Lion Dance


Celebrating Chinese New Year at the office with lion dance. It’s good to see teenagers and young adults still interested in this performance. I guess there should be more youngsters joining this aged old tradition to keep it alive.

Being A Host


Fruit lou sang of pamelo, nectarines, grapes, pear, kiwi, dragon fruits, mandarin oranges and pineapple.. and fried crab sticks.

Quite tasty without the sauce. Next time to get white colored dragon fruits. 8 fruits and 1 portion crab stick.. hopefully, our parents and old folks lives cheong cheong 9 9 and relationships last tim cheong tei 9. Ha ha. Sorry .. dunno mandarin.

Am a terrible host for asking my guests to cut up the fruits. Lol


Today mom and cousin brother cooked up a storm! For my friends. Sometimes really feel so fortunate to be born in a family with culinary skills.

Friends are very hak hei and they brought so many gifts. Cute cheese tarts, red velvet cake and chocolates! I guess the most happy would be the children.


Delicious looking cheese tartlets!


Red velvet cake from Souka.. for my belated birthday.


Yum yum Kit Kat!

Everyday good food here in Selayang. We are blessed and thanks to friends for sharing this goodness with us.

We miss @myepicuriousgirl and Stacey though!

Huat Ar! Huat Ar! Huat Ar!


Jade Emperor’s festival. My family usually do it in moderation. No big fireworks. No roast pork. Just plain vegetarian. Our other relatives nearby are businessmen. So needless to say .. everything is done on big scale. Now it’s almost 2 am, the fireworks had ceased. Unlike yesteryears .. you could hear fireworks till 4 am!

I miss the old days firecrackers. Nothing fancy like the ones now. Fireworks! Just plain red color fiery noise!


And this lovely sparklers. Remember playing it till they ran out and begged for mom to buy more. Ha ha

These days fireworks are scarily loud and sound like bomb or gunshots. Ridiculous. And it costs like at least rm600 for less than 2 minutes of fireworks show.

Still see people lighting up sky lanterns eventhough there are plenty of reminders on internet on the harmful effect on animals and environment once it stop burning.


Our relatives gave us a bucket of roast pork and a huge miku after prayers! Look at the sheer size of the miku! OMG!

Well, wishing all the Hokkiens and everyone in general..

Sin teh kin hong, chuit jip peng ann, soon soon li li, tiok ji tiok che che! Tah keh huat ar huat ar huat ar!!

Ang Pows!


I thought boss won’t be coming to office liao since it was 4 pm.. mana tau, 4.09 pm he called the direct line and said he will be in by 4.30 pm. Aih… thought can sign out from work sharp at 5.30 pm dim..

But I guess it’s good he came to office. Give me angpow mah! Ha ha ha!

I counted my angpow this year. Instead of the expected decreasing in numbers, this year proven otherwise! I get 12 on top of the two I get for my bday.

Not bad for a pushing 40 years old spinster. Lol

Quality wise also not bad one ok! Another Rm65 to Rm1,000! Ha ha. So come on! This Thursday there’s a board meeting so maybe I should lurk at exco floor to meet the rm1k target! Lol.

CNY & Bak Kwa

Haven’t fully recovered from flu and cough. Thank goodness the sore throat is gone as soon as it came. I guess it could be due to my over zealousness on drinking leong char, salt water and izumio throughout the day.

The flu came and went and it came again. The cough is persistent though. I haven’t tried my only remedy which seems to work for me… i.e. drinking coca cola! Will go get a can during lunch later on.

I remember suffering from a prolonged cough for over 3 months and got fed up. I did everything. Stop eating sambal, cili, spicy food.. chicken.. until I actually lost 7kgs.. but to no avail. So one really freaking hot day, I just went and bought a can of coke and down it to soothe the parched throat. Miraculous! The cough was gone!

Bak Kwa Fest

I think I probably ate over 1kg of bak kwa over span of 5 days of #cny. Ha ha.

My family is one of the lucky ones who don’t have to buy bak kwa. Plenty of relatives and friends would give to us. So this year, we get to sample a few brands.


This is my family’s favorite for years till the meat scandal a few years ago. We were wary of the meat used after the scandal. Yet, this is the only brand my uncle in Taiping prefers. Scandal or not, nothing stops us from buying this for him.

My cousin sis would buy a few kgs before going back to Taiping. It is funny when a colleague saw her spending over rm400 just for bak kwa alone! She then would give to my mom 1 kg of bak kwas.

This year’s batch, it is still delicious but I find it a tad dry. Or perhaps it’s chicken and not pork.


We tried this regularly after meat Oloiya’s meat scandal. The initial few years was great till last year, a colleague bought the meat from Kepong branch. We found the meat to be too tough and thick to eat. Totally lost interest after one bak kwa. I didn’t eat much last year. Ha ha.

This year however the texture has tremendously improved. Nice color. Taste wise is good but it’s a tad salty. Gotta eat with bread. Somehow impressed with the really symmetrical shaped bak kwas.


This is my first time trying this brand of bak kwa. The packaging is neat and each slice of bak kwa was individually packed. Must have cost a bomb.

It was given by a relative. The meat looked somewhat fat. But once you eat it, it’s not bad. Taste wise is balanced. Not too salty or sweet. Although it was individually packed, the bak kwa’s shape differed from each pieces. No uniformity.


A friend got us this brand. She chose the sliced version. Personally I don’t like sliced version even if it’s more expensive.

I think the meat is too tough. Meat color was redder than other brands I tried. When opening it, it was dripping with oil. A bit turn off if you ask me.

Sizes not symmetrical and there were few with odd shapes pointing out.

Taste wise is still alright.

So I guess the winner this year would be #beechenghiang

*Clap clap clap*