimes animals have more compassion compared to humans!


Check out those abs!! I chanced upon this movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. I think it’s translated as Run Milkha Run. It’s a story based on a true life account of fastest man in Asia. He suffered as a child refugee running away from massacre of his family during the 1940s partition of Pakistan and India. Grew up a wild child and subsequently joined the army. His talent for running was recognized and he rose from a poor village boy to one of the world’s greatest athlete.


The real actor, Farhan Akthar actually trained 18 months for this role! In order to get into such impressive athletic body!

In the movie, milk was his motivation to get picked into top 10 to be drafted into athletics to represent India. He ran for daily milk and eggs. Reminds me of the story of a boxer during the great depression starred Russell Crowe in Cinderella Man.

The movie was 3 hours long so I had to break it into two to watch 2 nights. It was worth it. Tear jerking and warm.

A great bird does not attach itself to one small tree. Fly high! Soar! Fly to your dreams!

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Sabah Local Eats

Warning! May cause hunger pangs and excessive salivating!

Here are some of the food we ate while we were in Kota Kinabalu. Yes.. we are such gluttons! *Click on the names of the shops to other awesome bloggers’ links with more elaborate write-up and tips!

Fook Yuen Kopitiam

Gaya Street Branch
Jubilee Tower, Gaya Street
GPS Location : 5.98508345.9850834N 116.0780132E

Asia City Branch
Star City, Asia City
GPS Location: 5.97585085.9758508N 116.0725093E

IMG_20141115_084031Nasi Lemak bungkus

IMG_20141115_082718Roti Kahwin

IMG_20141115_082322Economic kueh teow/meehoon and dim sum

I had roti kahwin before when I visited KK back in 2006. If not mistaken, our host took us to Damai’s Fook Yuen. A few years down the road and you have this branch sprouted everywhere in KK town! Haha.

Since I stayed in Cititel Express, near Asia City, I was glad to know there’s a branch of Fook Yuen here. So we basically had our yum cha sessions with some of our friends and relatives here to catch up. Of the 3 days I stayed here, I had 6 servings of roti kahwin!

I am happy that they give generous amount of butter in the roti kahwin and a dollop of kaya. Not very diabetic friendly.. but heck, we only live once! Pair it with a glass of milk tea and you have the perfect breakfast or supper.

Fook Yuen also serve economic fried meehoon, rice, kueh teow and noodles. You can add on other food such as fishballs, foo chook, etc to your plate of goodies. There’s also some selection of dim sum. For me, I just like the roti kahwin.

Kelapa Bakar & Lokan Panggang
Along Jalan Sulaman

IMG_20141115_164238Kelapa Puding

We went on a short city tour and our host dropped us by the road for Kelapa Bakar & Kelapa Puding. Stuffed from late lunch, we didn’t get to try much. The kelapa puding is damn delicious though! It’s good thirst quencher for a really hot day.

Fatt Kee Restaurant (Hilltop)
Lee Wong Kee Seafood Restaurant
Lot 6 Ground Floor,
1-0-3, Kolam Centre Phase 3,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.


Delicious fish slices in noodles soup

Selling fish slices soup, fish ball soup, anything to do with fish in their hearty warm, sourish soup. Perfect to vet your appetite for more food to come!

Kedai Kopi Jia Siang 家香生肉面

Lot1-0, G/Floor, Lorong 3,
Lintas Plaza Ring Road,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,


Sang Nyuk Mian

I am always a fan of pork noodles. Even in KL, I would always order pork noodles whenever I eat outside. This Sang Yuk Mian in KK scored really high for me. What I like most is probably the noodles texture. I think it’s egg noodles, if not mistaken. Delectable noodles to go with minced meat or sliced meat and innards.. ah… I am in heaven.

Wun Chiap Restaurant
Tampurali town


Egg stuffed tofu, stuffed tofu, braised chicken claws and choy sum


Tamparuli Mee

Tamparuli Mee. I never heard of this mee before until my friend took us here for a meal. He said it’s something like Tuaran mee but it’s dryer compared to the wetter Tuaran mee. We had a go at it. It is a plate of yellow noodles with thinly chopped char siew and siew yuk on top of it. It’s refreshing and not too heavy on taste.

They also serve delicious and sweet choy sum and locally made stuffed tofu and stuffed egg. Must try them all!

