Living in Fear

I am most appalled by whatever the authorities were saying in the light of rampant escalating crimes! More like spiraling out of control crimes!! It’s almost unbelievable that such “learned” persons would say such a damn thing! Perception? Isolated cases? ONLY 9 cases of robbery and assault in shopping malls! Don’t buy expensive handbags! Now.. don’t carry handbags? Wah lao… seriously? Eat shit ah, these people?! Don’t think before saying something? With such people with prawn brains in the authority, we could only fear the worst. Instead of taking up the responsibility to do something about it (like intensify effort to catch crooks), they push the responsibilites to the people like us, and very sadly, having the “blaming the victims” mentality. This gotta stop!!

These days, whenever I get out from my house, I would be super alert, looking left and right, eyes darting everywhere to ensure no suspicious people are around. It does make me look a little schizophrenic but, I guess being paranoid could save lives.

Almost everyday, I would hear from friends and their friends about falling victims to robbers. Just two Sundays ago, my colleague fell victim to a house robbery which almost cost his life. And he didn’t even get out from the house! He was in his room, sleeping! Now, even when taking out the trash.. or doing ordinary daily tasks like sending children to school, going to the shopping mall, you can’t do it in peace!  This is getting out of hand. It’s getting really, really ridiculous.

So people, we have to decide for our immediate future. With the failures after failures of the authorities to come up with something concrete to combat the out-of-hand crimes, we must all pull together our resources and vote these people out! Don’t care if you think your one little vote means nothing. It does.. at least one vote, you could help to out vote one of the number of illegal citizens out there!

I don’t have to keep on repeating like a broken record. We must change! We need a change. A really, really BIG CHANGE!

PS. As I am thinking of what title to put for this post, I am shocked that I actually wrote the same title sometime in 2007.. regarding the escalating crimes in Selayang.. and for over 5 years, things still remain unchanged.. no.. wait.. actually it changed from bad to worse! See the post here that I wrote back in 2007! Living in Fear!