FB reminded me of a photo taken 10 years ago in a Christmas party at Datin’s house. Those were the days. Ever since we got to know each other in 2005, Datin would always invite friends over for Christmas and New year’s eve.

Usually it would be potluck with plenty of drinks. We don’t have to worry having no place to go on Christmas.

Not only on special occasions, we usually hang out every few weeks for no reason at all. We just like each other’s company.

Then Datin left for greener pasture in Singapore. Also to be with his partner. While I am happy to see he has found someone to love and love him back, Christmas and New year’s eve are no longer the same.

The group of friends did try to live up to this tradition but somehow we have lost the glue that bound us together. A friend used to say, we no more mothership to go to on festive season. So sad right. Haha.

Well, this is life. Sometimes good things do not last forever. So have to cherish it while it lasts and of coz, keep the good memories alive so we can think back and reminiscing the good times which brings smiles to our faces.

This Christmas, I wish you and family be surrounded by love and warmth, happy laughter and peace.

Danang Day 4&5

The fourth day, we went to visit The Marble hill. Nothing much except dated carvings of Buddha and temples. We took the glass elevator up. Quite fun. From up there, we could see the China beach, as the Americans called it and the town surrounding the marble hill.

Hoi An was on the next visit list. Omg. This place is unbelievably beautiful. UNESCO heritage status of old French quarters well preserved. Was told most of the buildings here were painted yellow as Hoi An experiences flood annually so this yellow colour could withstand the stain by the flood.

Many beautiful lanterns on trees and we couldn't wait to shop! So many nice trinkets and imitation branded sporty bags and clothes.

Hoi An will not be complete without a shot of these colourful lanterns that filled the alleys and shops. Absolutely magical! We wish we could have put up a night here. It would be swell.

The night is still young. Absolutely lovely and serene.

It was drizzling as we wondered around the area.

The many beautiful art for sale in Hoi An.

On our last day, I took a stroll on the beach with my sister. This is at My Khe beach near our hotel.

Cooling hazy morning.

One of the many nice and colourful art installation on the beach wall.

The trip started rather boring but eventually everything changed after Hoi An.

I would love to visit Hoi An again and take my own sweet time to soak up the laid back atmosphere and the rustic old French colonial charm.

Danang Day 2&3

Sorry. Really no time to update dayre ever since started the new job in September. A lot of work in office. By the time I got home, attend to little Peggy, put clothes into washing machine, washed up, prepare for tomorrow, it's already time for bed. I update more in my instagram using the same handle. Now pick up from where I left of that day.

On the second day in Danang, we visited Bana Hill, the man made French village in highlands, 1.5 hours away from Danang town.

Everywhere in Bana Hill was shrouded in thick fog. Made it impossible to take any photos..except maybe spooky ones like this. Haha.

I think it would absolutely beautiful in summer. But it would be packed like crazy in summer as locals tend to visit this place during summer too. I guess can try going on a weekday instead.

Super foggy! We were actually the foot of a giant Buddha's statue here.

On the way back from Bana Hill to Danang, our tour took us to a market cater for tourists. I didn't feel like buying lotus seeds or cashew nuts so decided to go off my own for 2 hours. Did a quick search on what to eat and found this place Ba Duong. I asked my tour guide, he said, "Oh it's very far!"

I didn't believe him. So I checked with Google map and was told 8 minutes walk. We ended walking more than 30 minutes. The place is in some really secluded alley.

Walking into the alley towards Ba Duong. It's pronounced as "bar dng". Once we got there, we stuck out a sore thumb among the locals. We quickly find a seat and looking at other tables and contemplating how to order. Before we could sure anything, the waitress placed a plate of 4 crispy banh xeo and 10 sticks of pork satay on bamboo sticks on our table. We didn't order any drinks as they were too busy.

Ended packing 10 more satay sticks for my sis.

We were told this Dragon bridge only spit fire and water over the weekend, for 2 minutes each at 9 pm.

Dancing activity at night under the Dragon bridge.

I wish I could order banhmi every night in Danang. Every nook and cranny surely has a push cart or stall selling banhmi. I don't like pate though so I would opt the pate out.

On our way to Hue, we visited King Khai Dinh tomb and also the citadel. Beautiful place.

The palace resembles a much smaller version of Forbidden City in Beijing. I miss Beijing.

Sunset of the Perfume River in Hue, from the Seventh Storey pagoda.

Took a boat ride on these Dragon boats along the Perfume river, passing by bridges, which looked like being built by Americans during the Vietnam war.

This is an absolutely delicious dish of figs and peanuts. Eaten with prawn crackers. Heavenly!