Colors of Batu Caves

Batu Caves as at August 2009

I’ve been living nearby Batu Caves for almost two decades, this place never fails to impress me. I have watched the holy worship place transformed from having ordinary staircases to having numbered staircases and saw bit by bit of the much controversial installation of the very beautiful golden Lord Murugan.

I still remember going to this place to take picture with my dad’s old Yashica and did a write up about the places of interest in Selangor for my Geography paper when I was in form 3.

I made some offerings to Lord Hanuman, the Monkey God and a collective nine gods before I proceed to take some shots of this place. I had a chat with my colleague earlier on, and found out that, we should not even mention the names of the gods as you only go to these collection of 9 gods if you were instructed to, in order to “wash away” your bad luck. Well, I sincerely prayed for peace and safety for my family and friends.

I had quite a full day yesterday, taking photos in the morning, then going to the wedding shop to accompany my sis to select her wedding gown and then, off to the malls to look for a dress for her registration day. I leave you with some shots of the very colorful Batu Caves.

Ah.. my back hurts!

The Belly of Hanuman

Watching the days go by the Window

Friend of the Birds

Earnest Devotee

Offerings for the Gods

One of the many Gods

Not an easy feat

Selayang & Kepong Makanthon

Selayang Makanthon, 26th October 2008

Since we hung out at Sailor Boy and Frankie’s turf last weekend, they decided to come all the way to Selayang the following weekend for some good Selayang food.

This makanthon started on Saturday night, 25th October at Zhen Liew Siang, a branch of my favorite restaurant in Sentul Boulevard. The boys prefer this Lau Heong compared to the one I used to frequent in Sentul Raya. I heard there was some sibling’s rivalry that brought about one of the brothers opened another shop in Sentul Boulevard. Dunno how true is that lah.

After the scrumptious dinner, we watched Mama mia at JK’s place. Meryl Streep can really sing, dance and jump around! And she is 65!! She looks fabulously fantastic!

The night ended with a bowl of curry laksa and char kueh teow, and 20 sticks of satay along Jalan Ipoh. The satay is quite superb, really!

FRIM, pic courtesy from JK

The next morning, the boys came early to pick me up to FRIM. It was a lucky day for them. Since the Canopy Walk is closed for renovation, the walk is actually open for free to public. I guess when it’s ready again for visitors, we need to do prior booking and pay a small fee to go up the Canopy walk. The boys had a whale of time walking the canopy walk and not to mention doing some cam-whoring.

Curry claypot pan mein, pic courtesy from AJ

After the grueling exercise, I took the fellas to the claypot pan mein I raved about at the market area. The claypot pan mein comes in three varieties. You can order the dry one (kon lou), curry or soup. You have to mention “claypot” to them or else, they would stupidly give you a normal pan mein without claypot which tastes nothing near the claypot goodness! You also get to choose fine, coarse or “shredded” noodles. I personally prefer the fine noodles.

Claypot kon lou pan mein, pic courtesy from AJ

The claypot lou shu fan is fantastic too. That is why my dad always have this claypot lou shu fan at least once a week.

Claypot Lou Shu Fun

At the same time, I ta-paoed some nasi lemak for them to sample. I thought I couldn’t find replacement to the nasi lemak I once bought near Public Bank at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng when I was working around the area till I found this stall manned by a man in ketayap, selling nasi lemak just outside E One restaurant near the Shell petrol station in Selayang. His rendang kerang is to die for!

Kick ass nasi lemak

Next, we went to the Hot Spring, about 5 minutes away from my house. I couldn’t believe that I never been to this place despite being so near. I was not aware till JK asked me about the place! Bring your pails along though! I think nobody would want to bathe using the water if you dunk your smelly feet in!

Uncle boiling his “eggs” in a pail. LOL!

There is nothing to shout about this place but I heard stories of people coming here from all over Kuala Lumpur to fetch some of the water here to bring home to their sickly elderly parents. The water is believed to have healing properties and could cure some skin or aching feet ailments. And also, the hot water can remain hot for 6 hours even after they were brought back home.

The best times to go to Hotspring is probably late evening. If you go in the afternoon, it doesn’t make sense because it’s so damn freaking hot!! Haha! There were a few makan shops at the side of the area, so I guess it’s pretty safe to go at night.

There is a sign board which show quite funny instructions though.

Sign board, pic courtesy from AJ

Dilarang memakai seluar dalam ketika mandi? So, are we supposed to skinny dip here? LOL!

On how to get there, take a look here at this website. Here’s a map of Selayang too!

