A Trip to Kuala Selangor

Was out to Kuala Selangor for a short day trip with family and friends yesterday. I have wanted to go to Kuala Selangor after looking at pictures in friend’s facebook.

It was an impromptu trip. At first, we decided to go for movie and followed by Russian food at Samovar Café, Solaris. Then, since my aunts are already in Kuala Lumpur, we decided to make the most of their stay.

We started the day late at noon. We used the new highway – LATAR highway via Rawang. It was a scenic highway with oil palm estate flanking both sides of the road. Since the highway is free till end of this month, we just make the most of it. It took us about an hour to reach Kuala Selangor from Selayang. Going there is rather easy – just follow the signboard till Taman Malawati.

When we got there, since it’s a Selangor public holiday, the road going up Bukit Malawati is closed to public. It’s closed on Saturday and Sunday as well. On weekdays, anyone can drive up or opt to get on the train too. The ticket cost adults – RM3 and children aged 6 – 12, RM1. The fee included a ride to and fro the top of the hill and a visit to a small aquarium. The interval to wait for train is about 20 – 30 minutes. The trains were rather punctual.

A handsome primate!

It was just a 5 minutes ride uphill and the train would stop at the place where the silver leaf monkeys gather. Everyone was rather excited to see the monkeys. The monkeys are not shy animals. The moment they see your hands carrying a packet of nuts or vegetables, they would jump on you! So, beware! There are some vendors selling nuts and vegetables to be fed to the monkeys.

The baby is golden yellow in color

There is also a small museum located at the top of the hill. It was just a mini museum with some old artifacts found on the hill when the place was excavated. Bukit Malawati overlooks the Strait of Melaka. I was told that, on good days with clear skies, we could actually spot Indonesia from the hill!

View of the lighthouse from the museum

There were also cannons, the remaining structures left by the Dutch and a white lighthouse near the museum.The weather was too hot and hazy to take photos. Most of the skies in my photos are grey or white!

Dried up lotus pond at nearby aquarium

After meeting the monkeys and visiting the museum, we took the train down to the aquarium. It was just a small aquarium place nearby a spooky swarm of drying lotuses. Many mosquitoes here, so be careful!

Pasir Penambang

We left the place after a short visit and made our way to Pasir Penambang for late lunch. We wished that we could have followed the crowd when it came to choosing which restaurant to frequent. We went to Riverside restaurant and the food was only average. Maybe we ordered the wrong dishes or perhaps they have changed cooks? The only thing that is nice, is probably the yam basket. It has fruits with mayo in it, which is really quirky. Taste wise is not too bad either. The fried sotong and steamed scallop in garlic and shallors are not that bad either. The rest of the dishes – omelette ocien, steamed red snapper, fried tofu, stir fried vege were so-so. Perhaps, the next time, we shall visit Jetty Restaurant, the restaurant just next to Riverview.

View from Riverview restaurant

We decided to swing by Sekinchan for a short visit but were disappointed because most of the paddy has been harvested and the place was left barren. We didn’t want to risk getting heat stroke either, so we made our way back to KL.

Fishing village in Sekinchan

That sums up our really short day trip to Kuala Selangor. We didn’t go to see fireflies because since it’s the 7th month of the Chinese Calendar, the elderly in our house forbid us to go. Oh well, perhaps next time, then. Anyway, I’ve visited the fireflies mangrove in Rompin before, so I guess the experience would be almost the same.

Pelemeni (siu long pao!) and some wrapped chicken

Minced lamb hummus

We ended the night having dinner at Solaris. My family members went to Ole Ole Bali and I went to Samovar, a Russian Café at Solaris instead. The food is rather special and I quite like the taste of the dishes we ordered. I am not very experienced lah when it comes to eating Russian food. To me, some of the dishes are like a cross between Turkish, Lebanese and Mediterranean food. Reasonably priced, it’s a quiet place, a good place to hang out, except when patrons decide to utilize their free karaoke. Haha! You may bring your own bottle of liquor, and they don’t charge corkage. A thing to note though – avoid the coffees at all costs!

50 Favorite Shots II

….Every picture tells a story. Here, I present to you my 50 favorite shots taken around Malaysia….

#6 History in a square. St Paul’s Church, Melaka. This is my favorite hang out whenever I go to Melaka because it is cooling for a sweaty person like me! It is a graveyard!

#7 Gods for Sale. Jonker’s Walk, Melaka. It was forbidden to take pictures in this shop. However, I managed to sneak in to take a few shots. The statues have price tags on them, hence the title.

Makan trip to Sekinchan, Selangor. Where paddy fields greet you in all its greenery splendor.

# 8 Blades of Fire. Sekinchan, Selangor. Sun among blades of paddy.

#9 Three’s Company. Sekinchan, Selangor. Three worn out flag found outside the temple overlooking the vast paddy field.

#10 Summersault Sun. Sekinchan, Selangor. Some pictures look better when inverted.


I was bitten by a photobug while in Sekinchan yesterday. The acres and acres of paddy field are simply breath taking. I can’t wait till harvesting time. There will be more interesting shots to be taken.

As I have mentioned in my previous entry regarding my mini fei chai trip, well, it was really a MINI mini fei chai trip. We had simple meals, mainly ala carte (Pan mein, Pork Noodles and Fishball noodles) and, towards dinner, we merely had a meal which didn’t go too well. The marmite crabs were not fresh, in fact, they were ugh.. foul.


It was a trip of pure photography, more like a photobug trip, rather than fei chai trip.

Guess I will have to blog more about a fei chai trip in near future, due to Toxic’s demand. *Smile* There is one coming.. soon.

And.. we chose the wrong night to go see the fire flies. It was 3 nights before full moon night – hence, too bright for us to see the luminous fire flies, lighting up the mangrove swamps like Christmas trees… we would have to go again to enjoy this nature’s beauty. The boatman who ferried us, advised us to go in November or December, during rainy season when fire flies prefer to come out and play when the weather is cooler.

Perspective I

Perspective II

Perspective III

Just Another Jackfruit Tree

YY was fascinated by this tree, so we took a pic of this for her remembrance. Probably can be used as a good feng shui pic to be placed in bedrooms of newly weds – to bear fruits?

Three is Company

Taken in front of the Ninth God’s temple.

Pisa in Sekinchan?

The camera is tilted to avoid taking into focus, the debris of construction beside the pagoda for joss papers burning.

Above the Clouds?

This is not a camera trick. *Grin* It was inverted from the original sunset picture. Rotated 180 degrees.

Sunset in Sekichan

Many thanks to Sekinchan Boy (Boon Seong) for taking me around for this photobug frenzy and for not pushing me off the sampan while in Kuala Selangor, and thanks to WY and YY for bearing with us, the photobug freaks.

For more pics, click here!