Glam Nation, Kuala Lumpur

Adam Lambert

14th October 2010, Thursday
Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

It was quite a night! Yuin, Meehoon Queen, my cousin brother and I gathered to have a quick bite (and Yuin, painting his finger nails black at the restaurant!) before heading towards Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil yesterday. Traffic was a little congested from the Puchong side, but we managed to reach the venue before 6 pm.

As we walked from our parking lot to the venue, there were already many people lining up for some snacks, taking photos, queuing up to get into the stadium. There was even a geisha walking past us! Some people totally dressed up to the nines! We saw many daughters coming with their mothers. Sons with mothers too, but very few fathers with their children. It was awesome!

We started to join the queue by 6 pm. Not long later, people were already making a beeline. There were occasional screams we heard whenever someone open the door at the entrance.

The entrance only open at about 7.30 pm and everybody was excited. However, the security was checking bags, so the queue moved on rather slowly. By 7.45 pm, we were already in the stadium! In the Pit! We didn’t want to risk any chances, so we just stood where we were, about less than 50 feet away from the stage. MQ said this is the first time she gets to stand so near the stage!

By 8 pm, the Pit was already packed to the brim. Everyone was chanting, “Adam! Adam! Adam!” but still no sign of Adam. The crew went up the stage and starting to arrange things. It’s very weird to see such things. Why are they not prepared earlier? There was a bald guy moving things around the stage, then a lady arranging water and towel to be placed on stage. The crowd was entertained by songs and MTVs. Whenever there’s a flashback on American Idol Season 8 with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen in it, the fans would scream. I decided to keep my stamina and energy when Adam is on stage.

8.30 pm, still no sign of Adam. The crowd was getting restless. Then, there was an announcement, everybody got excited and started screaming again. Mana tau… it was the opening act, some guy whom I don’t even know. Ok lah, perhaps I am not really up-to-date in entertainment world. Then, came in Daniel Lee from Malaysian idol 2 and the cute violinist. Everyone got really fired up and ready for Adam Lambert. It was then, the stage went quiet. The bald guy came up again to tune the instruments. I tell you… I was so fucking tulan. Memang potong steam habis habis!

Then, they just entertain the crowd with more songs and they got some giant plastic balls bouncing on and around the crowd. The crowd – with herd mentality started screaming and pushing everybody to get to the balls. Come on lah! Actually, some people took this as opportunity to elbow their way further nearer to the stage. It’s really sickening because, if you are fucking late, please fucking stand behind. The people in front, already lined up all day for good front spots! There’s this annoying skinny bastard, not to mention with SMELLY armpits standing next to me, with his equally annoying, simian-like friend started to jostle their way to the front. MQ and I started to lock our elbows to stop them from coming in front. What fucking morons!

By 9.05 pm, I was already running out of patience when suddenly Adam Lambert appeared on stage! It was all crazy! I soon forgotten about the smelly armpits and monkeys grinding against me. We were here for a good time! The sound system was rather bad! We couldn’t really hear what he was singing, no thanks to screaming shorty banshees behind us either. There was also a skinny guy with a heart-shaped placard which annoyed the shit out of everybody because he was blocking us with it! The banshees behind us screaming at him to ask him to move his placard coz he was blocking our view! Thank goodness he obliged and stopped waving his stupid heart-shaped placard.

It went on well – actually, everybody respected each other’s space except for the two simians who head-banged along all music. Adam’s hairdo- we wonder how much spray he had on his hair that it could even withstood the long hat he wore! I bet the hair would still stand like that even if he fell into a river! Haha!

As our ears gotten accustomed to the really bad sound system, we started to sing along with Adam. Adam sang most of the songs in his new album but, he didn’t sing “Time for Miracles” which is my favorite. Adam introduced his band and when it’s his bassist’s turn, Tommy Joe Ratliff – Yuin, MQ and I shouted, “KISS! KISS! KISS!” Lol! Adam gave us a mischievous grin. It was quite hilarious.

After that, Adam and the band left the stage. Again, another potong steam moment. “That was it?” We were all very confused. Then, the crowd shouted, “We want more! We want more! We want more!”