After the hot spring, we went to Batu Caves. I couldn’t believe after all the trekking in FRIM, I actually scaled the 272 steps to the temple on top! Wah.. what an achievement! There were not many people visiting Batu Caves on Sunday. I guess most people chose to go back to their hometowns for the long weekend.

The mischevious monkey, I think he’s actually smiling!

Beware of the monkeys! They would come for you if you bring anything in plastic bags!

Yummy fried rice

After the hiking, trekking and climbing, we went to have this fried rice and lala chien in Selayang. It was a good way to wrap up the day as some of the boys have other plans at night.

Lala chien

I went home, took my bath and laid flat on my back for 3 hours of nap, only to be awakened to go for another round of dinner at Lau Heong at Sentul Raya with other set of friends. We called it a night after watching a very bad movie, Bangkok Dangerous starring Nicholas Cage in KLCC.

Kepong Makanthon, 27th October 2008

The BKT in Desa Aman Puri I am talking about can be found at Bak Kut Teh Klang Yip Yong, the same row as Ho Yee Kei prawn mee shop. It’s hard to miss it because there is a huge roasted duck figurine just next to the shop, belonging to another shop lah.

The super yummy dry BKT!

I don’t know if they really are from Klang, but this is the dry BKT version – cooked with black soya sauce with a hint of burning charcoal smell. Don’t let this black stuff turn you off! It’s really THAT good! It comes with the wet version too. We had both dry and wet BKT to satiate our hunger pangs.

To cut the long story short, after brunch and shopping at the Curve for six hours marathon, we ended the day with an early dinner of Thai cuisine at Chiang Rai Style restaurant, also in Desa Aman Puri.

I think I seriously need to go on a strict diet!!

50 Favorite Shots III

….Every picture tells a story. Here, I present to you my 50 favorite shots taken around Malaysia….

#11 The Pink Mosque. Putrajaya, Selangor. Went on a photobug spree. Putrajaya in its past glory. Wish they would maintain it well, though.

#12. Guardian Angel. Batu Caves, Selangor. A lone tree standing next to the gates towards Batu Caves, as if it’s acting as a guardian at the gate.

#13 I Believe I Can Fly. Batu Caves, Selangor. Draw millions of devotees from all over the world on Thaipusam. The pigeons can be quite vicious! So are the monkeys!

#14 The Blue Mirror. Kuching, Sarawak. This is the reflection of the Square Tower. Some friends from Kuching didn’t even realize this picture is taken in their hometown.

#15 Sprouting. Kuching, Sarawak. Taken at the Waterfront. The river is always the starting point for businesses to grow for centuries.


Yes, I know the pics here had nothing to do with the title.

I didn’t have nasi lemak since Monday for my daily morning breakfast. I had toast instead. When Sugar requested me to ta pao for our regular Friday’s breakfast from a partially blind pakcik – fried mee hoon with fried egg and lot of sambal, I didn’t get one for myself – usually I would have it with beef rendang. Talking about discipline. I am very proud of myself.

Well, if a serial procrastinator can alter his lifestyle, I don’t see why I can’t! We have a healthy competition here.

Instead of going to FRIM today, I went to Batu Caves. I think scaling the 272 steps three times would be enough to burn some fat cells off. I will do it again tomorrow.

Apart from the threats from the ferocious monkeys and occasional bird shit (consider it lucky!) on your head, it was a satisfying climb… and a bird really shitted on my right arm today while I was taking pictures at the staircase.

My sister and cousin sister are training for their Mount Kinabalu trip this June. I cannot understand the hype about scaling Mount Kinabalu as I don’t believe in paying for self torture. Both my sister and cousin sis get to go for free – it’s a company’s trip. Hhmph.. come to think of it, the management has found a better way of laying off employees, minus the retrenchment cost. Arrange such a trip and hope they never return?

I didn’t manage to get many good shots… the climb obviously made me see some stars. Here are some of the best out of the 100 pics I took.

Guardian of the Gate

Inside the Cave

Sadly, Vandalism is still at large

The Monkey God

Lucky Birds

Treacherous Steps

After the climb, I rewarded myself with some dim sum and big ass plate of “man yee min” in Petaling Street with Ed and his friend, Daniel. Supposedly having French toasts and half boiled eggs at this hainanese shop, Yut Kee in Jalan Dang Wangi, but it was closed. Bummer.

Then mom cooked a scrumptious lunch… okay, I had a few pieces of steamed shrimp and fish paste wrapped in Chinese lettuce. Guess I have no choice but to skip dinner again today.

Lunch at Home