Redemption Day

Was contemplating to cancel Astro because the old folks at home only watch the Hua Hee Dai and Sports. Been thinking to get NJoi and just prepay for HHD and sports. That would cost me only Rm42.40 per month instead of Rm164.30 now. It’s ridiculous to pay for so much when I don’t even get to watch one bit.

As I was mulling over the decision, I signed in my account and realized that I have accumulated 2750 points. So decided to use it before cancellation.

Didn’t notice the cute figurines of Game of Thrones till I redeemed a pen drive. It’s the most practical I guess. Luckily they ran out of Tyrion Lannister. Otherwise I would be kicking myself.

So since I have redeemed Astro points, I sign into my other utilities accounts too for freebies.

One thing about TM rewards, the guys at Unifi actually cared enough to call me to inform that I have accumulated over 5,000 points in my account and advised me to redeem them before expiry date. So previously, they assisted by redeeming 5500 points for Rm55 off my unifi bill. 500 points = Rm5. Am quite grateful.

So today I further redeemed 1500 points for Rm15 off my bill.

Speaking of redemption of points, am quite upset that Maybank no longer gives 5% rebate for shopping on weekends effective 1st August. There goes the Rm50 savings every month. Now only applies to dining. No more 5% off TNB, TMB and Maxis bills if you pay on weekends. Heck. I always wait for weekend to do online banking. Kiasu max? Ha ha.

Hopefully they still maintain the 5x points for Amex. Oh well..

Managed to use 9000 points over the weekend for Rm25 Baskin Robbins treat. Didn’t know we could redeem like that. Was told by the staff so I jumped to it and we had free ice cream. Best!

Northbound Trip

Northbound trip to #taiping. The highway was clear and beautiful scenery of low clouds upon the horizon.

Stop by Bidor. Unfortunately Pun Chun was packed to the brim. So we just packed some fried yam puffs and went on to Lenggong.

Makan makan at Sin Hup Yik. Famous for fresh water fish. We had the “sultan” fish. It’s called Sultan because it seems its the Perak Sultan’s favorite fish. I like the assam sotong the most.

After lunch dessert of durians…D101 and Red Prawn.

Taiping cendol Ansari. Yum yum

First stop, Taiping War Cemetery. Here, the heros and soldiers who fought in WWII beinv buried. Mainly British snd Gurkhas.

No filter needed. The gorgeous Taiping lake garden.

Gorgeous! The sun came out just as we were about to go back to our car.

Another view.

Black cat at All Saints Catholic Church. Quite creepy come to think of it.

I have lived in Taiping for 13 years and yet I haven’t been to this beautiful church.

Beautiful Cemetery in the church compound.

Hard labour. It’s manual work of moving mangrove logs inti kiln for burning to turn into charcoal.

The logs were transported from the mangrove swamp to the kiln area.

Sunset view from the Happy 8 Retreat Kuala Sepetang.

Be Prepared Always

Be prepared always. Like a scout’s motto. A friend went to Bali and her luggage went missing. Lodge a complaint to the airport and was told her bag ended up in Penang instead.

So the horror began. For overweight people it’s a hellish nightmare! Where are you going to find clothes your size??

Lucky thing she still could manage in fit into some t shirts bought from the stalls and made do with them till her luggage arrive the next day.

That’s how I developed a habit of carrying at least a set of clothes in my hand carry whenever I travel. Where la to find my APTF? Ah poh tai fu? Hahaha!

The same happened to my entourage to Paris a few years ago. The aunty only has clothes on her back. It was rather chilly that autumn so one of the girls gave her a shawl.

Totally unprepared. We arrived late in the evening so no shops were opened.

The poor lady had to sleep in the clothes she wore.. after flying 14 hours on the plane. Poor aunty.

Her luggage only arrived the next day late evening.

So people.. it’s always good to have a set of clothes in your hand carry whenever you travel.

Tiling 101


Finally found a contractor to fix the tiles. It’s really hard to find a contractor willing to do a small job. I have called several friends but nobody seems free or bothered to even quote me. Some kind of friends I have. Guess really have to take a reality check. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

It’s a lucky thing sis has good subordinates who helped her look for one who is his cousin.

