2015 Birthday Celebration


Happy Valentine’s day! Today is my 39th birthday. Sigh. One final year before hitting the big 40. So I made it a point to celebrate with people that matters to me. Friends and family.

Am blessed to have so many sessions of treats. A friend asked when did I start celebrating.. it’s from 1st Feb!

#1 Had a potluck party at Alex’s. Amy made me a pavlova! It’s delicious! We basically assemble the berries ourselves! And the coated with whipped cream and lemon curd! Yum!


#2 At Ante Kitchen & Bar with the girls. This group of 4 girls are from Port Dickson high school. I am not from PD but somehow got roped into this group. Ha ha. We celebrate each other’s bdays throughout the year and catch up during those meals.


Had affagato at Coffee Stains by Joseph after meal. Coffee was just too strong for my liking. Lucky still can sleep after that. Ha ha


#3 Keat asked me to go to Nelson Tan, Kepong as he wanted to try the food there since he always see my foodie photos taken there. This place is absolutely cozy and the food price is reasonable. Parking can be impossible so you could double park in front of the restaurant and the help will inform you to move your car if someone is leaving.


#4 Didn’t snap photos for the 4th meal.. well.. Mei & I went to Obanhmi One Utama for our dinner and coffee at Whisk. It was great to catch up with Mei after probably … 8 long years of not seeing each other! Some friendships do not require plenty of maintenance! Ha ha. That doesn’t mean we don’t care for each other! We wrote each other every week, sometimes months but we still speak to each other via e mails. Mei is the only person I sms now. Everybody is on whatsapp!


#5 Celebrated with cousin sis. It’s her bday on 13th Feb. Mine is on 14th. So my cousin bro bought both of us dinner at Roast Duck King, Desa Park city. Lovely place! Would go more often in future!


#6 Went to Fahrenheit 600 Publika for awesome pizzas. We liked the food here. Unfortunately the place was rather packed and the waiters were impatient for you to finish your food. Not a good place for long afternoon chat. Waiters hovered over you like hawks. Pretty intimidating.

Now… waiting for sister and family to come home to blow candles on a cake bought by Yip & Wai Ling from Magenta.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes and time! Truly appreciate it!


That’s sis’ thumb. Ha ha. Ern Ern and Sasha insisted on more candles but got vetoed by sis. Ha ha.

Birthday Note

I was having a birthday dinner with some friends yesterday and I ordered a cup of flat white. I remember I could sleep easily even if I drink coffee before I go to sleep. I guess this is probably a definite sign of aging.. I couldn’t sleep a wink last night and was tossing around the bed. Decided to get up and play some games before trying to go back to sleep again.

Today is the re-occurrence of Valentine’s Day and Chap Goh Meh (Lunar calendar of love) coincide the same day. I was born 38 years ago on this special day where Lunar and Gregorian calendar celebrates love. I was told, this only happened once every 19 years! I still remember the day I was told of this, I was 19 and in college where I was having a time of my life. I remember I wore this light yellow shirt with a vest and jeans, acting all cool. Haha! And on that particular day my classmates celebrated my birthday and there was even a mysterious rose from a stranger. Haha. Those were the memories!

Ah well, being born on an auspicious day doesn’t make one’s destiny I guess. We still need to work hard, really hard. I don’t know when my break will come.. but I sure hope it would be soon.

I wrote in my birthday post last year that, the day was gloomy, dark and rainy. My perfect kind of weather. I guess this time, the sun decided to stay longer throughout the day. I could hardly peel my eyes open when I was driving home just now. The heat is unbearable. I hope and pray for rain to come soon as I could see the trees and grass along the roads are turning sadly yellow.

Well, here’s wishing you guys a very Happy Valentine’s Day and Chap Goh Meh! May love and happiness follow you wherever you go.