Less than 5 minutes later, Adam came back on stage much to the pleasure of the crowd and sang, Mad World and ended the night high and dry, with Placebo’s 20th Century Boy.

We find the concert rather short. Actually, we were still charged with adrenaline and hadn’t reached the saturation point yet, and the concert was over. When Adam bid good nite, the guitarist threw his guitar pick and the drummer gave away his drumsticks, we knew it’s officially over. The crowd was rather obedient. Everybody just left the hall in orderly manner.

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening. I just wish that, it would last another 10 minutes or so. I think the stage was rather TOO SMALL for Adam’s greatness! And a better sound system. Our hearing was slightly numbed when we left the hall. Surprisingly, I thought I am going to be in pain for standing more than 4.5 hours last night but my legs are fine!

Adam’s set list : Voodoo, Down The Rabbit Hole, For Your Entertainment, Ring Of Fire, Fever, Sleepwalker, Acoustic set : WWFM, Soaked, Broken Open and Aftermath, Sure Fire Winners, Strut, Music Again, If I Had You and Mad World (Encore) and 20th Century Boy (Encore). *Instead of kissing Tommy, Adam blew a kiss to the fans during Fever. To read more, please click here.

Are You Ready, Glamberts?

Glam God!

Tickets – Check! Eye Liner – Check! Black Nail Polish – Check! Mascara – Check!

So, glamberts! Are you guys ready for Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Live in KL on Oct 14? I don’t know about you.. but I am SO ready!

Gina: Meehoon Queen ask if you will paint your fingernails black
Gina: when we go see adam lambert’s concert
Yuin:maybe i’ll wear eye shadow
Gina: not eye shadow lah
Gina: eye liner
Gina: then sharon said wahhh very chi kek
Gina: hahahaha
Yuin:eye liner is the one for the bulu mata la
Yuin:my bulu tebal liao
Yuin:no need
Yuin:i need eye shadow for the under the eyes wan ma
Yuin:not meh?
Gina: you want to be panda ah?
Gina: ann is offering eye liner
Gina: lol
Gina: no lah
Gina: that is mascara
Yuin:oh mascara
Yuin:mascara then
Yuin:i will use mascara
Gina: under eyes where got ppl put eye shadow
Gina: u memang siao
Gina: eye liner is the one u use to draw the outline of your eyes shape lah
Gina: bulu mana tebal?
Gina: lol
Yuin:bulu mata la
Yuin:the one one the eye lid wan is what?
Gina: on top of eye lid is eye shadow
Gina: bulu mata use mascara
Gina: then to outline the eyes is eye liner
Gina: eye brow also use eye liner

Fuah.. giving make up tips to a guy when I hardly wear any make-up myself. I think MeeHoon Queen can assist us. Heh!

Chinese Doctor, Adam Lambert & KFC

Today I was on leave. So, I thought I could run some errands like going to buy some supplements, accompanying my sis to bring our aunts to the hospital for check up and maybe dropping by One Utama to check out Rolling Stone – Adam Lambert’s edition.

Too bad. I only managed to complete 1/3 tasks at hand.

We took the DUKE highway to Jalan Ampang to pass some stuff to my cousin sis because there was a massive traffic jam along Jalan Kuching at 2.40 pm. I wonder what the jam was all about.

When we got to Tung Shin Hospital, there were quite a number of patients, so we had to wait a bit for our turn. My sis said, the orthopedic doctor from China is quite good. Those with joint problems or twisted an ankle or hand could also go to this doctor for consultation. So far, her friend who had been suffering years of nagging problem of her aching wrist miraculously cured after one consultation. Another colleague of ours who slipped and hurt her back also went to the doctor and she was all okay now.

After the visit at the hospital, the rain suddenly poured. We made our way to Damansara Uptown to this direct selling company to get some supplements. To my horror, the queue was horrendous. There were hordes of people purchasing things by the cartons. Like the products come free of charge! I decided to screw it when the number hit 1205 even after 20 minutes of waiting and mine was 1225. I didn’t want my aunts with bandaged heel and arm waiting for me in the car.

