The Lake Gardens

We had taken our Fei Chai trip to the top notch, as this was the Mother of all Fei Chai trips. It was a Taiping-Penang-Ipoh Fei Chai Trip.

I couldn’t believe that I actually went to the office, looking like shit this morning. (When am I not?). On our way home yesterday from our Taiping-Penang-Ipoh Fei Chai trip, the five of us frantically searched for excuses NOT to go to work since we were all too tired.

One suggested taking MC on the grounds of menstruation pain (CK & Sekinchan Boy are obviously deprived from this privilege) or diarrhea, which would go undetectable by physicians. I couldn’t say whose suggestion this is, as she might be labeled as an unethical HR Personnel. Oops… too much info.

I was thinking of using a lame excuse that I don’t have clean underwear to wear to work, but decided against it as it would make me sound like a desperate school going child, “My dog ate my homework.” In the end, our conscience won the battle and all of us went to work, except for WY who decided to fake a diarrhea.

All in all, it was a good trip, good food and good company.

Here are some of the recommended stuffs that we slide down our throats and guts during the 3 days of our Ultimate Fei Chai trip. I couldn’t upload ALL the pictures of the food here as the amount that we consumed would enter our names in the Ministry of Health’s statistics for cholesterol, cardiac arrests, heart ailments, etc.

Warning: This diet scheme is strictly for professional gluttons only. Do not try this unless you weigh above 60 kgs, has a gut of a cow and do not wish to live past 50 years old. Please drink some ENO before looking at the pictures. (Yes – YOU)

Port Weld – quiet fishing village 20 km from Taiping Town

First day – Ipoh/Taiping/Port Weld/Serdang

Curry mee in Port Weld. Only opens from 3 pm onwards. It is just at the right corner at the end of the road towards the town. While waiting for the curry mee seller to come, we went to my aunt’s house and helped ourselves with some durians and fruit rojak.

Aik Kee Restaurant, Serdang, (Off Parit Buntar), Fried porridge, stir fried spicy cockles, kerabu mangga, curry fish, fried prawns. We learnt from Steven, our Taiping guide, that we had to make reservations before going as the fried porridge would be sold out if we didn’t pre-order it. We had two big bowls of this!!

We drove approximately 40 km away from Taiping past Parit Buntar for the yummy dishes. This is the picture of the fried spicy cockles with ass- burning chillis. We had never tasted such delicious cockles in our lives.

Second day – Penang

We were at Fort Cornwallis after a ferry ride from Butterworth. Ferry rides brought back the nostalgic memories of our childhood when the Penang Bridge was not built yet.

We went to Penang Hill after a scrumptious lunch at Lorong Selamat, famous for its variety of hawker’s food.

Penang Hill/Bukit Bendera

Lorong Selamat Char Kueh Teow – this CKT is so damn expensive. Rm5 per plate!! But it lived up to its price. Value for money? I guess so. We (Ms Lactose) had to line up for two plates of these.

Bali Bali Seafood Restaurant, Farlim, Penang

Almost every dish in this restaurant is delicious. We had 7 dishes dinner for 6 people – Curry fish head, yam with vegetables, belacan fried chicken, sweet sour fish, kong pao pissing prawns, taufoo and crispy fried suckling pig. Sekinchan Boy ate 4 plates of rice whereas our host, Sir Phillip took 2 plates of rice.

Leng Loi Leong Char at Kimberly Street

We were in the pleasurable company of Ms Lactose’s friend, Sir Philip, who was gracious enough to show us the best food around Penang. We ended the night with a small talk in Revolving Restaurant in City Bay.

Third day – Taiping/Ipoh

Taiping Wet Market, (Previously Larut Matang supermarket) for its fried carrot cake and “heh chien” (fried shrimp),wet char kueh teow and coffee.

Going on trips, makes you discover a lot of intimate things about your friends (for instance, the duration they spent in the loo, how many times they fart in a day, who snores, etc) and let you assess the friendships all over again.

In this trip, I am glad to say that this group of friends are A-ok, despite one of them has a disgusting habit of walking around in public in selipar jamban. Kinda sad that everything has to be anonymous now since I had been warned that, his colleagues (the whole plant) are reading this blog. (Hello Anny!)

Nevertheless, here are some highlights/lessons to be learnt from this trip:

1. We celebrated Sekinchan Boy’s birthday in Tapah resthouse with 5 blueberry muffins. (Yes –leftovers from Lay Nee’s farewell party – heheh. Kidding!)

2. Stay in Legend Inn, Taiping. You don’t have to look far for food in Taiping as the makan places are within walking distance from Legend Inn. You just need to be adventurous.

3. Please shave/trim your armpits’ hair if you would like to pose in your swimming attire.

4. Discipline in time management is important so that you don’t deviate too much from the original itinerary. So, if you need to shit long long, wake up 1 hour earlier.

5. Use a map if you are travelling to the place for the first time without a guide.

6. Penang ought to be covered in 2 days, instead of 1.

7. If you need to fart, please go elsewhere to do it discretely. Do not announce and fart in public.

8. Bring lotsa lotsa tissue papers.

9. Remember to bring ENO for the next fei chai trip and some diuretics.

10. We were introduced to a gorgeous guy by one of our fellow gluttons, YY, while in Ipoh. He invited us for a PURELY IPOH fei chai trip. Who could possibly say NO to Mr Beautiful? *Nose bleed* Guess where is the next fei chai trip? Heheh.