Even the cousin mentioned that he is not free at the moment coz he is in the middle of another job. But for his cousin brother he is willing to help. Hopefully no half ass shit work.


Yesterday went to buy the things needed for the renovation. I was expecting to ferry my own sand in my tiny little car. Lol. Felt so foolish when the hardware shop man told me the lorry will send over some tomorrow. Lol.

I bought a scope of coarse sand, 6 bags of cement, 2 bags of cement adhesive and 5L of tiles adhesive. That costs me only Rm281. I opened my eyes real big at the price contractors been charging us!


Work started. Thank God. Hopefully things done asap.

Went to Jalan Ipoh to buy tiles. I think I took less than 10 minutes to decide. Hopefully it’s nice. Ha ha. Ended buying porcelain instead of homogeneous tiles. Was told by colleagues homogeneous tiles is more durable.

But the showroom girl said homogeneous is for heavy duty area like car porch. We can put in rooms too but it’s a bit rough. So it’s better to use porcelain.


Cement done. Tomorrow the contractor will come to do the tiling works. Can’t wait to see how the new tiles look like in the room.


Waiting to catch I Have a Date with Spring.

Taking a break from cleaning up the house. Hopefully the tiles will be completed tomorrow.

I guess this is their first show so there are kinks here and there to iron. Nevertheless I enjoyed the show. The Nancy has always been my favorite. So she still is.

My aunt commented the girls are good but the boys need more practice. Ha ha. Since when became musical critic. Ha ha.

Plant with Healing Properties


I have a bit of regret. I wish I had studied harder to become a botanist. I admit disliking learning about plants when I was taking A levels Biology. I simply couldn’t make any sense of it.

Now, already an adult, I am very much into learning about herbs that heal. Malaysia is blessed with so many species of plants and animals. Yet, our scientific research do not come up with something which could help the masses.

Perhaps there is, but it was not marketed properly to create awareness. If you google about a plant with medicinal properties, there is no website which offers professional views. Those mainly found are written by lay people who happened to consume the plant and made a recovery.

For instance, the papaya leaves making a round news on the internet with its healing properties for dengue. Three of my friends actually recovered leaps and bounds after taking it.

There are medical professionals claiming it’s not true but we have seen a few remarkable recovery. A quick search on the internet stated there’s a team of doctors in Pakistan came up with a scientific report on the efficacy of Carica papaya leaves extract. Too complicated for lay people like me to understand but there seemed to be an answer in the papaya leaves.


Well, my purpose for this post today is not to debate on the efficacy of the Carica papaya leaves extract. I am not an expert! I wish I were! I just want to share on some plants planted by my aunt in my house garden which have healing properties.

This red color plant seem to help with circulation of blood and helps the heart. We have people coming requesting for it. I am not sure what is it called. Anybody has any idea?

The first photo above is called daun kaduk. My mom uses the leaves to cook seahum curry, which are simply delicious! I think the same leaves are used as a Thai appetizer called the miengkum. Now.. I just need to prepare the other ingredients to go with it!

A quick check on the internet reveals that this daun can be used for constipation, toothache, malaria, worm, weak and sore bones and cough.


Snake grass plant. My aunt eats 15 to 20 blades of grass everyday to curb diabetes. It seems to help.

I have read many testimonials on the internet which claimed this also help cancer patients.


This is my favorite plant. Basil leaves. My cousin brother always cook phad kabrow for us. Minced chicken or pork with basil leaves. So we just pluck the leaves in our garden to cook.

A quick check on the internet reveals so many benefits from this nice aromatic leaves plant. It’s good for skin, has high levels of carotenoids, vit A, anti oxidants etc. Fuh! I didn’t know that!


Aloe vera. Mom would sometimes sliced up a blade and made us tong sui. I like the refreshing taste of the aloe vera which is really cooling. Definitely a good drink for a hot day.

It’s detoxifying, supports the immune system, lower cholesterol and blood sugars, etc.

Disclaimer: This is only my own personal observation and some information are gathered from the internet. This post do not in any way serves as a medical advice (even the slightest.. remotely.. etc). It is wise to consult your physician if you have medical problems.