I wanted to drop by One U to pick up the Rolling Stone – Adam Lambert’s issue but then, my aunts were complaining they could not walk that much with bandaged heel so, we decided to go home. I asked if they would like to eat KFC. My mom never says no to KFC!

We went to Selayang Capitol to get KFC and some vegetables for lunch tomorrow. I went to get KFC while my sis and my aunts went to the grocery section. When I got to KFC, the KFC people told me that, there is no more hot & spicy chicken. Only left some measly 10 pieces of original recipe chicken. The poultry lorry did not arrive and they did not have anymore chicken to fry. Definitely NONE today. Can you beat that? You go to KFC and they don’t have fried chicken!??! I was too shocked to even make a sarcastic remark.

Couldn’t believe my luck, I called my sis only to find that my aunts who complained of pained heels were now shopping at the men’s department for their husband’s pants and son’s clothes. Ya right.. cannot go One U to get Adam Lambert’s magazine.. but can go shopping for clothes and shoes. *Shake head* Well, I managed to get a fake Oakley cap for RM2.90. Yes.. you read it correctly… RM2.90!! And not RM29!

I think the person who dressed these mannequins ought to be put out of job

I ended going to Selayang Mall after shopping to get a variety bucket and a thrifty plate of hot and spicy KFC for the family. My mom complained that the hot and spicy now no longer tastes as good as the old hot & spicy. Now, she said, she is no longer a fan of KFC. So.. anyone working in KFC, can you please tell them to revert back to the “original” hot & spicy recipe?

Adam Lambert’s Day

I shall declare today as my personal Adam Lambert’s Day. I was not able to work the entire day. Since morning, I was obsessed. I think everyone should know by now that Kris Allen is the newly crowned American Idol for Season 8.

We, the fans of Adam Lambert couldn’t be happier! We wouldn’t want Adam Lambert to be singing the stupid coronation song in his debut album! I think if Adam wins, he probably gonna shoot himself in his foot and give the title to Kris.

I googled the internet for some feedback on the really, really bad song that Kara wrote. Poor thing. I think her days as a song writer are over. Here are some of the funny ones I found from fellow commentators:-

“I’m angry and bitter! Along with millions of others, I’ve been mesmerized by Adam. He’s already larger than life. And I wanted him to go out with a BANG! But making him sing “No boundaries” was like putting sour milk in the gas tank of a Ferrari! Whoever wins, I feel sorry for them. What an awful “song” to hope to start a career with! It’s not even a song. My dog could have written it.”

“Obviously, this one was the worst. It was a horrible experience to see Adam and Kris singing this. I am an absolute fanatic for Adam, but I almost could not vote for him, imagining ‘No Boundaries’ as a single, his single. I imagined googling him and that song coming up, I imagined going on iTunes and seeing that song, I imagined hearing it at the finale tonight, I imagined hearing it sung at the end of the Idol Tour concert. It was all just so horrible. I spent an hour and eight minutes debating with my sister whether I should vote for Kris instead of Adam so Adam did not have to be saddled with that song.”


Anyway, when I got home for lunch just now, my mom asked me in hokkien, “En dao ba iya ah?” (Hokkien: The handsome guy won?)

I told her, “No”

Then she was visibly frustrated and said, “Ah?? Eyeh pah piano eh iya ah?” (Hokkien: The guy who played the piano won?)

I said, “Yes”

She echoed the sentiment of almost everyone’s. Adam Lambert should have won.

But I explained to her otherwise.

Since morning, I have been telling my colleague that I want Kris Allen to win. She was puzzled because I am such a Glambert! (New term for Adam Lambert’s fans). I said, after watching the show last night, I hope Adam doesn’t win because, I don’t want him to get stuck with the stupid song in his debut album.

Seriously, for those of you who managed to watch the live telecast yesterday when Kris Allen was belting out, “No Boundaries” co written by the most obnoxious judge – Kara Dioguardi, he sounded like a chicken at the verge of being wring to death. Perhaps, Kris himself was praying hard for a major power failure that instant so he could just run away and hide.