My brain cells are partially dead after the lethargic long journey. Hopefully, I don’t miss out anything about this trip.

Birds Perching


I was bitten by a photobug while in Sekinchan yesterday. The acres and acres of paddy field are simply breath taking. I can’t wait till harvesting time. There will be more interesting shots to be taken.

As I have mentioned in my previous entry regarding my mini fei chai trip, well, it was really a MINI mini fei chai trip. We had simple meals, mainly ala carte (Pan mein, Pork Noodles and Fishball noodles) and, towards dinner, we merely had a meal which didn’t go too well. The marmite crabs were not fresh, in fact, they were ugh.. foul.


It was a trip of pure photography, more like a photobug trip, rather than fei chai trip.

Guess I will have to blog more about a fei chai trip in near future, due to Toxic’s demand. *Smile* There is one coming.. soon.

And.. we chose the wrong night to go see the fire flies. It was 3 nights before full moon night – hence, too bright for us to see the luminous fire flies, lighting up the mangrove swamps like Christmas trees… we would have to go again to enjoy this nature’s beauty. The boatman who ferried us, advised us to go in November or December, during rainy season when fire flies prefer to come out and play when the weather is cooler.

Perspective I

Perspective II

Perspective III

Just Another Jackfruit Tree

YY was fascinated by this tree, so we took a pic of this for her remembrance. Probably can be used as a good feng shui pic to be placed in bedrooms of newly weds – to bear fruits?

Three is Company

Taken in front of the Ninth God’s temple.

Pisa in Sekinchan?

The camera is tilted to avoid taking into focus, the debris of construction beside the pagoda for joss papers burning.

Above the Clouds?

This is not a camera trick. *Grin* It was inverted from the original sunset picture. Rotated 180 degrees.

Sunset in Sekichan

Many thanks to Sekinchan Boy (Boon Seong) for taking me around for this photobug frenzy and for not pushing me off the sampan while in Kuala Selangor, and thanks to WY and YY for bearing with us, the photobug freaks.

For more pics, click here!


Yes – you heard it right. 10 meals in one trip in 10 hours.

On Tuesday, since most of us were on leave to avoid the jam for Thaipusam, we (self, CK, YY, Ms Lactose, Boon Seong) went to Seremban-Malacca for our glutton trip a.k.a. Fei Chai Trip I. (Yes, there are more to come.. there goes my diet plan for the year)

Here’s the stuff we ate, in chronological order…

Meal #1

Beef Noodles

We had this in Seremban. The stall has been there as long as CK could remember. Since little, CK’s parents always took them there to have their hot and delicious beef noodles. The stall is near the Seremban Market.

Meal #2

It is actually a siew pao or an egg tart for each person. I didn’t manage to snap the pics as they were gobbled up the moment they entered the car.

Meal #3

Hainanese Chicken Rice

This is the ever famous Hainanese chicken rice in Malacca, situated near the river, right in front of OCBC Bank. Usually, we would have popiahs or pineapple tartlets to go with the chicken rice, but the popiah selling ah pek was not there on Tuesday.

The taste had gone a bit way out of its usual scrumptiousness, nevertheless, it could still stimulate our taste buds.

The same Chinese man with grey hair is still there, chopping the chicken with his high culinary skills.

The chicken rice always go well with iced barley lime.

Meal #4


Just curious on how durian tarts taste like, we had a piece of something else as well- pandan, durian, blueberry, portuguese and egg.

Meal #5


This chendol had also gone way from its original taste. Used to taste so much better the last time I was here.

Meal #6


Had nyonya food at Ole Sayang Restaurant. It seemed, the place had gone over commercialized and it showed in its servings and food quality. There are better nyonya food at Makko Restaurant.

Meal #7

Baba Durian Chendol

I spotted this shop while we drove through the narrow one-way streets, on our way to Harper’s restaurant for tea. Since the first chendol sucks, we decided to try another real durian chendol. This one taste much much better compare to Tan Kim Hock’s – according to CK. Simply heaven!

Meal #8


We had the chendol together with fishballs. The fishball was a bit pricey, 50 sen per piece, but they were really fresh and succulent. This shop serves assam laksa, curry mee, soup noodles as well. Try to go early for taste.

CK after the Baba Durian Chendol

The Shop

Highly recommended! It is situated at Jalan Hang Lekiu, right below Antique Shop 88.

Meal #9

Coffee and Beer

Attempting to let our stomach rest, we down some iced coffee and beer at Harper’s restaurant, overlooking the Malacca River and took a short nap.

Meal #10


Sorry about the picture – everybody was over excited with the smells and presentation of the food that they wanted to dig in immediately and had no time to let me take some pics. We had the portuguese food at this restaurant called, El Chino – Joanne, something something. Not bad.

Breath Taking View at Portuguese Settlement

Highlight of the Trip

CK drove all the way from KL to Malacca and back to KL without his identification card and driving license as he left his wallet at home.

Boon Seong ate 5 plates of white rice in total, chicken rice balls not included.

Ms Lactose, being lactose intolerant survived the cheese and milk booby traps.

YY, being the slowest eater, managed to compete with big eaters like me and get her portion well.

Me, on the other hand.. had succumbed to terrible sore throat and cough for two days now due to the food, basking in the hot sun and talking too much in the car.