Fatt Kee (Ang’s Hotel)
Below Ang’s Hotel
Jalan Pantai (Opposite Wisma Merdeka)
Opens for Lunch 11:30 till 2 then dinner from 5:30 till late

IMG_20141116_220302Braised pork knuckles in dong guai, stir fried bitter guord with egg and chicken wings

This is a different Fatt Kee from the sliced fish soup restaurant. This restaurant serves good braised pork knuckles in dong guai soup. OMG. I still salivate thinking of the pork knuckles! The chicken wings are also delicious. This place is always packed to the brim. We were early so we managed to get a seat. We quickly finish our meals so that others could have a table and seat.

Equatorial Restaurant KK
Lot C-G8, C-G7, C-G6, Ground Floor, Block C,
Plaza Tanjung Aru, Jalan Mat Saleh,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
tel: +6088 313 399+6088 313 399, +6088 313 166+6088 313 166, +6088 225 166+6088 225 166 (office)
fax: +6088 219 166


Crystal prawns, prawns in vermicelli and spinach soup

We had some crystal prawns and prawns in vermicelli here, since we were still stuffed with the scrumptious food we just had at Fatt Kee (Ang’s Hotel).

The crystal prawns are really succulent and sweet while the vermicelli with prawns are sold in number of servings. We ordered four servings and it came with a rather small claypot. Since we were all still full, the amount is just alright for us.

Kedai Kopi Kuo Man
Lot 5, Jalan Tuaran, Sunny Garden,
Batu 1 1/2, 88450, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Contact: 088-221189088-221189

IMG_20141117_090708Kon lou mein with fish paste/fish slices, stuffed tofu and roast pork belly

We had another round of noodles with fish paste, sliced pork, fish balls, etc. I think our host really loves noodles. They also serve porridge. I probably could eat this on the long term. The taste of the noodles is great, the fish are fresh as well as the pork.

They also serve siew yuk, which I think would be better if they sliced them thinner. Taste wise, it was alright. Almost every table has a serving of siew yuk! The food is so good that they have expanded into another shop lot. There are seats upstairs as well.

Tung Fong Seafood Restaurant
Ground Floor Lot 1,
Inanam Square, 88450 Inanam.
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


Braised fish slices in bean paste – super mouth watering!


Red Snapper Noodles Soup

Lovely fresh fish. Prices of seafood are listed on the board, so you don’t get a “surprise” when you are paying for your food. Here, they served Giant Garoupa as well but usually subject to availability and it’s not often, you get to eat “long dan”. Another choice would be the sea carp noodles, which could set you for Rm40 per bowl! Since we were still stuffed from Kuo Man’s noodles, we ordered red snapper noodles and the braised fish slices in bean paste just for taste. Indeed delicious. I think if I ever live in KK, I would never eat anything other than fish, fish and more fresh fish!

For other eateries in Sabah, you may click on the awesome links below!

Sabah Eats

Beautiful KK

10 Foods must eat in Kota Kinabalu City Centre


Jorgito & Malu’s meeting with Champion, the dog

It is a light hearted movie for children and adults alike.

I find Viva Cuba lived up to its title. It’s amazing that with such a simple story line, it was capable to bring viewers to the plentiful beautiful landscapes of Cuba; which we would probably never see before. When we think of Cuba, we thought of the Che Guevara, cigars, salsa and Havana club.

You can read all about the movie here. Kleio did a pretty good introduction. I am not going to do a review about the story.

One thing I couldn’t help noticing is, the way the director filmed the movie. The cinematography is way so cool. You get to see the movie in almost a dream-like state.

I especially love the scene where both main characters (Malu & Jorgito) lie beneath the starry skies, in a ramshackle boat. It was almost picture perfect.

When Malu and Jorgito were discussing plans to run away, the sunset casting its orange ray over Havana’s skyline, it gave you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

When Malu complained of thirst and bursting in screaming anger, the director managed to shoot that scene from the view of a bison’s skull, to let us picture the dire state that they were in. It added some humour into the situation when a butterfly landed on the bison skull.

When both of them were discussing their plans under a coconut tree, it was as if there were only two persons existing in the world.

The scenes I have discussed here were very normal scenes and there were no special effects whatsoever. It’s just the angle of the movie was being shot. They take into consideration minute details, such as pictures of Cuban flag when both mothers were agonizing over their runaway children or when the children crossed the road, there was a huge graffiti of Che Guevara on the background, how they support their own Cuban President, Fidel Castro by hanging on their door knob – This is Fidel’s house as opposed to the staunch catholic neighbour’s house – The Lord’s House etc.

I love it. I love it so much. Thank you, Kleio for sharing this.

Ibero American Film Festival runs from 8 to 15 October 2006 at Wisma Kebudayaan Soka Gakkai Malaysia.