Whatever it is, we know who the real winner is. This “winner” touches the heart of many fans across the world, not only in America. I guess I would stick to my gun regarding not watching a single episode of American Idol ever again in the future because I believe, there can only be ONE iconic and extraordinary Adam Lambert in the whole wide world.

Now, please excuse me. I am going to buy myself some black nail polish, eye liner and print a t-shirt- “My Doctor says I have Glambertitis.” Isn’t this cool?? Hehe! Forgive me for gushing like a school girl… seriously, I can’t help it. I am star struck.

Read also We’re Live Blogging American Idol Finale by Jim Cantielo here and check out the last paragraph.

Crowning Glory

Dreamin' of Adam Lambert

I was telling my friend a dream I had about Leslie Cheung many years ago when he performed live in Kuala Lumpur. I dreamed that he was my classmate. I was sitting alone in class when he came in and sat beside me. I asked him why he didn’t choose other seats because the class was empty and he had to sit beside me. (Yeah, back then, I was also quite anal and stuck up). Yet, he smiled at me and took a whiff of my hair. He said he liked the smell of my hair. LOL! This dream occurred in 1988, 21 years ago but the scene is still very vivid in my mind!

For people who knew me the longest, they know that I am not adventurous at all when it comes to hair styling. I always have short hair and occasionally, when my feminine moods strike, I would keep long hair. There was once in college, I kept my hair for 2 years without cutting at all. The hair grown past the shoulder length, then I did the unthinkable. I went to perm it. LOL. It was quite disastrous.

I think I only perm my hair 3x in my life this far. Once when I was 2 or 3 years old, my aunt decided to perm my hair despite my mom objecting furiously. I ended up looking like a little hippie. Another time was my aunt used me as a model to learn a new hair styling technique and I ended having this very curly maggi mee styled hair which I hated! I think the hair didn’t even last a month because I insisted to cut it all off. The third time was in college as described in the above paragraph.

When I was in primary school, my mom always tied my hair to two pony tails. My form teacher always complained that I have two brooms sticking out from my head. Sometimes I wonder since when do teachers have a say on how a student should wear their hair? (Not unless you are in Chinese private school where all students’ hair should not be over their ear lobes! That includes females.)

And, because of the stupid remark, my hair went shorter and shorter. Once, my hair was so short that I looked like a convict. I didn’t know what’s got into my aunt’s mind that day when she cut my hair. Everybody asked if I was going to join another friend, who so happened had her head shaven before going to India. My hair was just an inch away to becoming a skinhead.

Then, in secondary school, because of Aaron Kwok, everybody’s hair was parted in the middle. Of course, I didn’t follow the hair style. I would look ridiculous. But I was always very generous in using hair gel, mousse, oil, cream, spray – whatever I could get from the shelf that would give the hair strong hold. I think if there is a typhoon blowing in my school with everything ended up in disarray; the hair would still be immaculately in place! I didn’t understand why the school banned the use of gel. I just like my hair to be neat, so I defied all rules on using gel in school. But I was never caught because I was such a teacher’s pet. LOL!

I think my best hair days would probably sometime around 2004. That was the party going time. And of course, I actually looked good because I exercised. LOL! Perhaps, when you exercise, other than having the feel good hormones endorphin excreted excessively, your hair would tend to be healthier too? Is there a connection?

Now? I don’t know what is wrong with my hair. It is getting curlier each day even without perming. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning having dragon ball hair without use of gel or hair spray. It was as if the hair has a mind of its own, and everyday it would end up having new styles, unfortunately not at all flattering. I envy people who could have out-of-bed look so effortlessly good.

Talking about hair, I want to rave about Adam Lambert’s  thick hair. I think his raven black hair suits him more than his natural strawberry blonde. I think rockers of all times generally have black hair? Look at Elvis Presley! He dyed his hair (and also chest hair!) black too!

Speaking of that, don’t forget to watch the finale of American Idol tonight and also tomorrow morning! Adam Lambert rocks!